Located in Kansas City, MO, Tivol is the trusted destination for couples seeking the perfect engagement ring. With a legacy of excellence, Tivol offers a curated selection of top-tier designers, including Henri Daussi, Kwiat, and Rahaminov Diamonds. Tivol understands that an engagement ring is more than just a piece of metal: it’s a symbol of love and commitment. The passionate team of professionals is committed to helping you find the ideal style, setting, and design that showcases the unique essence of your relationship. With a vast array of diamonds and settings to choose from, Tivol ensures that your engagement ring purchase is a memorable and cherished part of your journey towards a lifetime of love and happiness. 

Address: 220 Nichols Rd, Kansas City, MO 64112

Phone: (816) 531-5800

Facebook: Tivol

Instagram: Tivol

Contact : Annie Powell

Discover timeless Parisian-style jewelry at Coki Bijoux, a unique wedding jewelry store in the heart of Kansas City, MO. Founded by local artisan Coki Reardon, who honed her craft in the alleys of Paris, this exquisite jewelry line seamlessly blends French-inspired designs with Kansas City flair. Coki, alongside her talented team, including Karen Burton, brings her glamorous, eclectic, and timeless designs to life. The collections range from everyday wear to one-of-a-kind statement pieces, and Coki also collaborates with clients to create custom designs, including engagement rings and bridal party sets. Explore their collections and find the perfect piece for your special day or occasion.

Address: 115 W 18th St #105, Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: (913) 339-8829

Facebook: Coki Bijoux

Instagram: Coki Bijoux

Contact : Coki Reardon

Vulcan Forge stands as a distinguished wedding jewelry store in Kansas City, MO, with an unwavering commitment to crafting timeless pieces in precious metals. Their exclusive focus on materials like platinum, 14kt or higher gold in various colors (yellow, white, rose, etc.), and sterling silver ensures the utmost quality and enduring beauty. At Vulcan Forge, your jewelry dreams become a reality; as long as they can be sketched, they can be brought to life at this top Kansas City wedding jewelry store. The skilled artisans at Vulcan Forge are passionate about transforming your visions into meticulously crafted works of art, using only the finest materials that stand the test of time.

Address: 3936 Broadway Blvd, Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone: (816) 931-6303

Facebook: Vulcan's Forge

Instagram: Vulcan's Forge

Contact : Natalie Woodward


Welcome to Vinca, your premier wedding jewelry store in Kansas City, MO, where custom craftsmanship meets three generations of customer satisfaction. With over 30 years of experience, Vinca prides itself on being a trusted name for creating custom engagement rings, offering a personalized experience for each couple. Vinca’s extensive collection includes over 1,000 custom engagement rings, ensuring you’ll find the perfect symbol of your love. From classic designs to unique creations, they have a plethora of jewelry options to suit your style. Vinca offers in-house jewelry repair services, providing convenience and quality care for your cherished pieces. Their jewelry financing program makes fine jewelry more accessible, allowing you to invest in timeless treasures for your special day. 

Address: 4801 Jefferson Street, Kansas City, MO 64112-1838

Phone: (816) 531-5591

Facebook: Vinca

Instagram: Vinca

Contact : Tu

Say yes to Champagne Jewelers, your one-stop wedding jewelry store in Kansas City, MO. As a full-service fine jewelry store, they specialize in custom design and repair services, ensuring your cherished pieces are in expert hands. Champagne Jewelers offers a diverse selection of designer and handmade jewelry to cater to every budget and style. Their collection features the latest engagement ring trends, complemented by a stunning array of loose diamonds and gemstones. Champagne Jewelers has you covered whether you’re looking for a unique engagement ring or exceptional occasion jewelry. Champagne Jewelers also offers complimentary jewelry cleaning and inspections to ensure the longevity and sparkle of your precious jewelry. 

Address: 9201 NE M, MO-152, Kansas City, MO 64158

Phone: (816) 415-9110

Facebook: Champagne Jewelers

Instagram: Champagne Jewelers

Contact : Cindy Liu

Step into a world of captivating narratives and extraordinary craftsmanship at Jewelry By Morgan, the distinguished wedding jewelry store in Kansas City, MO. Since its establishment in 1986, this local jewelry store has been weaving its stories through custom jewelry, diamonds, watches, and bridal jewelry. Jewelry By Morgan takes pride in offering a superior selection of diamonds, ensuring you’ll discover a higher quality here than most competitors. In addition to their exquisite offerings, they embrace the future with lab-grown diamonds, combining tradition with innovation. Each piece of jewelry here has its unique tale, akin to the famous Renaissance Egg by Fabergé recreated by Jewelry By Morgan. 

Address: 6515 N Cosby Ave, Kansas City, MO 64151

Phone: (816) 587-6020

Facebook: Jewelry By Morgan & Pawn

Instagram: Jewelry By Morgan & Pawn

Contact : Angie Morgan

Since its humble beginnings in 1973, Montanari Fine Art Jewelers has been crafting jewelry as unique and timeless as the love stories it symbolizes. For over four decades and nine national or international design awards, Montanari Fine Art Jewelers remains synonymous with exceptional quality and innovative design. Each piece, hand-fabricated to the highest standards, is an original work of art, reflecting their commitment to craftsmanship. Explore their gallery of custom-designed pieces, created in collaboration with patrons and friends, and experience the intersection of artistry and elegance. Montanari Fine Art Jewelers also offers a splendid selection of vintage jewelry for those seeking a touch of timeless allure.

Address: 4810 Belleview Ave, Kansas City, MO 64112

Phone: (816) 531-0750

Facebook: Montanari Fine Art Jewelers

Contact : Joseph Montanari

Nestled in the heart of Waldo, Waldo Jewelers stands as Kansas City’s premier locally-owned boutique jewelry store. Offering an exquisite array of elite designs, they are the go-to destination for engagement rings, earrings, bracelets, watches, and more, perfect for celebrating life’s most cherished moments. As Kansas City’s trusted choice, Waldo Jewelers ensures that every special occasion is adorned with luxurious and timeless fine jewelry. Their fine collection of designer engagement rings spans from timeless diamond solitaires to modern three-stone masterpieces, allowing couples to select pieces that resonate with their unique love story. For those seeking men’s bands, Waldo Jewelers offers a selection that will truly dazzle.

Address: 7437 Broadway, Suite A, Kansas City, MO 64114

Phone: (816) -333-4653

Facebook: Waldo Jewelers

Instagram: Waldo Jewelers

Contact : Michael Marentes

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Vinca’s three generations of customer satisfaction, Champagne Jewelers’ one-stop fine jewelry destination, and Jewelry By Morgan’s captivating tales, both traditional and innovative, beckon you to explore their world of craftsmanship and artistry. Montanari Fine Art Jewelers’ timeless creations and Waldo Jewelers’ locally-owned boutique charm add further dimensions to your love story. Let these wedding jewelry stores in Kansas City, MO, be your guides in crafting the perfect symbol of your love because every love story deserves to sparkle. Contact any of the ones you prefer to learn more about designers, custom options, and more. 

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