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Hey there, I’m Emma — your new favorite photographer!
I found this career through the trial and error of doing things that weren’t the perfect fit. Finding your passion is kind of like shopping for a wedding dress—some of them are really great, or what you thought you wanted, or something your mom prefers, or just totally out of your budget, but in the end, all we want is the TLC show happy tears and a resounding “yes!”

I got into photography in college after stepping away from an interior design major that so wasn’t my jam (though I do love a good home décor moment to this day). After transitioning into a photo media track, I found my dream job working for a publication in Los Angeles (Darling Magazine, a true beaut). However, I was fresh out of college, broke as hell, and had to work 3 jobs just to make ends meet. One of those jobs became shooting weddings on the lowlow for cheap-cheap.

I returned to KC and got a job at Hallmark as a photo stylist. Still waiting on my Christmas movie. Throughout this job, I continued shooting weddings on the side, and eventually, it all started falling into place. Now I have my actual dream job, taking photos of people on the happiest day of their lives, all around the world.

When I’m not doing that, I’m cooking and drinking tiki cocktails with my hottie of a husband, Caleb. He’s actually a bonus offer with most of my destination weddings (we’re kind of attached at the hip- no shame!) and is a genius helping with my fancy photo booth. Not only is he the world’s greatest support system, he’s a killer assistant, and he’s been known to stir up many a ‘man crush’ among the groomsmen. I swear, you’ll love him as much as I do!

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