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Add Pricing Packages To Your Vendor Profile

*NOTE: At this stage, only photographers, videographers and wedding planners are able to add packages to their vendor profiles.

Adding Pricing-Packages to your directory listing (vendor profile) on WeddingRule enhances your profile and allows our couples to learn more about your package offerings even before they decide to get in touch with your business. Adding at least 3 different packages to your vendor profile with different prices and inclusions will allow the couples to choose the right package that meets their needs and budget, which in-turn means that you have to put in comparatively less effort discussing pricing and package inclusions when you receive an inquiry.

Below is a screenshot of how your pricing packages will appear on your vendor profile:

Here is a step by step guide to add packages to your vendor profile via the Vendor Dashboard:

Step: 1: Login to your vendor Dashboard

You can login to your Vendor Dashboard account using your login email and password via the following link: WRLOGIN.COM

If you do not have a profile with WeddingRule yet, you can create your vendor profile using the following link.

Step 2: Go to the “Packages” section and Click on “Add Package”

Click on the “Packages” section and the the “+Add Package” button to start adding your first pricing package.

Step 3: Add Package Pricing and Inclusions

Here you will be able to add package detail of each of your packages one by one. Details that you can add include Package Name, Price, Number of Hours of Coverage, Raw Photos, Prints, Number of Photographers, Delivery Duration etc.

The package section allows you to add more details in the form of bullet points by clicking on the “Add New Detail” button.

Step 4: Add More Package Details

Step 5: Add Your Second Pricing Package

Click on the package name to minimize the current package section and click on the “+Add Package” section to start adding your second package.

Step 6: Start adding details to your second package

Clicking on the “+Add Package” section will open up a section where you can add details for your second package.

Step 7: Save Your Packages

You can add up to 5 package to your vendor profile. The minimum number of packages that can be added to you vendor profile is 3 package.

Once you have added at least 3 package details, please click on the “Submit” button to save your package details.

Step 8: View your live packages

Click on the “View your vendor profile listing” link will open your vendor profile listing in the a new browser tab. You will then be able to view your packages added to your vendor profile page.


Please email us on [email protected] and our team would love to help you!

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