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I graduated business school, married the love of my life, and ambitiously began a career in Marketing and Development. My curiosity, creativity, and love for all things social, had a deep draw. I tried to balance my full time job in a media department while additionally studying photography.

I photographed my first wedding on 7-7-07 – It deeply moved me and I knew I had found my calling! It was still the dawn of digital professional photography, and only a small handful of photographers in Kansas City offered digital files. Even fewer had a modern style that wasn’t full of strange new filters and editing styles! I decided that offering digital files and a clean, modern editing style would be my hallmarks. The referrals poured in at a rate I couldn’t keep up with while working full time for someone else, so I wholeheartedly launched my business out on my own! I can’t say I’ve never looked back. I actually love reflecting on the journey, where I’ve been, and where I’ve come from…and it’s easier to see the beauty of that path over a decade in. I’m deeply thankful for the professional relationships and friendships I’ve built in this fantastic industry over the years. I think it’s safe to say I owe my success to my extremely talkative, social, loving, and supportive clients and industry peers who trust and refer me! We all share a passion for perfection, attention to detail, and a touch of dramatic flare! It has been a fabulous ride and I look forward to what each day brings!

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Claire Ryser


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