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Wisdom-Watson Weddings specializes in fine-art photojournalism for telling the best true stories. Our wedding photography has been featured by numerous brands and publications, but the best recognition always comes from couples who feel we’ve captured their once-in-a-lifetime milestones in a way they can treasure forever. We also offer all of our clients the option of wedding videography at no additional cost, to ensure their wedding is captured as completely as possible!

Vendor Profile - Erin Wisdom-Watson


I call my style fine-art photojournalism to designate how it fits a journalistic approach and how it differs. Like true photojournalism, it emphasizes documentary storytelling. But it also involves more artistic elements. Among these is the art of posing couples in a way that's relaxed and natural rather than awkward. Even in moments that are orchestrated, I want real relationships to shine. Similarly, in post-production, I aim for a natural edit that leans toward light-and-airy but doesn't stray from showcasing the details of a wedding day as they actually were.
I am always the lead photographer, and my husband, Seth, is the second shooter for a majority of my weddings. I also have another photographer, Katie, who adds depth to our team.
I began my photography business in 2011 and built it on a part-time basis for several years, while still working full-time for a media company. The transition to full-time and the specialization in weddings came in 2015, and my wedding count as of the end of 2020 was 129.
I offer several standard collections that all include two photographers, edited images with a release, a complementary engagement session and a choice of one other "extra" at no additional cost. One of those free add-on options is videography, and it's what a vast majority of my clients choose. My mid-range package offering eight hours of coverage and all the above-mentioned details is the one I book most frequently.
I deliver all collections by direct download, generally no later than one month after a wedding. Clients also receive an extensive blog preview and access to high-res copies of their preview images within a week of their wedding.



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