For couples planning an amazing wedding, stunning flowers are a must. To help you in your search for the best wedding flowers in Kansas City, we have put together a list of the top 25 florists in the city.

Each of these businesses will look after your needs and make sure your flower arrangements are like no other.

Wild Hill Flowers and Events is one of the leading florists in Kansas City, specializing in gorgeous and magnificent floral displays for wedding celebrations across the local area and beyond. The process of purchasing wedding flowers starts with a complimentary one-hour consultation. During this time, clients can present the florist in charge of any particular colors and fabric swatches, inspiration photos, and favorite flowers to create a unified vision and centralized aesthetic for the wedding day. After that, pickups or deliveries can be easily arranged, and the resulting flower designs will live up to the reputation of this local favorite floral shop.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: 913-337-5526

Social: Wild Hill Flowers and Events

Contact : Jenni Koch

Look no further than Michael’s Heritage Florist for historic and effervescent floral arrangements, ideal for upcoming wedding festivities in and around Kansas City. Founded all the way back in 1952, this florist is truly one of the city’s mainstays. They can create bouquets, personal flowers, centerpieces, installations, cake flowers, aisle flowers, and much more for weddings. Only the freshest, most fragrant flowers at Michael’s Heritage Florist are used for arrangements. Additionally, communication is the name of the game, meaning that representatives from this floral shop will keep in constant contact with the clients as the wedding date swiftly dates approaches so they always know what is happening.

Address: 1900 Central Ave, Kansas City, KS 66102

Phone: 913-342-1573

Social: Michael’s Heritage Florist

Contact : Michael Rebout

Perfect Petals Weddings and Events Florist is a Kansas City-based floral design studio with a track record of excellence when it comes to gorgeous arrangements delivered through a bespoke process from start to finish. Floral items on offer include bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, altar arrangements and pew decor, toss bouquets, cake flowers, centerpieces of all sizes, arch decor, and much more. Setup and delivery are included with wedding purchases at Perfect Petals Weddings and Events Florist, and arrangements can be designed to all kinds of client specifications.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: 816-808-7107

Social: Perfect Petals Weddings and Events Florist

Contact : Tisha Garcia

Nothing can match the sheer elegance on display with the arrangements for wedding parties created by Lime Design. Floral offerings include table toppers, corsages and boutonnieres, cake flowers, and installations for weddings. The owner and operator, Mindy Owens, brings her experience as a gardener to the craft of floral design, meaning that she is acutely aware of the lively interplay of colors, textures, and styles that floral arrangements require. Additionally, Mindy and her team value the interpersonal relationships they form with their clients throughout the wedding planning process and work to accommodate each and every need they might have.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: 913-707-5920

Social: Lime Design

Contact : Mindy Owens

They have the experience and knowledge to handle flowers with the care and love it deserves. Sidelines understand that flowers make people happy, and they are there to bring out beautiful emotions with their floral arrangements. 

Sidelines are offering floral design for your every need. From personal flowers to reception arrangements, they know exactly what you might want. And however small or large your special day is, they will be there for you. You can schedule a consultation directly on their website or contact them via email or phone.

Address: 511 E 135th St Kansas City, MO 64145

Phone: 816-941-8814

Social: Sidelines Custom Floral Designs

Profile: Sidelines Custom Floral Designs

Contact : Karyn Brooke

Daylight Flora is one of Kansas City’s most prominent florists, led by lead designers and floral managers Amyann and Amy, who collaborate to provide local couples with unforgettable floral arrangements for wedding celebrations. Using a background in theater and photography, Amyann, Amy, and their team bring a certain theatricality and flair to floral design, with services for nuptials including state-of-the-art installations, bridal bouquets, centerpieces, and so much more. Working with parties of all sizes and styles, Daylight Flora provides completely customized, bespoke arrangements that speak to their clients’ unique, distinctive styles above all else.

Address: 6 Westport Rd, Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone: 816-377-1957

Social: Daylight Flora

Contact : Amyann & Amy

Heather is the owner and operator of Heart + Soul Floral Design Studio, and she lends a touch of sophistication and upscale class to wedding festivities occurring across Kansas City and beyond. The process of booking florals starts with a complimentary consultation, during which clients can talk through their Instagram and Pinterest-inspired visions and have a receptive ear at the other end of the conversation. After that, a proposal is created, serving as a blueprint for the wedding floral planning process. Setup and delivery are offered with Heart + Soul Floral Design Studio, with everything tackled, including head table customization, bridal looks, guest table decorations, accent pieces, and so much more. 

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: 913-449-0888

Social: Heart + Soul Floral Design Studio

Contact : Heather

EverWild Florals is one of the premier florists in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area, founded by professional designer Sarah Jaeger. Working with budgets, styles, and sizes of all kinds when it comes to wedding floral arrangements, the team at this florist can tackle any kind of project for an upcoming wedding celebration. With offerings ranging from aisle decor to sign table arrangements to centerpieces to bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, and so much else on the table, there’s no reason not to consider the services of EverWild Florals when it comes to Kansas City-based nuptials.

Address: 909 Walnut St Suite 100, Kansas City, MO 64106

Phone: 816-533-5101

Social: EverWild Florals

Contact : Sarah Jaeger

Heather leads the charge at Botanica Flower Studio, which has been opened for business for couples in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area since 2002. Their services are perfect for smaller, more intimate wedding gatherings, with an emphasis on seasonality and broad color spectrums for floral arrangements. A variety of textures are available, and all their flowers are equally fragrant, fresh, and locally sourced. Heather is a tried and true florist who even named her child after a flower, showing her absolute dedication to the craft of floral design.

Address: 7443 Broadway Boulevard, Kansas City, MO 64114

Phone: 913-208-8956

Social: Botanica Flower Studio

Contact : Heather Coones

Bergamot & Ivy Design is a Kansas City boutique floral studio owned, managed, and designed by Brian, Sarah, and Christina. These three owners collaborate closely with one another and with their clients to create innovative and artistic floral designs, and this business has been in operation since way back in 1993, making it a Kansas City mainstay. All of the arrangements they create, whether they be bouquets, centerpieces, or installations, are influenced by nature and a love of gardening, with all of the blooms and aromas that entails. For lush and verdant arrangements for weddings, check out Bergamot & Ivy Design.

Address: 6210 Rockhill Rd, Kansas City, MO 64110

Phone: 816-561-5599

Social: Bergamot & Ivy Design

Contact : Brian & Sarah

Very few florists across Kansas City can rival Found in Nature, where clear and central values are of crucial importance to the operations when it comes to wedding floral design. At Found in Nature, affordability is guaranteed, meaning that the florists work with clients of all walks of life. Personal service and attentive customer relations are priorities. Full service, including delivery and setup, is a promise. Fresh flowers, silk flowers, or DIY florals are all offered, so you can get exactly what you need. Free consultations are facilitated in advance of a booking to exchange ideas and assess upcoming needs. For all of this and more, check out Found in Nature.

Address: Kansas City, MO 64138

Phone: 816-377-3723

Social: Found in Nature

Contact : Rhae Adams

Forever Flowers KC is one of Kansas City’s most prominent florists, owned and operated by professional floral designer and industry expert Amelie. Amelie offers a vast array of styles and textures for floral designs, including hand-picked, boho, wild, cascade, round-style, and much more for bouquets, ideal for brides and bridesmaids during the wedding ceremony. Accessories available for purchase include boutonnieres and corsages, cake flowers, flower hoops, flower crowns, and headbands. Centerpiece designs include sweetheart table arrangements, pergola arrangements, garlands, and lanterns, mason jars, boxes, and glass vases for a touch of simple elegance. Forever Flowers KC is definitely a great option for wedding flowers, boasting nods from major wedding publications and media outlets.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Social: Forever Flowers KC

Contact : Amélie Nolen

With the services of Studio 421 Floral Design, Kansas City-based couples planning their wedding festivities will have no trouble sourcing and attaining the perfect flowers. When it comes to styles and bright, colorful motifs that will reflect and supplement the design and decor elements of a wedding celebration, the florist at the head of Studio 421 Floral Design will work tirelessly to accommodate the central aesthetic of an event and match it with equally beautiful bespoke floral arrangements. Additionally, plants and gifts are both available for purchase at this florist.

Address: 421 Westover Rd, Kansas City, MO 64113

Phone: 816-489-9916

Social: Studio 421 Floral Design

Contact : Katherine

Unique Design Florals is a boutique floral studio based out of Kansas City with a tried and true reputation when it comes to the freshest flowers arranged in beautiful patterns and styles. Wedding collections offered by this business come in the form of bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, and table centerpieces that reflect the utter sophistication and upscale elegance of wedding celebrations. Their team works with both silk and real flowers, creating a contrast between the two that will charm and wow guests in attendance. Initial consultations can be scheduled to assess any specific requests in advance of a booking with Unique Design Florals.

Address: 200 E 16th Ave, North Kansas City, MO 64116

Phone: 816-289-4021

Social: Unique Design Florals

Contact : Gloria

Check out Toblers Flowers for some of the best wedding flowers available in the greater Kansas City metropolitan area. Styles of bouquets on offer include cascading bouquets, contemporary bouquets, nosegay bouquets, and hand-tied bouquets, and that’s not all that this bespoke floral studio can offer to clients. No matter whether clients are looking for outdoor flowers that will pop alongside the natural light and the sunshine or are in the market for flowers that will add a touch of sparkle to an indoor reception hall, the staff at Toblers Flowers can accomplish all of that and so much more.

Address: 2010 E 19th St, Kansas City, MO 64127

Phone: 816-241-6150

Social: Toblers Flowers

Contact : Chris & Brian

Victorian Gardens Floral Design is one of the most sought-after boutique floral studios in and around Kansas City. Amy Carson is the lead designer and stylist on board at this florist, and she boasts 20+ years of practical industry experience as a florist. Amy is a true expert in the field, boasting acknowledgments and features in many media outlets and wedding-centered publications. She works tirelessly with clients to create refined designs as well as coordinate the logistical flow of the wedding day, making the wedding planning process an effortless experience for her clients.

Address: Lees Summit, MO 64081

Phone: 816-835-9791

Social: Victorian Gardens Floral Design

Contact : Amy Cason

With a pure and elegant style, The Cottage Rose has transformed their floral design business into a vehicle for artistic expression. For those with impeccable taste and high standards, The Cottage Rose is Kansas City’s best floral studio.

They are involved in your planning process and coordinate with your other teams to make sure that everything goes as smoothly as possible. As a client, you are their priority. The Cottage Rose will respect your vision and keep to your budget. 

If you have questions, reach out to them through their website contact form. You can also get in touch via email and phone.

Address: 2016 Baltimore Ave Suite A Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: 816-287-0361

Social: The Cottage Rose

Profile: The Cottage Rose

Contact : Ferrell Richardson

Their fresh and modern designs will leave all you and your guests in awe. Surely, no one will ever forget the beauty of your special day. Studio Dan Meiners makes sure all their flowers are of the highest quality. 

They boast over 20 years of experience in the business and are proud that their designers are always so innovative, and their artistic passion drives them to exceed all expectations. You can contact them through the website contact form or give them a call.

Address: 2500 West Pennway St Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: 816-842-7244

Social: Studio Dan Meiners

Profile: Studio Dan Meiners

Contact : Dan Meiners

A friendly team of floral designers is there to listen to you and your wishes. Lily Floral Designs wants to make sure that your flower arrangements reflect who you are and present your love in the best way possible.

They have a simple three-step process. First, you present your ideas, and they offer you a custom proposal. After this, you have an in-person consultation to ensure everything is just right. Finally, you can enjoy your perfect day, with no need to worry about the flowers.

Their website has a contact form where you can even hint at your budget, so they’re in the loop from the start. You can also contact them through email.

Address: 647 E 59th St Kansas City, MO 64110

Phone: 816-239-0502

Social: Lily Floral Designs

Profile: Lily Floral Designs

Contact : Lily Williams

Trapp and Company offer incredible floral arrangements that will make your wedding truly memorable. And they have done so for the last 50 years!

There is nothing that shows better dedication than maintaining such a long tradition. They have mastered the art of floral arrangement and honed their customer service skills to perfection.

Owner Bob Trapp honed his floral design skills from a very young age and knows all there is to know about creating the perfect experience for you. If you want to get in touch, call them or send them an email. 

Address: 4110 Main St Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone: 816-931-6940

Social: Trapp and Company

Profile: Trapp and Company

Contact : Bob Trapp

Focusing on lavish designs that are eye-catching and luxurious, Botanical Floral Design offers only those arrangements that speak of you.

Their flowers are international as well as local, which means they can accommodate a variety of styles and themed weddings. From simple to high-end, from classic to out-of-the-box, Botanical Floral Design knows how. Contact them through the website contact form or via email and phone.

Address: Kansas City, MO

Phone: 913-938-3612

Social: Botanical Floral Design

Profile: Botanical Floral Design

Contact : Matt

When you couple Beco’s Flowers’ experience with your ideas, you get amazing floral arrangements and a smooth process. Beco Flowers is with you every step of the way, making sure you are happy and ready to enjoy your perfect day.

Start with a free consultation by bringing all the resources you can to show them exactly what you want. As each wedding is unique, they will provide you with a budget worksheet that will help you clearly see your flower budget.

Their designs are simple and clean, letting the flowers speak with their freshness and beauty. If you want to get in touch, you can contact them via phone or email. 

Address: 1922 Baltimore Ave, Kansas City, MO 64108

Phone: 816-472-4242

Social: Beco Flowers

Profile: Beco Flowers

Contact : Rebecca Ederer

Dedicated to making your dreams a reality, J. Smith Events love designing stunning floral creations. They offer only premium flowers that are as fresh as they come. 

With their floral arrangements, your wedding will be remembered for a long time. Being one of the best in Kansas City, it is no surprise that they have great customer service, focusing on you and your ideas.

A detailed scheduling form on their website is there for your convenience. Once they have all the information they need, you are ready to start the fun part – talking flowers! For any questions, you can contact them via email or phone.

Address: Kansas City, MO 64111

Phone: 573-465-4046

Social: J. Smith Events

Profile: J. Smith Events

Contact : Justin

Shelley Rundberg is the owner of this amazing floral design studio. She is inspired and has one goal in mind – to create a perfect floral experience you will never forget. 

You need a unique mind for one-of-a-kind designs, and Shelley offers just that. As a floral artist, she pours her love and passion into every creation, but she will always ensure that every flower represents you and your style.

She knows just how stressful floral planning can be, and she is there to help you focus only on what’s important. You can contact her via phone.

Address: Kansas City, MO 66111

Phone: 816-491-9734

Social: Couture Wedding Flowers

Profile: Couture Wedding Flowers

Contact : Shelley Rundberg

Currently owned by Clara Bauer, Clara’s Flowers is a family-owned company that boasts over a century of happy brides and grooms behind them. A highly personal approach ensures your floral arrangements are tailored to you and your special day. 

Their website offers a full range of prices for all your floral needs, and with bridal bouquets starting at $80, they are suitable for any budget. And while you’re on the website, read the amazing testimonials left by their happy clients. You can contact Clara’s Flowers through their contact page or via phone and email.

Address: 827 E 83rd St Kansas City, MO 64131

Phone: 816-523-3323

Social: Clara's Flowers

Profile: Clara's Flowers

Contact : Clara Bauer

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We have done our part. Now you get to do yours. 

It’s a part of a lifetime – becoming happily married. But there’s no acting involved here. You just get to be you and enjoy your perfect day surrounded by loved ones and the prettiest floral arrangements. No matter which florist you choose from this list, you can sure of top-notch customer service and amazing flowers that you will remember forever.

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