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Hey there. We’re Jason and Allison, and this is what makes us a little bit different from everyone else.

1.] We tell you the truth. Wedding planning doesn’t have to be that hard. Boom. Mic drop. The wedding industry, as a whole, has overcomplicated things. Regardless of what the magazines, the blogs, or your best friend’s sister tells you, this day is about YOU. And there’s no right or wrong way to do it.

2.] We believe in REAL. Like actually real. Authenticity is king. You ugly cry when your dad sees you on your wedding day or your cake topples over when you’re cutting it [yes, we’ve seen it]. . .we’re gonna capture it. Every. Single. Time. Because it’s all part of your story and it’s all beautiful.

3.] Our filter is pretty thin. We like to laugh and we don’t get offended easily. And using some strategically placed bad words or making fun of you a little bit really does help you relax.

On your wedding day, we just want you to have fun, be relaxed, and be 100% in the moment. Your job is not to host or manage ANYTHING on that day, and essentially, you should feel like a guest at your own wedding. For real! Your vendor team is there to handle everything and take care of you. So get a good nights sleep, wake up that morning, and soak up every minute. We got you!

Vendor Profile - Jason and Allison Domingues

Jason and Allison Domingues


Absolutely! Marriage equality is a human right and we celebrate love between all people, regardless of gender identity or sexual orientation.
We generally have weddings edited and posted within 1-2 weeks of the wedding. There are occasions where it might be a little longer than that [if we have been traveling for a destination wedding, if we have a multi-wedding weekend, etc], and if we are delayed we simply keep you informed so that you are never left wondering.
Since the overwhelming majority of our weddings are full day [meaning no hourly limit], each and every wedding is different and unique. There is no limit to the number of photos we end up keeping. If it's a good photo [not blurry, etc] and there aren't a bunch of others just like it, you will get it! We will never hold any of your images hostage "just because".
Of course! Weddings are celebrations and everyone there wants to capture the love and excitement and share it with the world. We simply ask that if any of your guests are professional photographers, that they don't put up photos from your wedding on their website, as we are the contracted photographer and that can cause confusion for future potential clients.
Your personal online gallery has a built in shopping cart feature so you and your friends and family are more than welcome to order anything you want [prints, canvases, etc]. However, all of our wedding collections include the fully edited digital image files and a full print/use release. You have the rights to print all of your photos for your own personal use or to give as gifts to your loved ones.


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