Lily Greenthumbs has quite a reputation in the southeast. Its success is the perfection in creating every element of floral design in line with your vision. They believe in the importance of brainstorming a plan with you before starting the design process. The team picks a limited number of ceremonies per year, making it possible to spend a copious amount of time to create a romantic essence with floral art. This team has years of experience to offer you and can help guide you with any decisions that you are unsure about.

Address: 3110 South Tryon Street, Charlotte, NC 28217

Phone: 704-910-2540

Profile: Lily Greenthumbs

Facebook: Lily Greenthumbs

Instagram: Lily Greenthumbs

Contact : Karen Greenoe

The Flower Diva is a fun, funky flower shop with a team of artists that want to help you create a bespoke floral wedding arrangement that will showcase the love and romance of your special day. Boasting over 19 years of experience in floral design, they can take your ideas and colors and come up with the best floral wedding arrangement that speaks to your style and personality. Whether your wedding theme is high glam, bohemian, classic chic, or something never seen before, The Flower Diva can take your dreams and make them a colorful and aromatic reality for your wedding day celebration. Check out their online portfolio and book your consultation if you love their designs. 

Address: 219 Main St, Pineville, NC 28134

Phone: 704-889-3482

Profile: The Flower Diva

Facebook: The Flower Diva

Instagram: The Flower Diva

Contact : Carrie

Weddings should be one-of-a-kind, and Flowers Plus knows how to ensure your wedding is truly unique. You can enjoy unique decorations and a comprehensive inventory of flowers that would fit your budget. Start the planning with a free consultation to cover every single detail, including species, arrangements, color theme, budget, special requests, and more. You can also arrange flower gift items like gourmet baskets, balloon bouquets, terrarium, candy baskets, plush animals, and more for your guests. Flowers Plus has showered magic into weddings for more than three decades.

Address: 301 S Tryon St # 50 Charlotte, NC 28202

Phone: 704-342-4529

Profile: Flowers Plus

Facebook: Flowers Plus

Instagram: Flowers Plus

Contact : Joel

If you are planning unique blooms, intricate floral artwork, customized themed decorations, and more, you need a service provider with a vast vendor network. Pink Petunia Designs is a family business that boasts over 75 years of experience in the industry. Thus, they have the network to procure the finest fresh flowers and décor elements. North Carolina has a unique way of selecting venues, and Pink Petunia Designs understands it. Are you having a warehouse wedding? Do you want a specific bloom to cover the entire garden? If you have a unique taste in designs, Pink Petunia Designs is the right provider for your needs.

Address: 1000 West Morehead St Charlotte, NC 28208

Phone: 704-813-4718

Profile: Pink Petunia Designs

Facebook: Pink Petunia Designs

Instagram: Pink Petunia Designs

Contact : Penny Damron

Heatherly Event & Floral Design wants to help you start the next chapter in your life with a beautiful floral arrangement to start you on your way. They understand that life is all about the details, and they approach their floral design with the same mentality. They will make sure all of the details, large and small, are attended to on your special day. After discussing your ideas and colors, they will come up with a floral design that speaks to your personality and style. Browse their portfolio to see past weddings to help inspire you to develop your unique wedding floral design. And then book your consultation if you like what you see.

Address: Waxhaw, NC 28173

Profile: Heatherly Event & Floral Design

Interview: 10 Questions with Heatherly Event & Floral Design

Instagram: Heatherly Event & Floral Design

Contact : Heather Muto

Carolyn Shepard Weddings and Events cover every wedding, no matter how big or intimate. Your choice will determine the floral arrangements, themes, and blooms. You can also pick rental linens, décor props, chandeliers, candelabras, and others from their collections to go with your floral choices. You can find both traditional Southern wedding decorations and more modern ones. So, it is a one-stop-destination for all your wedding decoration needs. The team encourages the couple to bring in photographs, a vision board, or your large binder to show what you exactly need, and the team promises to recreate it within your budget.

Address: 321 East blvd Charlotte, NC 28203

Phone: 704-375-7706

Profile: Carolyn Shepard Weddings and Events

Facebook: Carolyn Shepard Weddings and Events

Instagram: Carolyn Shepard Weddings and Events

Contact : Carolyn Carolyn

The same family of floral artists has run Midwood Flower Shop since 1956. They boast over 60 years of experience and knowledge to create an imaginative floral arrangement for your wedding day celebration. To get a better idea of their style, you can visit their website and check out some of their beautiful bouquets from past weddings. You can choose the one you like or work with their floral designers to create a custom bouquet with your choice of colors and flowers. They will handle all of your ceremony and reception flowers, such as centerpieces, cake flowers, and other small floral decors that your guests will love. Once you’ve browsed their galleries, reach out and book your consultation if you love their creative style. 

Address: 2415 Central Ave, Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone: 704-376-7500

Profile: Midwood Flower Shop

Facebook: Midwood Flower Shop

Instagram: Midwood Flower Shop

Contact : Julie Blanton

The Southern Blossom Florist team is made up of passionate artists and guarantees that you can count on their inspirations to make your day memorable. The team does not offer just floral decorations. Your wedding’s entire décor will be their responsibility, and the first step is getting a consultation to pick the right blooms, containers, styles, and others. You can tailor every fragment of your wedding, like reception, ceremony, bouquet, and more. Do you have your venue, theme, and budget ready? Southern Blossom Florists will handle the rest to perfection.

Address: 321 East blvd Charlotte, NC 28203

Phone: 704-375-7706

Profile: Southern Blossom Florist

Facebook: Southern Blossom Florist

Instagram: Southern Blossom Florist

Contact : Giovy Buyers


Nectar believes that each flower has a different effect on your emotions. So, they prefer picking the right blooms that would kindle magic and love. The species selection is just the first step. You will start by filling a detailed form that requires your vision and dream of the wedding. Next, you meet the team to select different elements of the designs. You will receive a proposal based on your choices, along with a mood board for you to make any changes. Do you have a hard time putting visions together? Try their la-carte services for a stress-free day.

Address: 910 Pecan Avenue Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone: 704-905-9808

Profile: Nectar

Facebook: Nectar

Instagram: Nectar

Contact : Karisa Pennell

Since 1929, The Blossom Shop Florist has helped Charlotte with floral designs for weddings and events. They have the experience and knowledge to create a unique floral design for your wedding day celebration that will exceed your expectations. During your consultation, they will work hard to realize your ideas and come up with the best floral arrangements that speak to your style and personality. They can take care of all your floral design needs, from bouquets and boutonnieres, ceremony flowers, centerpieces, cake flowers, and other floral decorations that will help your wedding showcase the love and emotion of your special day.

Address: 1500 E Morehead St, Charlotte, NC 28207

Phone: 704-372-4447

Profile: The Blossom Shop Florist

Facebook: The Blossom Shop Florist

Instagram: The Blossom Shop Florist

Contact : Ted Todd

Perfect for couples looking for a truly personalized wedding experience, Charlotte Wedding Flowers is very generous in its customization options. For instance, they have white, red, pastel, wildflowers, cascading, fall, and other bouquet variants. The team does not only focus on floral decoration; they also work to decorate pedestals, candelabras, iron displays, draping, lanterns, and personalized aisle decorations.

Address: 3010 Monroe Road, Suite 203, Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone: 704-375-2577

Profile: Charlotte Wedding Flowers

Facebook: Charlotte Wedding Flowers

Instagram: Charlotte Wedding Flowers

Contact : Penny

Willow Floral Boutique loves to create the perfect floral design for your wedding day celebration. Headed by a mother-daughter team, they will help you create an extraordinary floral wedding arrangement that speaks to your style and personality. Some of their favorite styles on offer include English garden, bohemian, and whimsical floral arrangements. They love a challenge and want to create a one-of-a-kind floral design that is just for you and will take care of all of your floral needs, from lovely bouquets and boutonnieres, ceremony flowers, centerpieces, cake flowers, and much more. You will love their creative passion and dedication to making your wedding day a floral masterpiece.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: 803-547-2361

Profile: Willow Floral Boutique

Facebook: Willow Floral Boutique

Instagram: Willow Floral Boutique

Contact : Aubrey

Designs By Devereux offers a custom and unique floral experience for your wedding day celebration. Lance “Lamar” Devereux and his team of designers and floral artists will take your ideas and color palette and help you create the ultimate floral arrangements that will work in cohesive harmony for your ceremony and reception. They specialize in creating a unique atmosphere that speaks to each couple’s personality and style. With their signature wedding and event design service, they will help you develop the perfect display of flowers and other decorations that your guests will love. Browse their Lookbook and book your consultation if you like what you see. Let Designs By Devereux help bring your floral ideas to life on your wedding day celebration. 

Address: 10806 Reames Rd ste p, Charlotte, NC 28269

Phone: 704-412-9804

Profile: Designs By Devereux

Facebook: Designs By Devereux

Instagram: Designs By Devereux

Contact : Lance

Sweet T Flowers has been voted one of Charlotte’s best florists and uses flowers from local farmers that produce the highest-quality flowers. Owner Tina celebrates the warm southern hospitality spirit with every floral arrangement she creates by hand. She will ensure your special day is a vivid and beautiful memory filled with the freshest flowers and natural elements. Using your ideas and color palette, they will create a unique and elegant bouquet, table arrangements, and floral accents for your wedding day ceremony and reception. Check out her imaginative and stunning nature-inspired designs and book a consultation to let Sweet T Flowers help create your dream wedding with the best floral arrangements for your personality and style.

Address: 401 E Sth Main Street Unit 126A, Waxhaw, NC 28173

Phone: 704-843-8248

Profile: Sweet T Flowers

Facebook: Sweet T Flowers

Instagram: Sweet T Flowers

Contact : Tina

Looking for a florist that not only focuses on flowers but also adds berries, fruits, beads, greenery, and more to spice up their floral arrangements? Jimmy Blooms focuses on artisan containers, unique vases, and more to bring out the flowers’ beauty. The best part about this florist is the friendliness in the service. You can make individual requests and any number of changes, and the team will ensure that they bring your every dream to life.

Address: Charlotte, NC 28205

Phone: 704-806-3549

Profile: Jimmy Blooms

Facebook: Jimmy Blooms

Instagram: Jimmy Blooms

Contact : Julie Ford

Boasting over 30 years of experience, the team at Be Creative Floral has the expertise and knowledge to create your one-of-a-kind floral design for your big day. Tina and her team understand that every bride is unique and special, and your flowers should reflect your style and personality. They will be by your side from start to finish to make sure everything is perfect. After discussing your ideas and colors, she will get to work on creating your bespoke floral arrangements that will blend seamlessly with your wedding theme and showcase the love and romance of your special day. Be Creative Floral has the experience and skills to create your unique floral wedding arrangements from ceremony and reception flowers and everything in between.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: 704-207-6110

Profile: Be Creative Floral

Interview: 10 Questions with Be Creative Floral

Facebook: Be Creative Floral

Instagram: Be Creative Floral

Contact : Tina

Proper Flower is a new floral design company that is blooming fast. They offer a fun and interactive floral experience while helping you pick the right flowers and colors for your wedding day celebration. Since 2015, they have helped local brides create imaginative and stunning floral arrangements based on their colors and theme. They let each couple’s love story inspire them to create the best floral design unique to the story that brought them together. You will love their gorgeous bouquets and ceremony flowers, and their centerpieces and floral reception decor will thrill your guests. Proper Flower can help bring your wedding dreams to life with their creative and beautiful floral designs. 

Address: Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: 704-208-6114

Profile: Proper Flower

Facebook: Proper Flower

Instagram: Proper Flower

Contact : Melissa Martin Julien

Narcisse Greenway Design is one of Charlotte’s premier wedding florists that helps local area brides bring their wedding day visions to life. Named after the narcissus flower, owner Narcisse is a wild and romantic nature-inspired floral designer that loves to create fabulous floral designs for your special day. She believes that flowers are the ultimate expression of love, and every bouquet and centerpiece her team designs reflect this. They can take care of any size wedding, from an intimate affair to a grand-scale event with hundreds of guests. Check out their previous weddings with imaginative and gorgeous floral creations and book this creative floral artist and her team for your wedding day celebration. 

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: 980-248-4453

Profile: Narcisse Greenway Design

Facebook: Narcisse Greenway Design

Instagram: Narcisse Greenway Design

Contact : Narcisse

The Fresh Blossom helps local area couples create gorgeous custom floral designs for their wedding day celebrations. They will work with you to create your perfect bridal vision, no matter your style and budget. They have experience creating many different styles, including classic, garden-style, bohemian, rustic, and contemporary. Alternatively, if you have your own ideas, they love a challenge and will use only the highest-quality flowers and other natural elements to create your bespoke floral arrangements. They will take care of all your floral needs, from bridal and bridesmaids’ bouquets, boutonnieres and corsages, flower girl crowns, and much more. Let The Fresh Blossom create a magical display of flowers that will elevate your wedding day to a whole new level of love and romance.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: 704-750-5554

Profile: The Fresh Blossom

Facebook: The Fresh Blossom

Instagram: The Fresh Blossom

Contact : Julie

PK Floral Design delivers creativity, passion, and inspiration in their wedding floral designs for Charlotte couples since 2004. Owner Pang Kou works with brides to create stunning floral arrangements that help create a romantic ambiance for their wedding day celebration. Her award-winning skills and dedication to creating the perfect display of flowers and other natural elements showcase the love and romance of your special day. From simple and elegant bouquets, colorful centerpieces, and more, all the ceremony and reception flowers you can imagine are possible with this creative team. Let this award-winning florist combine her vision and your passion to make your dream wedding blossom into a gorgeous display of love and beauty.

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: 980-228-9552

Profile: PK Floral Design

Facebook: PK Floral Design

Instagram: PK Floral Design

Contact : Pang Kou

Meraki Blommor is an all-inclusive floral design company that is here to help you create a customized floral wedding arrangement for your special day. Owner and lead designer Jenn Megremis dedicates herself to providing exceptional customer service with stunning floral arrangements that are locally sourced and sustainable. No matter the size of your wedding, they will come up with a floral design based on your colors and ideas. If you need inspiration, check out their past wedding. You will love their elegant and beautiful bouquets and boutonnieres, ceremony and reception flowers, and all of the small details in between. Let Meraki Blommor turn your wedding day celebration into a colorful and romantic event, no matter your style and budget. 

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: 252-714-2044

Profile: Meraki Blommor

Facebook: Meraki Blommor

Instagram: Meraki Blommor

Contact : Jenn Megremis

Kelilabee Flower Company is an end-to-end family-owned floral decorator. You can rely on them to satisfy all your traditional wedding requirements. Do you have something trendy in mind? The team has a creative passion for accommodating even your wildest wedding desire. Are you looking for a luxurious cascading bouquet? Do you prefer a tulip wedding? Or, is there a budget string around your mood board? Kelilabee Flower Company has decades of experience in handling all wedding needs.

Address: 11914 Elm Lane, Suite 140 Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: 704-900-8949

Profile: Kelilabee Flower Company

Facebook: Kelilabee Flower Company

Instagram: Kelilabee Flower Company

Contact : Meghan Mannon

Ligaya Flowers offers premium wood flowers for a unique option for your wedding day celebration. All of their creations are hand-made from tapioca shavings made into different types of flowers and colors. They look natural and are soft to touch, and with proper care, your bridal bouquet can last years, reminding you of your special day. They offer several packages to fit any budget, from bouquets, ceremony flowers, and wood flower decorations. Your creativity can soar with their skills to help with the florals, and you can either come up with a custom color palette and design or let Ligaya Flowers help you choose the right colors and wood floral designs for your special day.

Address: Charlotte, NC 28277

Phone: 919-438-1391

Profile: Ligaya Flowers

Facebook: Ligaya Flowers

Instagram: Ligaya Flowers

Contact : Ligaya Flowers Team

The team at Marigold Floral Design wants your floral wedding experience to be a fun and stress-free time while you select the best floral design for your special day. Mary started creating custom floral designs as an outlet for her creative passions. She loves creating beautiful memories and seeing the happy faces of every couple she helps. During your consultation, she will get to know you and your ideas and come up with the absolute best floral arrangements that will fit your style and personality. They guarantee your flowers will be fresh and colorful, making your bouquets, boutonnieres, ceremony, and reception flowers look and smell amazing from start to finish. 

Address: Charlotte, NC

Phone: 704-352-3462

Profile: Marigold Floral Design

Instagram: Marigold Floral Design

Contact : Mary

Address: 6530 Freedom Dr Suite A, Charlotte, NC 28214

Phone: 704-375-8429

Instagram: Bloom CLT

Contact : Bloom CLT

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You are sure to find the best florist for your wedding day from this list of the top wedding florists in Charlotte, NC. Each of these creative artists can match your color and style to create a bespoke floral wedding arrangement that perfectly blends with your wedding theme and colors, no matter whether your style is elegant and formal, natural, modern and chic, bohemian, or trendy. Any of these top floral artists can help you create a fairytale-like wedding with a colorful and aromatic display of flowers and natural elements to make your wedding day celebration sing with the love and emotion of your special day.

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