Wedding Rule is an independent national wedding editorial. We list wedding venues and vendors on our website.

For the purpose of this document:

Vendor = Wedding Business

We or Wedding Rule or Wedding Rule =


Paid Advertisement Partnerships

We offer the following 3 paid advertising options:
A) Yearly Subscription
B) Pay Per Lead
C) Book Your Spot
Below are the Wedding Rule terms and conditions for our paid advertising partners:
  1. Duration of Advertisement: Advertising in our articles is for 12 month advertising period only with no guarantee of extension of feature in any of our article after your 12 month advertisement with us expires
  2. Refund Policy: For our PPS and PPY advertising partners, we charge the full 12 month’s advertising fee in advance. No cancellationa and No refund will be made before, during or after the duration of advertisement period specified above. This means once the payment is made, and if the client wishes to cancel their advertisement with us, no dollar amount specified / mentioned as the Grand Total in the vendor’s invoice/receipt will be refundable.
  3. No Auto-Renewals: Your advertising with us is for a 12 month month advertising period only and after your 12 month advertising period with us expires, your advertising with us won’t automatically renew. You can certainly work with our team prior to advertising being expired and express your interest in renewing your advertising and we’d love to work with you to help you renew your advertising, but due to limited availability of spots, we do not promise any renewals.
  4. Order Summary: Our entire vendor registration process is online only. The “Payment"section of your vendor dashboard will reflect a summary of your order before you make the payment and will mention all details of your advertising with us. 
  5. After you’ve made the payment: You’ll receive a copy of the invoice / receipt emailed to you. The invoice / receipt will contain the details of your advertising with us. 
  6. Making Changes to Directory Profile: The “Manage Listing", “Edit Profile" and “FAQs" sections of your vendor dashboard will allow you to update your directory profile and any changes will instantly reflect on your live directory profile page.
  7. Making Changes to Article Feature Listing:  The “Article Feature" section of your vendor dashboard will allow you to submit the text and photo for your business feature in our article. Changes submitted via the “Article Feature" section of your vendor dashboard will be manually reviewed by our team before your listing is updated in the article. Our editorial team makes the final decisions on the text and photo that is added to your article feature listings in our editorials, therefore submitting the text or photo via the “Article Feature" section of your dashboard doesn’t guarantee that exact the same text or photo will be added to your business listing in our article. Our editorial team follows a set of editorial guidelines and had the authority to change text or photo in our articles without prior notice or permission. 

Free Listings

You can submit a request for a free listing but we do not promise a free listing a in any of our articles. The expected wait time to get a free listing on our website is anywhere between 4 to 12 months.

Below are the Wedding Rule terms and conditions for our free listings:

  1. We do not charge wedding venues or vendors to list their business in our directory.
  2. Selection of vendors in our articles is purely by editorial selection and invitation only.
  3. Wedding Rule collects user data and browser user behavior, only to improve the user experience on our website. We do not share your details with any other parties without your permission.
  4. The aim of the website is to give accurate information and show top quality wedding vendors to US couples planning their wedding on our website, and show them list of wedding vendors who have not paid to be on the articles.
  5. Your listing can be removed from our website at any time without prior notice

By using our website, you agree to Wedding Rule’s terms and conditions.

Wedding Rule Team

Wedding Rule LLC