If you are looking for the perfect wedding photographer for your Charlotte wedding, there are many popular names to choose from.

Every photographer will have a unique style and method to capture those special moments and finding the best one for your wedding is one of the most important tasks before the big day.

To get a better idea of the photographer types and styles available in Charlotte, take a look at the top ten popular choices to date:

A popular wedding photographer who has a wide range of photography styles that perfectly suit every client’s personality, Lauren loves to capture incredible moments in a couple’s life. From major milestones to loving ceremonies in front of family and friends, she has fine-tuned her approach to blend perfectly into the background to gain candid snapshots that look natural and stunning. Each visual story she tells is a wonderful memento for her clients that will walk them back down memory lane.

Photography Style: Classic, Trendy, Vintage, Natural, Candid

Years of Experience: 9 years

Location: 700 East Blvd, Charlotte, NC 28203

Contact: 704-281-1998

Facebook: Lauren Rosenau Photography

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Interview: 10 Questions with Lauren Rosenau Photography

Contact : Lauren

With a bright and friendly personality paired with an artistic eye, Song is a bubbly professional wedding photographer who loves to experience and capture special occasions in her client’s lives. Wanting to catch every emotion and all of those wonderfully candid moments between family and friends, there is no wonder why she is always in high demand.

Photography Style: Classic, Natural, Candid, Vintage, Dramatic

Years of Experience: 5+ years

Location: Mint Hill, Charlotte, NC 28227

Contact: 704-989-1970

Facebook: Blooming Dreams Photo

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Interview: 10 Questions with Blooming Dreams Photo

Contact : Blooming Dreams Photo Team

A professional wedding photographer who loves to be a part of her client’s big day, Dianne is passionate about her craft and genuinely enjoys capturing special moments between loved ones in a beautifully creative way. Curating her photography style to suit each couple’s personality, every collection is a wonderful memento of a precious day in their lives.

Photography Style: Classic, Artistic, Natural, Candid, Vintage

Years of Experience: 10+ years

Location: 4511 Hedley Way, Charlotte, NC 28210

Contact: 336-391-9328

Instagram: Dianne Personett

Profile: Dianne Personett

Contact : Dianne Personett Team

An all-female photography team that celebrates creative professional women to provide couples with incredible wedding photos in a style that beautifully showcase the best moments of their special day. With an aim to capture special connections and raw emotions shared with friends and families during a wonderful event, every photo is carefully planned to look natural and beautiful.

Photography Style: Natural, Candid, Dramatic, Editorial, Photojournalistic

Location: 1325 Pecan Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Contact: 336-413-2034

Facebook: Weddings by Bluesky

Profile: Weddings by Bluesky

Contact : Elly and Cass

Katie is a professional wedding photographer who has visually documented over one hundred weddings and witnessed countless exciting interactions with families of happy brides and grooms. Taking her passion for creative photography with a love of giving couples a beautiful story they can look back on with warm memories, Katie captures all of the moments she remembers from her own wedding for a complete collection her clients will love.

Photography Style: Vintage, Classic, Natural, Candid, Dramatic

Years of Experience: 7+ years

Location: Charlotte, NC

Contact: 704-330-9425

Facebook: Katherine Elena Photography

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Photographer : Katherine Elena

With over a decade of experience as a professional wedding photographer, Piper knows just how important it is to capture all of those special moments that occur once in a lifetime. From the nervous first reveal of the bride to the loving interactions with friends and family after the couple says, “I do”, every detail is carefully captured in a creative and flattering way.

Photography Style: Dramatic, Portrait, Editorial, Natural

Years of Experience: 16 years

Location: Merry Oaks Rd, Charlotte, NC 28205

Contact: 704-904-3638

Facebook: Piper Warlick Photography

Profile: Piper Warlick Photography

Contact : Piper Warlick

Offering their clients a variety of photography and videography styles for their special day, the team at Indigo Photography are passionate about their craft and aim to provide the best service by capturing incredible shots in a professional and discreet manner. Telling a couple’s love story in a visual style that perfectly reflects their personalities in a beautiful collection that will be cherished for many years to come.

Photography Style: Candid, Trendy, Classic, Natural, Vintage

Years of Experience: 9+ years

Location: 7615 Colony Rd, Charlotte, NC 28226

Contact: 704335-0948

Facebook: Indigo Photography

Profile: Indigo Photography

Contact : Indigo Photography Team

With over a decade of experience capturing special occasions and important milestones, Marylou is a professional wedding photographer from All Bliss Photography, and she loves every moment she spends with her clients. Her creative eye and warm personality give couples a wonderful experience that will not only make them feel comfortable in front of the camera but also a collection of incredible experiences they will cherish forever.

Photography Style: Classic, Vintage, Natural, Editorial, Candid

Years of Experience: 10 years

Location: Charlotte, NC

Contact: 980-236-0755

Facebook: All Bliss Photography

Profile: All Bliss Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with All Bliss Photography

Contact : All Bliss Photography Team

Dawn understands that your big day is meant to be one of the best of your life. She believes that the last thing you need on your wedding day is to be stressed and works to ensure that your experience is easy and fun. She strives to get to know each couple she works with, from the initial meeting right up to a pre-wedding questionnaire. 

This ensures that she’s clear on what you’re looking for from your photographs and allows her to create images that will take you right back to your big day every time you look at them. She is committed to making sure you get your photographs within three weeks of your wedding, so you don’t need to worry about a long wait before you get your priceless memories.

Style: Documentary, Classic, Artistic

Address: Charlotte, North Carolina

Phone: (561) 801-9559

Social: Dawn Marie Photography

Contact : Dawn

Mari is passionate about meeting and working with couples. She loves getting to know each new person that she works with and loves capturing the candid moments that truly make your wedding day special.

She works to create an environment where you and your loved ones are completely comfortable so that you don’t need to worry about any awkwardly posed photographs. She strives to make sure your big day goes off smoothly and without a hitch and ensures that she takes enough family photographs alongside candid photographs.

Style: Natural

Pricing: Start at $2000

Address: Charlotte, NC, 28203

Phone: 704-842-3556

Social: Captured by Mari

Contact : Mari


Planning a wedding requires a lot of consideration with the venue and menu choices, but the one that should take the most time is the wedding photographer. They have a very important job to capture every special moment with loved ones and visually document the loving moment a couple say, “I do”.


Top 5 Wedding Photography LOCATIONS in Charlotte

Every newly married couple wants to start their new life together by documenting their love, emotions, and memories in timeless wedding photographs. A wedding photoshoot will not only remind you of your big day but also help create memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. To help you create the perfect wedding photoshoot, we have picked out the top 5 wedding photography locations in Charlotte, North Carolina.


1. Marshall Park

Marshall Park

If you’re looking for the perfect location for romantic pictures, then Marshall Park is the wedding photography spot you’re looking for. Couples love this location because of its uninterrupted view of the city’s skyline, which ensures that your wedding photographs are both reminders of your big day as well as stunning pieces of art.

Location Style: Park

Address: 800 East Third Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

Social: Marshall Park


2. Romare Bearden Park

Romare Bearden Park

Located in uptown Charlotte, this 5.4-acre public park features two gardens and stunning views of the city. No matter which spot you choose in this expansive park, you’re sure to be left with stunning photographs. 

Location Style: Park

Address: 300 S. Church Street, Charlotte, NC 28202

Social: Romare Bearden Park


3. Freedom Park

Freedom Park

Freedom Park is a 98-acre public park located in Charlotte, North Carolina. With easy accessibility, a 7-acre lake, and the famous Freedom Park bridge, this location has everything that you were looking for in a wedding photography location. A wedding photoshoot in this park is sure to blow you away with the results.

Location Style: Park

Address: 1900 East Boulevard, Charlotte, NC 28203

Social: Freedom Park


4. Wing Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary

Wing Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary

For all nature lovers out there, this location is nothing short of a paradise with its fountains, blooming flowers, and the soothing sound of various birds. This location features 3 gardens, the oldest of which dates back to 1927. The beauty of this location will only add to your photographer’s skiller, leaving you with breathtaking images that you will never grow tired of. 

Location Style: Wildlife Sanctuary

Address: 260 Ridgewood Avenue, Charlotte, NC, 28209

Social: Wing Haven Garden and Bird Sanctuary


5. Midtown Charlotte

Midtown Charlotte is one of those spots in Charlotte that feature several spots that are for getting your wedding photoshoot. Whether it is the art walk in Midtown Charlotte or the greenway, this location will make your wedding photographs look spectacular. Just walk around the area, and you will fall in love with the perfect spot for you.

Location Style: Shopping

Address: 1100 Metropolitan Avenue, Charlotte, NC 28204

Social: Midtown Charlotte


Regardless of whether you prefer posing in front of a beautiful garden or having a panoramic view of the city behind you, each of these locations presents great opportunities for the photographer to capture the couple’s love story with the unique beauty of the location as the backdrop.