10 Questions with Aly Barnett

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10 Questions with Aly Barnett
  • Business: Aly Barnett Photography
  • Location: Charlotte, North Carolina NC
  • Experience: 10 Years
  • Photography Types: Boudoir, Engagements, Weddings
  • Profile: Aly Barnett Photography
  • Website: alybarnett.com

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hey y'all! I'm Aly! My Pronouns are She/Her. Most days I am being a Dog mom, wearing black leggings, and doing what I love most! I am mostly known for my bright red balayage, and talking to absolutely anyone! I love serving the world by documenting what is in front of me. The things I am most passionate about in life are traveling with Sam, my dog, Sophie, any fitness class, and being a part of your once in a life time, Wedding Day! I am from Charlotte, North Carolina and graduated from Savannah College of Art & Design with my BFA in Photography in 2015 (yes, i know that is unheard of). I currently shoot elopements, small weddings, weddings, engagements, and boudoir. Being a business owner is a full-time job, and hard work y'all! My boyfriend Sam and I met 5 years ago on Tinder. Yes Tinder! He is a High School History teacher and I cannot tell you how much fun our life has been! From traveling to England, Adopting Sophie, buying a house, and drinking all the beer/cider in North Carolina!

We all know photography for your wedding day is SO important! But I believe it's more than just showing up and taking some photos. I actually have a relationship with my couples! I know, most of you might not think that is not important. To me it is! I am able to serve you better if I know what kind of person you are. Are you an introvert while your partner is a goofball? WONDERFUL! Are both of you super close to your family and only want them at your ceremony? PERFECT! I believe weddings should be personal and who you are! Not a ballroom kinda person? Cool me either!Working with me is so much different than hiring your friend that has photography as a hobby or someone in a big company who just shows up. I am the photographer who help you with all the questions you have with you, meets 1 month before your big day to check in, tears up at your ceremony, and hugs you at the end of your day. I make sure I understand why you love each other, why you chose your ceremony & reception location, and why you decide to hire me. I believe your wedding day should represent your relationship as a whole! You want to get married in the mountains? Hell yeah! On the beach? LETS GET YOU MARRIED

I started in High School when I got cut from the school musical. Let me tell you, I cannot sing or dance! But I loved theater SO much. I decided to do more behind the scenes work like stage design, but I still felt sad seeing all my friends in the musical. I wanted to do something else. I saw all the cool kids posting selfies on Myspace with their new camera and filters! I decided to sign up for Photography 1! It was nothing like I expected, it was WAY BETTER! Even back in 2009, my public school in Charlotte was teaching Film Photography. Everything from developing film, prints, all manual setting, and even photo history. I had to coolest friends and excellent grade in the class! After that, I took Photography 2 learning photoshop, and AP Photography with my first cohesive project. Even AP Art History which was the hardest class I have ever taken in High School!

Once I was a Junior, I had a lot of friends talking about this art school called Savannah College of Art and Design. Only 4 hours from Charlotte and a crazy good reputation! 2 of my teachers (Photography & Art History teacher) graduated from SCAD and wrote me recommendation letters. Before I even went to SCAD, I was interning with a Photographer in my Neighborhood. I had no idea what I was doing, but she did a lot of families, babies, seniors, and of course, weddings! I had SO much fun going around and photographing all the details. No pressure, just my creative, young brain going wild at 18! I had a Canon XS Rebel from my birthday that showed me everything I needed to know.

At SCAD, they literally taught us everything from the Darkroom, Inkjet Printing, Large Format, Controlled Lighting, and Business Practices. On top of the fun classes like Fashion, Ceramics, 3D Design, and Art History. I thought "I am going to graduate and go to New York City! Just like everyone else!". Until I found out how much it was to just MOVE up North. I went back to Charlotte to figure out what I wanted to do next. I started working at Belk and their photo studio, and joined a few Facebook groups with other Wedding Photographer. A lot of people asking for Second Photographers for weddings! I had weekends off normally, so I would assist 1 or 2 weddings on weekends. After a while, every photographer I worked for said "Wow, you're really good at this!". I thought "Who me? This stuff feels so natural and easy to me!".

2. How long have you been shooting weddings? How many weddings have you photographed?

My Wedding Photography really kicked off when good friends were booked up. It didn't feel real! After 10 years of shooting I have photographed 150+ weddings. All starting from the moment where I was cut from my high school musical "Anything Goes"! Yes, I remember the name of the musical and took photos during opening night.

3. How would you describe your photography style?

Documentary, intimate, authentic, real moments!! Dark and Moody is the industry name. My style really depends on the clients details and season! I vibe off what they bring me.

4. How well in advance should couples book their wedding photographer?

At least a year for busy months (April - May, October - November for North Carolina area) if not more! The worst part of my job is getting that DREAM wedding that I would have, and having to say no. But don't be afraid to ask if we are available. Things happen (like COVID) where our schedule opens up!

5. What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

All my packages are customized depending on the clients needs. This is normally based off of how many guests, how many in your bridal party, and how big each side of the family is. Most couples will book at least 8 hours if not 9.

6. Are you the wedding photographer who will be shooting on the wedding day? Who else is there in your team?

It's me! *wink* I have worked for a lot of different "teams" where someone you talk to isn't the one that shows up. In my opinion, it's not authentic and real! I thrive off of loving my clients, crying with them. and hugging them at the end of their wedding day.

7. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

My customized packages will include ALL travel. Just like amazon prime! Shipping is included!

8. Are albums or prints included in your packages?

Absolutely! Albums are my favorite! My jaw drops to the ground every time I deliver one!

9. How long after the wedding will the couple receive the images? How will they be delivered?

8 Weeks! This is normally during my busy months!

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

Schedule a phone call with me and we can go over the contract together! :)



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