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Requirements to Submit Your Vendor Interview

To submit your vendor interview on our website, you are required to have access to your Vendor Account on Wedding Rule.

If your account has already been created, you can simply login using your login details via the following link: WRLOGIN.COM

If your Vendor Account has not yet been created, you can create your vendor account with us in a simple 4 step process. via the link here.

Here is step by step guidance on how to create your vendor account.

Getting started with the interview

The interview section of the Vendor Dashboard will allow you to write detailed responses to each of the interview questions. The interview process is broken down into 10 sub-sections and only after successful submission of your answers after step 10 (and pressing the submit button), will your responses be saved and recorded.

To answer all 10 sections can take anywhere between 15 to 25 minutes, so it is recommended to start answering the interview questionnaire when you have about 30 minutes to devote to writing the answers.

Things to consider when writing the answers:

1) Write your answers in a format of multiple paragraphs

2) Write in a natural, casual yet professional tone

3) No sentences to be copied from anywhere on the internet, including any text from your own website and social media accounts.

4) Write detailed responses.

Remember, this is your chance to talk to your audience, so write detailed paragraphs in as natural a tone as possible. The idea of these interviews is to tell your story, your business, your offerings in a fun and relaxed way to the readers.

Interview Photos

The initial part of the interview will allow you to upload some images. Here are the details of the images required:

1) Profile Photo X 1 (a profile photo of yourself / profile photo of the lead vendor)

2) In-text Photos: At least 10 photos required (photos from past weddings, photos of yourself taken with couples etc.)

Requirements for the Photos:

1) Orientation: Landscape

2) Dimensions: 960×640

3) Size: No bigger than 200 KB and no smaller than 100 KB, (per photo)

These photos will then be added to your dedicated interview page on our website along with the answers that you submit to the questionnaire. 

When will my interview be published?

It can take anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks from the date of submission of your interview answers to the interview being published and live on our website. Our team will certainly get in touch with you once your interview is published and is live on


Please email us on [email protected] and our team would love to help you!

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