There is nothing like a feeling of music filling your mind. And when you know the song, your body moves on its own. 

Our list of DJs in Charlotte is bound to offer you a mixing expert that will fill your wedding with energy and create an incredible atmosphere.

The DJs at Mixology DJ Entertainment are a fun bunch and will ensure that your big day features amazing music no one will be able to resist.  There is no end to the songs, as they will be perfectly mixed together live, as you dance. They point out that their DJs are not “press play DJs” but highly experienced club DJs who love the art of mixing music.

They will not steal your spotlight, but their DJs will keep the party going and bring that energy up so you and your guests can dance all night!

If you don’t believe us, there are a couple of mixes on their website you can listen to and see for yourself that their music will get you going.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: (704) 802-7022

Profile: Mixology DJ Entertainment

Facebook: Mixology DJ Entertainment

Instagram: Mixology DJ Entertainment

Contact : Roman Brown

DJ Doing It Big has 16 years of experience and boasts 80,000 songs on his mixing list! 

You can listen to his mix directly on his website and see if his style suits your needs. His set-up is not disruptive; there are no bright lights and eye-catching colors, so you can be sure it will not disrupt your event design. Only his great music and his uplifting voice will be there to keep the party going.

You can fill out a contact form through his website or contact him via email, phone, and Facebook.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: (919) 264-1583

Social: DJ Doing It Big

Profile: DJ Doing It Big

Contact : DJ Doing It Big Team


DJ Mex offers a personal experience, as he will make sure you get exactly what you’re looking for. He ensures his music will make your wedding even more memorable.

Christian Gomez started DJing in 2008 as DJ Mex. Soon, this became his true passion, and he continued to improve. If you have a themed event, he will bring it on with amazing commitment and ensure he fits in perfectly. His engagement with your guests will keep the dance floor full, and his mixing experience will ensure the music is perfect throughout the entire event.

You can read amazing reviews about his work directly on his website. While you’re there, you can contact him through a contact form or call him on his phone.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: (980) 226-0549

Social: DJ Mex

Profile: DJ Mex

Contact : Christian Gomez

BHD Entertainment is proud of its high-quality equipment that will bring your wedding to the next level. DJ BhD, Brandon Hyde, is the one performing for you. He is confident in his mixing and guarantees first-class music coming from a creative individual.

On his website, you can listen to his mixes to become familiar with his style and the type of music he uses. The best way to know how DJ BhD operates is to book him for your event and listen as he enchants the crowd, making sure to read the room and offer the best experience possible.

BHD Entertainment is present on social media platforms where you can check them out. Contact them via email or phone to ensure they are available for your event.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: (704) 840-0763

Social: BHD Entertainment Group

Profile: BHD Entertainment Group

Contact : Brandon Hyde

Raise the Roof promises an exciting musical journey across the world. They offer any genre to make sure you and your guests are satisfied and on the floor dancing the night off. 

They have an amazing track record, with five-star reviews and excellent client satisfaction. Their website has a list of client testimonials, so you know they are highly respected. They offer three different wedding packages that range in price depending on your event. For weddings, the prices go from $995 to over $1250.

Their DJs are experienced, playing in Europe, Charlotte, and all around North and South Carolina. You can contact them through their website contact form or their phone number.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: (704) 249-4165

Social: Raise The Roof Charlotte

Profile: Raise The Roof Charlotte

Facebook: Raise The Roof Charlotte

Contact : Michael

Ray Wilson of Social Soundtrack has a personal approach. Both you and your partner get your musical tastes included in the mix, and his songs will fill your entire wedding day smoothly and with a perfect fit.

Ray coordinates with the team taking care of your day so that the timeline is synched and you don’t have to worry about anything. His music is blended perfectly, and the dancing never stops because there is nothing Ray enjoys more than seeing happy faces in the crowd. His enthusiasm will leave no one indifferent.

You can contact Ray through social media or via his email and phone.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: (704) 981-2647

Social: Social Soundtracks

Profile: Social Soundtracks

Contact : Ray Wilson

DJ J. O. Dolla offers a great time and amazing music. He will adapt his song list to your needs and ensure you and your guests spend as much time on the floor as possible.

He has highly professional equipment that won’t mess with your event’s design. And from a sample you provide, he will make music that turns your wedding into the best party in Charlotte. You can contact him through his website’s form or via email and phone.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: (347) 893-5465

Social: Golden Handss

Profile: Golden Handss

Contact : Josh Rogers

Dow Oaks is boldly offering the best playlists you can find anywhere in the world. They have a fun approach, and you can browse their number one songs for each moment of your event, from your bridal party, through the reception all the way until the end.

They are completely focused on amazing customer service that leads you through every step of the way, leaving nothing to chance. Their DJs are amazing hosts who will provide expert mixing and create a great atmosphere. With a team of 8 DJs to choose from, all of which went through a training process, you can rest assured your event’s music is in the best hands. Contact them through their website contact form or via phone.

Address: 3113 Eastwood Dr, Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone: (704) 380-0337

Social: Dow Oak Events

Profile: Dow Oak Events

Contact : Erik Massengale

Bunn DJ Company is proud to say that when you choose them, your event will be remembered for years. Your taste is their priority as they will ensure that their DJs only play the music you love.

But more importantly, they know exactly when to play that perfect song that fits the moment. You and your guests will dance all night and sing along to Bunn’s amazing playlist.

With the client testimonials on their website, you know you are in the right hands. Bunn DJ Company will be the thing that gives life to your party with their experienced DJs and a state-of-the-art sound system. You can contact them through their email or phone number.

Address: 809 W Hill St C, Charlotte, NC 28208

Phone: (704) 494-7333

Social: Bunn DJ Company

Profile: Bunn DJ Company

Contact : Joe Bunn

DJ A Rock of Keep It A Secret is highly experienced and loves the art of DJing since he first laid eyes on a turntable in 1989. He will make sure your wedding music is worth dancing to with real mixing because he is dedicated to his craft. He boasts his unique style and promises a memorable experience.

He offers three different wedding packages that depend on the number of guests. For the smallest package, up to 100 people, the price starts from $800, and you can pay it over a 6-month period. You can read DJ A Rock’s client testimonials and contact him through his website’s booking form.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: (704) 965-9174

Social: Keep It A Secret Entertainment

Profile: Keep It A Secret Entertainment

Contact : Anthony Smith

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To ensure that you and your guests party the night away, hiring the perfect DJ is crucial. All the DJs on our list are highly professional, and the music they play is sure to result in a party that you will remember for the rest of your life!

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