If you are one of those couples who want a  collection of light-hearted, fun, and authentic photos, then The Bold Americana should be the wedding photographer of your choice.  With all the stress on the most important day of your life, Emma at The Bold Americana has got you covered. Apart from ensuring that every moment is beautifully documented through her camera lens, she will never fail to capture the couple’s true beauty, personality, and style. Each of these elements shines through every wedding pic. Hire Emma as your wedding photographer, and you will never regret it.

Address: Kansas City, MO 64106

Phone: (702) 241-6942

Profile: The Bold Americana

Facebook: The Bold Americana

Instagram: The Bold Americana

Contact : Emma Lundberg

Looking at the amazing work done by Wirken Photography, you will immediately think beautiful, raw, real, and thoughtful. With Tyler Wirken as the lead photographer, each photograph is treated specially, so that it becomes an everlasting treasure for the couple. The stunning pictures created by him exude love and joy and serve as a poignant memory of that moment. He believes in documenting real candid moments of your wedding day, rather than setting a stage with awkward poses and fake smiles. You can get in touch with Tyler and discuss how you want your story to be told.

Address: 1800 Central St. Suite 202, Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: (816) 582-8954

Profile: Wirken Photography

Facebook: Wirken Photography

Instagram: Wirken Photography

Contact : Tyler Wirken

Claire Ryser offers a modern style of photography depicted through the vibrant and natural photos created by her. Promising to provide a perfect and memorable wedding photography experience to every couple, she creates a unique product and reflects your style. Each photo is a chapter in your love story and conveys all the couple’s thoughts and emotions on their big day. You are bound to be swept away by a wave of emotion every time you look back at your wedding photos. Do not hesitate to get in touch with such an amazing wedding photographer.

Address: 106 W 14th St UNIT 1807, Kansas City, MO 64105

Phone: (816) 726-6705

Profile: Claire Ryser

Facebook: Claire Ryser

Instagram: Claire Ryser

Contact : Claire Ryser

Emily Lynn is a super talented wedding photographer whose incredible photography skills and great artistic finesse are evident from the carefully created piece of art. She always emphasizes vibrant colors and natural poses so that the images always turn out to be different from your regular wedding photos. Her easy-going and friendly nature helps her interact with the couple personally and allows them to enjoy the entire experience instead of feeling nervous and awkward in front of the camera. Hire her as your photographer, and you will not regret it.

Address: 1107 Hickory Street Kansas City, MO 64101

Phone: (816) 261-5446

Profile: Emily Lynn Photography

Facebook: Emily Lynn Photography

Instagram: Emily Lynn Photography

Contact : Emily Lynn

Another Kansas City-based wedding photographer is Felicia, who has a knack for preserving each couple’s real emotions and feelings in a series of memorable pictures. She loves to meet the couple before the big day to understand their vision and how they want their wedding photographs. This helps her to develop a close connection on a more personal level. Highly recommended by her previous clients, she helps create a relaxed atmosphere and clicks pics that are random and spontaneous rather than posed. Rest assured that your wedding photographs will be absolutely delightful and will surprise you with their originality and uniqueness.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Profile: Felicia The Photographer

Facebook: Felicia The Photographer

Instagram: Felicia The Photographer

Contact : Felicia Ramirez

Documenting your wedding day is pure art and requires a great deal of skill and talent. Rusty at The Waldron Photograph Co. promises to deliver a collection of timeless photos that you can cherish for many years to come. With an incredibly artistic eye and creativity, Rusty will help you turn the vision of your wedding day into a reality. Each candid moment will be captured in a heartfelt manner so that you will experience nostalgia every time you look back at the pics. Call now and get a quote for their services.

Address: 7531 Eby Lane, MO 66204

Phone: (785) 760-2315

Profile: The Waldron Photograph Co.

Facebook: The Waldron Photograph Co.

Instagram: The Waldron Photograph Co.

Contact : Rusty Wright

Erin Wisdom-Watson, the force behind Wisdom-Watson Weddings, is a fine-art photojournalist who captures clients’ lives in a way that speaks to the beauty of their special day. She hopes that through her photography, the couples she works with can think of their wedding day as even more beautiful than they remember.

To her, a wedding is meant to be a time of joy, and she makes sure that she keeps things flowing, fun, and stress-free so that all that is there to photograph is the true and honest emotions of the day.

Style: Photojournalism

Pricing: Starts at $2500

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: 785-224-8833

Profile: Wisdom-Watson Weddings

Interview: 10 Questions with Wisdom-Watson Weddings

Facebook: Wisdom-Watson Weddings

Instagram: Wisdom-Watson Weddings

Contact : Erin

Based in Kansas City, this wedding photographer is a pro when it comes to capturing your wedding day in the most thoughtful and heartfelt manner. With each photo being a reflection of his skill and sheer talent, every couple is bound to be blown away by the final compilation of his amazing work. He knows how important it is to make the photographs for each couple unique. Whether it is to portray your true personality, the love, or the emotions of your big day, TJ has got you covered. Do not think twice about hiring TJ as your wedding photographer and meeting with him for a detailed consultation.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Profile: TJ Stansbury Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with TJ Stansbury Photography

Facebook: TJ Stansbury Photography

Instagram: TJ Stansbury Photography

Contact : TJ Stansbury

Caitlyn is your dream wedding photographer. With her in charge of documenting your day, you need not be worried about anything. Just put on your dress, pose, smile, and enjoy the experience. From making you look beautiful and radiant in your pics, capturing all the romantic and heartfelt moments, Caitlyn will take care of everything. She will make sure that each photograph speaks loudly about the skill and perfection with which it was taken. All her previous clients can vouch for the fact that Caitlyn will ensure that the quality of these timeless photos is never compromised and satisfies the clients. Call now for further details.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Profile: Caitlyn Cloud Photography

Facebook: Caitlyn Cloud Photography

Instagram: Caitlyn Cloud Photography

Contact : Caitlyn Cloud

Using a photojournalistic approach, Adri is a leading modern and editorial wedding photographer in Kansas City. Since 2015, she has photographed hundreds of weddings and strives to create pictures that you can look back at to celebrate your big day over the years. The real-life enhanced style allows her to create stunning pictures that can stand the test of time. Her goal is to craft albums that reflect the right balance of candid and posed portraitures. They use new photography and lighting techniques to deliver an exceptional experience to each couple.

Address: 1600 Genessee Street, Suite 661 Kansas City, MO 64102

Profile: Black Coffee Photo

Instagram: Black Coffee Photo

Contact : Adri

Owned and operated by Jason and Allison, Jason Domingues Photography is a renowned photography studio based in Kansas City. Both of them make a fun, professional, and caring team and strive to provide each couple with an exceptional full-service photography experience. From start to end, they can capture your big day more beautifully than you have ever imagined. To bring out the personalities of couples and their families, they focus on using a personalized approach to document all those invaluable moments you want to relive forever.

Address: 1828 Grand Boulevard, Kansas City, Mo 64108

Phone: (913) 439-7682

Profile: Jason Domingues Photography

Instagram: Jason Domingues Photography

Contact : Allison

Looking at Sarah’s stunning work, you cannot help but fall in love with her pure talent. An incredible person, she will turn your entire photography experience into a memorable one. Trust Sara to take care of your wedding photographs and turn them into breathtaking art pieces that reflect her artistic finesse and a keen eye for detail. Offering fair prices and affordable packages, you can expect to be captured through the lens of a truly amazing photographer. Book your slot with Sara now and be prepared to be blown away by her incredible work.

Address: Kansas City, MO 64118

Phone: (816) 217-6227

Profile: Sara Clance Photography

Facebook: Sara Clance Photography

Instagram: Sara Clance Photography

Contact : Sara Clance

Alec, the face behind the camera, is a full-time photographer with over 10 years of experience. He captures each aspect of your wedding day, from the people to the love to the moments of joy or tears, in a beautiful way to create lifetime memories. Alec gives his best to capture the entire event from beginning to end to create an album that unpacks all heartwarming memories. He will work with you to capture all of the moments you want to be documented, including those you don’t even know about. 

Address: W 65 St, Kansas City, MO 64106

Phone: (417) 294-3618

Profile: Alec Vanderboom Photography

Facebook: Alec Vanderboom Photography

Instagram: Alec Vanderboom Photography

Contact : Alec Vanderboom

Deanna, the founder & lead photographer, is a professional wedding photographer who believes in timeless photography. With 10+ years of experience, she is committed to creating photos that authentically portray your big day story. Over the last decade, she has been a part of more than 200 weddings – a visual appeal that’s true to your style, passion, and personality. From traditional posed pictures to candid documentary photos, they can capture every little detail to describe your story in detail, regardless of the package you pick.

Address: Kansas City, MO 64116

Phone: (208) 406-2066

Profile: A Day to Adore Photography

Facebook: A Day to Adore Photography

Instagram: A Day to Adore Photography

Contact : Deanna Johnson

Amber at Priceless Memories Photography is a gem of a photographer. Highly recommended by her previous clients, her photos are not just documentation of your wedding day. Created with a great deal of thought, artistic skill, and eye for detail, each photo reflects the couple’s personalities and shares their love story with everyone. Her sweet, fun, and accommodating nature help in creating a relaxed atmosphere for the couple. The stunning photographs created by Priceless Memories Photography captures your memories in such a beautiful manner that looking back at them, you will definitely be taken down memory lane. Book an appointment today and discuss everything in detail.

Address: Missouri, Kansas City Kansas City, MO 64119

Phone: (660) 351-5740

Profile: Priceless Memories Photography

Facebook: Priceless Memories Photography

Instagram: Priceless Memories Photography

Contact : Amber Brown

Founded in 2012, Abby Grace and Hanna Emily are the creatives behind the camera at Emily Grace Photography. They have been photographing weddings together for over 9 years and are committed to capturing joy-filled, timeless photos of all precious moments of brides and grooms. Both are natural light photographers, leading them to use as much sunlight as possible to click beautiful pictures throughout the session. To avoid any hassle and ensure perfection, they prefer 6 to 12 months prior bookings.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: (913) 827-3627

Profile: Emily Grace Photography

Facebook: Emily Grace Photography

Instagram: Emily Grace Photography

Contact : Hanna Emily

Run by married couples Phil and Briana Gray, the Grays Photography has been documenting weddings since 2008. They have photographed over 200 weddings, and believe that when it comes to the memories of your big day, it is your photographs that will last. To them, wedding photographs can have a life-changing impact on couples’ memories of their big day, and look forward to helping you through your big day with the help of their cameras. 

They offer several different packages, all of which come with a minimum of 6 hours of coverage and 2 photographers. They offer 400-900 photos and around 75 edited photos per hour of coverage. All packages come with a personal online gallery of images.

Style: Photojournalism, Traditional, Contemporary, Natural

Pricing: Start at $2900

Address: 1625 Oak St, Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: 816-288-0346

Profile: The Grays Photography

Facebook: The Grays Photography

Contact : Phil

Chris, Nina, and Ellen, the photographers, and videographers behind Rainy Day Productions, have years of experience with wedding photography and videography. They love capturing some of the happiest moments in the lives of the couples they work with and believe that photography is an essential heirloom that can be shared with family and friends for years and generations to come.

They offer a variety of packages, including a combination of photography and videography. All their photography packages come with 2 photographers.

Style: Classic, Vintage, Modern, Photojournalism

Pricing: Starts at $2500

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: 816-225-1457

Profile: Rainy Day Productions

Facebook: Rainy Day Productions

Instagram: Rainy Day Productions

Contact : Chris

Elizabeth believes that wedding photography is about more than just photographs – it is about documenting your wedding day in a way that will last for years, along with the journey that leads up to the big day. She loves to get to know the couples that she works with, and believes that learning their love story allows her to tell the story of their big day better.

She strives to make the process as easy as possible for her clients and loves capturing real moments. She’s also always around to give you guidance, encouragement, and prompts (if needed) so that she can capture movement-based photographs – from the laughter between the newly married couple to the moments between you and your family and friends.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural

Pricing: Starts at $2800

Address: Kansas City, MO 64118

Phone: 828-748-9377

Profile: Elizabeth Ladean Photography

Instagram: Elizabeth Ladean Photography

Contact : Elizabeth

Monika, owner, and photographer of Monphotography, has been photographing weddings since 2007. She focuses on the details that are woven throughout your day and tells the story of your big day through the small moments. 

She offers a variety of packages, with a minimum of 6 hours worth of photography coverage. All packages come with an online gallery of images, and two come with physical photo albums as well.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary, Traditional

Pricing: Starts at $2000

Address: 601 NE 70th St, #249 Blue Springs, MO

Phone: 816-739-8788

Profile: Monphotography

Facebook: Monphotography

Instagram: Monphotography

Contact : Monika

Elizabeth, the woman behind eGolden Moments Photo + Film, has photographed over 100 weddings since 2014. She enjoys capturing photographs of the real moments and loves to get to know the couples that she works with before the big day arrives.

While she will take some portraits, she promises that she will only need about an hour of the day to be spent on posed photographs. All of her packages come with a minimum of 1000-1500 images.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Contemporary, Traditional

Pricing: Starts at $2700

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: 816-820-1184

Profile: eGolden Moments Photo + Film

Facebook: eGolden Moments Photo + Film

Instagram: eGolden Moments Photo + Film

Contact : Elizabeth

Jared, of JC Photography, is dedicated to telling your love story through his photography. His clients praise him for his dedication and caring personality, and he is also skilled at photographing a wide variety of weddings, including cultural weddings.

He offers a wide variety of photography services, including engagement and trash-the-dress shoots, the option of a second shooter, and the option of photography in multiple locations.

Style: Photojournalism, Traditional

Address: 221 SE Colony Drive Lees Summit, MO 64063

Phone: 816-645-9917

Profile: JC Photography

Facebook: JC Photography

Instagram: JC Photography

Contact : Jared

Lauren loves capturing images in natural light and believes in the power of photography in providing lasting heirlooms that can be passed down through the generation.

She makes sure to book only one wedding a day, so you are ensured of getting all her attention on your big day, just like you deserve. She makes sure that she’s capturing every detail and moment of your wedding day, and has several add-on options like a second shooter and additional hours to help ensure the best photography possible for your wedding day.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Contemporary, Film, Traditional

Address: Kansas City, MO 64106

Phone: 386-299-9709

Profile: Lauren Benson Photography

Facebook: Lauren Benson Photography

Instagram: Lauren Benson Photography

Contact : Lauren

Emily believes that wedding photography is a way to help you celebrate the beginning of a life with the person you love more than any other and to honor the friends and family who have been by your side. 

To her, your wedding photographer should be your friend and help you tell the story of your big day, from the small moments to the big ones, like the ceremony itself. She aims to create images that help transport you back to the amazement of your wedding day with her photography. She is located in Kansas City but is open to travel for destination weddings.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural, Contemporary, Film

Pricing: Starts at $2600

Address: Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: 785-218-6127

Profile: Emily Nystrom Photography

Facebook: Emily Nystrom Photography

Instagram: Emily Nystrom Photography

Contact : Emily


The team of photographers at Rhythm believe that wedding photographers should tell the story of your wedding day with you. To them, getting to know their clients is an important part of the process, and allows them to understand your needs and desires from your wedding photographers. 

They work to help you achieve your vision, and capture images that are as classic and timeless as the love you share with your partner. For them, the best photographs are the ones that tell your story intimately and effortlessly.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary, Natural

Pricing: $2500

Address: 5711 Harrison St., Kansas City, MO, 64110

Phone: 816-752-7690

Profile: Rhythm

Facebook: Rhythm

Instagram: Rhythm

Contact : Rhythm Team

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Finding the right photographer is key to making sure that your wedding day is one that you can remember for years and generations to come. More than simply memories, your wedding photographs are heirlooms and finding the right photographer who understands this is key. 

These photographers all understand the importance of your big day to you, and regardless of the style of photography you’re looking for, are sure to help make sure that your wedding day is one to remember.


Top 5 Wedding Photography Locations in Kansas City

Pictures are a perfect way to capture your most precious memories in such a way that you can look back at them and relive those beautiful moments once again. Capturing the romance and emotions on your wedding day is an integral part of ensuring a personal and heartfelt photoshoot. However, it is the wedding photography location that will allow a simple photo to be transformed into an extraordinary pic.

We have compiled together a list of top 5 wedding photography locations in Kansas City that will help you in choosing the place of your dreams.


1. Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden

A true gift for Kansas City, Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden is another beautiful location that cannot be kept out of our top 5 wedding photography spots in the area. Apart from the amazing collection of plants and flowers of different varieties, you will also be spellbound by the beautiful decorations found scattered throughout the garden. Whether it is the handmade suet feeders, wreaths or the wonderful display of fall colors, this location will make your wedding photos extra special.

Location Style: Botanical garden

Address: 4800 Rockhill Rd. Kansas City, MO 64110

Social: Ewing and Muriel Kauffman Memorial Garden


2. Berkley Riverfront

Berkley Riverfront

Considered to be a dream location, Berkley Riverfront has everything you would like to find in a place that will help to create amazing pics. Located in the north of downtown Kansas City, this 17 acre park is one of its kind, with its well maintained green space, walking paths along the river and great atmosphere for a relaxed photoshoot. Pick your day and have fun taking your wedding photos.

Location Style: Picnic ground, Landmark, Historical place

Address: 1298 E Riverfront Rd Kansas City, MO 64120

Social: Berkley Riverfront


3. Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain

Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain

With the beautifully designed fountain consisting of 232 jets of water, set to be displayed at a specific time, colorful display of lights at night and a perfect backdrop with a romantic sunset, Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain is definitely a sight that is not to be missed. Couples can plan to go here at any time of the day and be mesmerized by the amazing view. No wonder it is considered to be a great location for an extraordinary photoshoot. 

Location Style: Fountain, Landmark

Address: 30 W Pershing Rd, Kansas City, MO 64108

Social: Henry Wollman Bloch Fountain


4. Bush Creek Lake

Bush Creek Lake

The trail along the Bush Creek Lake serves as a great spot not only for biking and walking but also the perfect place to get your wedding photography session. The continuous concrete path along the north side of Bush Creek is a better spot to get some photos. Couples can also walk on the bridge and pose for some amazing clicks with such a spectacular backdrop.

Location Style: Lake

Address: 3801 E. Emanuel Cleaver II Blvd., Kansas City, MO 64128


5. Loose Park

If you are looking for a beautiful place with an amazing backdrop, for your much anticipated wedding photo session, then Loose Park in Kansas City is exactly the place that you were looking for. However, it is the rose garden in Loose Park that will definitely catch your eye and beckon you to choose this spot for some memorable pics. With more than 3000 roses, this place displays a perfect combination of elegance and romance that can easily be captured through the lens of your camera.

Location Style: Park

Address: 5200 Wornall, Kansas City, MO 64112

Social: Loose Park


Pick a location that you think will turn an ordinary photoshoot into a magical one so that it will be remembered for the rest of your lives. Choose a spot of your dreams and make your wedding photography session count.

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