With more than 13 years of experience, Claudia Oliver has become an expert at capturing your real and candid moments into a series of stunning photographs that not only tell your love story but also reflect your true personality, style and emotions. These frame-worthy pictures are created with the utmost care and thought, making them a priceless possession that you can take a look at and share with your family and friends. Give them a call to know about their wedding packages and pricing.

Address: 25 SE 2nd Ave Miami, FL, 33131

Phone: (305) 297-6841

Profile: Claudia Oliver Photography Studio

Facebook: Claudia Oliver Photography Studio

Instagram: Claudia Oliver Photography Studio

Contact : Claudia Oliver

Having gained international recognition, Lukas G is considered to be one of the most sought after wedding photographers in Miami. Lukas’s stunning work is nothing short of a piece of art that exudes beauty, elegance, and creativity. His commendable work will allow you to enjoy and relive each moment whenever you get a chance to flick through your wedding photo albums. For an extraordinary wedding photography experience, call Lukas and discuss how your wedding pics can be made a priceless treasure.

Address: 7315 Carlyle Ave Miami Beach, FL, 33141

Phone: (561) 246-2403

Profile: Lukas G Photography

Facebook: Lukas G Photography

Instagram: Lukas G Photography

Contact : Lukas

The team at La Vie Studios operates on the belief that wedding photography should never be safe and boring. They believe that each wedding is an opportunity to be uniquely creative and capture you and your guests in a way that truly reflects the emotions of who you are.

They believe that your wedding should be treated as a documentary – they’re there to provide directions for some arranged photos, but they believe that the best images are of the moments that happen naturally. They love creating powerful images that will remain precious for years to come. They also offer videography services, so you can contact them for the whole package.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary, Natural

Pricing: Photography packages start at $3490

Address: 14351 SW 120th St, Suite 105, Miami, FL 33186

Phone: 786-717-5006

Profile: La Vie Studios

Interview: 10 Questions with La Vie Studios

Facebook: La Vie Studios

Instagram: La Vie Studios

Contact : La Vie Studios Team

Established in 2009, Photography by Santy Martinez is run by a husband and wife team Santy and Annie, in Miami. They work together to ensure that their clients can have a memorable photography experience. Having successfully documented hundreds of weddings together, this experienced team of photographers continues to treat each new couple with the same professionalism, care, and efficiency. Their attention to detail and creativity has made them a perfect photographer team to have on your big day. For further queries, call now.

Address: 14261 SW 120 St, Suite 103-130, Miami, FL 33186

Phone: (305) 647-2689

Profile: Photography by Santy Martinez

Facebook: Photography by Santy Martinez

Instagram: Photography by Santy Martinez

Contact : Santy Martinez

This award-winning team of wedding photographers has been working since 2007 in Miami. Led by Dana Lynn, the experienced team of professionals is renowned for producing timeless and high-quality photos that capture the natural beauty of the couple. Have a detailed consultation before the wedding day and discuss everything in detail. The best part is that Dana Lynn Photography provides an opportunity for every couple to get an affordable package that meets their budget and requirements. Discuss with Dana today about your vision for your big day.

Address: 220 71St Street Suite 201 Miami Beach, FL 33141

Phone: (305) 763-8045

Profile: Dana Lynn Photography

Facebook: Dana Lynn Photography

Instagram: Dana Lynn Photography

Contact : Dana Lynn

Looking back and thinking about your wedding day, the first thing every couple does is take a look at their wedding photos that remind them of that incredible day. Carlos will help you experience exactly that. This award-winning wedding photographer knows how to capture every moment by moving around and documenting each and every detail without missing any intimate or emotional moment. Do not hesitate to connect with Carlos today and discuss the wedding package offered to you.

Address: 10025 N Snapper Creek Drive, Miami, FL 33173

Phone: (786) 251-0830

Profile: Miami Photo and Video

Facebook: Miami Photo and Video

Instagram: Miami Photo and Video

Contact : Carlos Osorio

Antonio, who runs White House Wedding Photography with his wife, believes that the perfect wedding photographer should not only suit your style but should also be someone you – and your guests – will be able to enjoy. He enjoys getting to know the couples he works with and is committed to helping you create unforgettable images on your wedding day.

He loves capturing the moments during a wedding – the ones that may seem small but will be impactful for years. From the sparkle of your rings to the touch of your partner’s hand and the moments you spend with your friends and family, he’s committed to helping you memorialize all of them.

Pricing: Begins at $2500

Address: 4300 Biscayne Blvd, STE 203, Miami, FL 33137

Phone: 305-714-1950

Profile: White House Wedding Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with White House Wedding Photography

Facebook: White House Wedding Photography

Instagram: White House Wedding Photography

Contact : Antonio

Considered to be one of the youngest wedding photographers in Miami, Suzanne Delawar has been featured in several magazines and media platforms. Suzanne and her father, Winston, work as a team to help each of their clients bring their vision to life by having a detailed consultation with the couple. Suzanne will understand what sort of wedding photography experience the couple is expecting, and she will make sure to provide them with exactly that. For a chance to capture some beautiful memories, pick Suzanne Delawar Studios for your wedding.

Address: 601 Brickell Key Drive, Suite 700, Miami, Florida 33131

Phone: (954) 424-0886

Profile: Suzanne Delawar Studios

Facebook: Suzanne Delawar Studios

Instagram: Suzanne Delawar Studios

Contact : Suzanne Delawar

Roman and Lucas at Photo Art Star work together as a well-gelled team to ensure that every couple gets to experience a phenomenal experience which they will remember for the rest of their lives. Let them be a part of your big day and give them a chance to produce some stunning photographs that truly celebrate love, joy, and raw emotion. Hire Photo Art Star and make everyone awestruck with your spectacular wedding pics.

Address: 7441 Wayne Avenue Miami Beach, FL, 33141

Phone: (323) 776-9965

Profile: Photo Art Star

Interview: 10 Questions with Photo Art Star

Facebook: Photo Art Star

Contact : Roman

The most important factor that makes a lovely photo into a phenomenal piece of art is the way in which the couple and the photographer worked together during the entire photography experience. The team at Solo Mio Photography ensures that you get to have an unforgettable experience. They make sure to work closely with each couple, creating connections that go beyond just that between a wedding vendor and a client. Do not miss an opportunity to work with such an amazing wedding photographer.

Address: 3635 NE 1st Ave, Miami, FL 33137

Phone: (305) 942-0978

Profile: Solo Mio Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Solo Mio Photography

Facebook: Solo Mio Photography

Instagram: Solo Mio Photography

Contact : Damian

By going through their website, you will get to witness the sheer talent and skill with which each photo is taken. With more than 20 years of experience in this field, Roy has gained enough experience to transform a beautiful picture into a stunning piece of art that is hard to forget. Being passionate about his profession has helped him work tirelessly to offer a unique and unforgettable experience to every client. Get a quote now.

Address: Miami Shores, FL

Phone: (305) 759-2600

Profile: Roy Llera Photographers

Facebook: Roy Llera Photographers

Instagram: Roy Llera Photographers

Contact : Roy Llera

Best known for capturing editorial stories of people in love, Evan is a documentary wedding photographer. From vibrant candid portraits to fleeting in-between memories and more, his goal is to capture your wedding day authentically. He goes above and beyond to connect with her couples personally and deliver a personalized experience. Their wedding photography begins at $3,390 and includes high-resolution edited pictures with a digital gallery and printing rights.

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: (917) 374-2077

Profile: Evan Rich Photography

Facebook: Evan Rich Photography

Instagram: Evan Rich Photography

Contact : Evan

The team at Jonathan Scott Studio is skilled at capturing the emotions and soul of your wedding day. They believe that each wedding is unique, with different stories and emotions that mark them. They aim to work with this uniqueness and bring it to the forefront in the images that they capture.

The work to create images that are not only as distinctive as the love you share with your partner, but also sentimental and timeless. Their photographs will transport you back to your special day, no matter when you look at them. With 15 years in the industry and more than 750 weddings under their belts, you can trust them with your special day. They are available to travel for destination weddings.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary, Natural

Address: 6815 Biscayne Blvd #173, Miami, FL, 33138

Phone: 561-750-7006

Profile: Jonathan Scott Studio

Facebook: Jonathan Scott Studio

Instagram: Jonathan Scott Studio

Contact : Jonathan Scott Studio Team

Lenisse and her team love photographing weddings – they believe that good photography is all about capturing authentic emotion and telling a story through photographs. They want to make sure that the images you have of your special day will be as filled with love, laughter, and emotion as the day itself will be.

She loves getting to know her clients and works to establish a relaxed, friendly relationship with them. She believes that in order to be truly comfortable in front of a camera, you need to be comfortable with the photographer.  She is also available to travel for destination weddings.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary, Natural

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 561-267-2238

Profile: Lenisse Komatsu Photography

Instagram: Lenisse Komatsu Photography

Contact : Lenisse

Leo has been a passionate photographer since the age of 12 and loves capturing weddings because it allows him to work with people who are celebrating one of the happiest days of their lives. This loves shines through his photography, and helps him creating beautiful memories.

He understands how important the perfect wedding day is to you, and works to help make sure your photographs are everything you’ve ever dreamed of. His clients praise him for his stunning photography, his thoughtful demeanor, and his ability to make them feel comfortable in front of a camera.

Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism

Address: 340 West Flagler Street #301, Miami, FL 33130

Phone: 305-255-1125

Profile: Leo Photographer

Facebook: Leo Photographer

Instagram: Leo Photographer

Contact : Leo

Merari’s photography is timeless and elegant. To her, photographs hold memories in a way no other medium can, and she aims to make sure that the images she creates will serve as heirlooms and mementos for years to come.

If you’re looking for photographs that look like they’d fit perfectly in any magazine shoot, Merari’s the photographer for you! She prides herself on her personal touch, and with photographing over 200 weddings under her belt, you can leave everything to her professional hands!

Style: Artistic, Documentary, Modern

Address: Miami, FL

Profile: Merari Teruel Photography

Facebook: Merari Teruel Photography

Instagram: Merari Teruel Photography

Contact : Merari

Provoke Photography is run by Helena, who loves capturing photos that are beautiful and radiate the same warmth you and your partner do. She knows that wedding photographers are an investment, and she believes that you deserve someone who is going to be flexible and work with your needs and desires.

She loves photographing the real, unashamed, authentic moments of your wedding day – the smiles, the laughter, the tears of joy, and all the other happily unplanned moments. She aims to create images that will only become more meaningful with time, a tangible artifact that will hold your memories for generations to come.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural

Pricing: Starts at $2900

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 786-303-7258

Profile: Provoke Photography

Facebook: Provoke Photography

Instagram: Provoke Photography

Contact : Helena

Husband and wife team JP and Camille Cardona run The Cardonas. They love to create images that are as timeless as the love you share with your partner. To them, photographs are memories that you can hold on to and preserve for years to come, and they work to help you capture every little detail from your special day.

To them, wedding photography and videography are all about connection, and they strive to create one between them and their clients. As a dual photography and cinematography business, they are available to serve as both your photographers and videographers during your wedding day.

Style: Film, Natural, Photojournalism, Traditional

Pricing: Begin at $3500

Address: 4300 Biscayne Blvd, STE 203, Miami, FL 33137

Profile: The Cardonas

Facebook: The Cardonas

Instagram: The Cardonas

Contact : Camille Cardona

Zulie believes that photographs tell a story, and to her, the perfect wedding photographs are those that showcase what makes your love unique. Those are the types of images she strives to take, and she loves capturing real and authentic moments during your wedding.

She loves getting to know the couples she works with. She believes that this helps them feel more comfortable in front of the camera, and helps her capture images that are natural and truly reflect that love between you and your spouse. Though she’s based in Miami, she’s also available to travel for destination weddings.

Style: Photojournalism

Pricing: Starts at $2200

Address: 15th Ave Miami, FL 33014

Phone: 786-458-1297

Profile: Zulie Rego Photography

Facebook: Zulie Rego Photography

Instagram: Zulie Rego Photography

Contact : Zulie

A family business, the staff at The Camera are all passionate about helping couples document the happiest day of their lives. They love creating and telling stories of each couple that they work with, and aim to create memories that you will be able to keep and return to for years to come.

To them, your wedding photographs are not just a documentation of the day itself, they are a part of your visual heritage. They feel that these are images that you should be able to pass down for years to come and work to create them for you. As both a photography and videography business, they are available to you to document your wedding in both still images and moving videos.

Style: Photojournalism

Pricing: Starts at $2000

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 305-505-5305

Profile: The Camera

Facebook: The Camera

Instagram: The Camera

Contact : The Camera Team

Alisa is a Miami based wedding photographer whose work has been credited with several awards and international recognition.  Her work revolves around capturing a collection of natural, romantic, and timeless wedding photos that you can cherish for many years to come. Her cheerful and sweet nature compels you to form a close connection with her, which makes her job much easier. Call now and get an appointment for a detailed discussion.

Address: 2 East Sunrise Avenue Miami, FL, 33133

Phone: (305) 450-4723

Profile: Alisa Ferris

Facebook: Alisa Ferris

Instagram: Alisa Ferris

Contact : Alisa Ferris

Based in Miami, Stephanie is a professional wedding photographer who loves to stay behind the camera and capture all the unforgettable moments of your wedding day. Whether it is a romantic gesture exchanged between the couple, the bride’s nervousness while walking down the aisle, or the tears of joy, Stephanie will be there to document it in the form of a priceless treasure. Let her be a part of your big day and preserve each and every moment that you would love to look back and relive with your spouse. Book an appointment today to discuss how you want your photography session.

Address: 1247 SW 128th Ave, Miami, FL 33184

Phone: (786) 280-8418

Profile: Sperez Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Sperez Photography

Facebook: Sperez Photography

Instagram: Sperez Photography

Contact : Stefanie Perez

Address: 636 NW 2nd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311

Phone: 954-695-7980

Profile: Light Sky Photography

Instagram: Light Sky Photography

Contact : Erika Arango

Address: 11255 SW 138th ST Miami, FL, 33176

Phone: 786-857-2287

Profile: Abaunza Photography

Facebook: Abaunza Photography

Instagram: Abaunza Photography

Contact : Carlos Ayestas

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 786-665-0487

Profile: Amarena Productions

Facebook: Amarena Productions

Instagram: Amarena Productions

Contact : Amarena Productions Team

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Miami is an amazing location to get married in. With its beautiful setting complementing your perfect day, making sure you remember it is essential. This means that your wedding photographer is one of the most important vendors you will contact for your wedding.

The right photographer will help you navigate your special day making sure you have no awkwardness in front of the camera whatsoever. Beyond that, making sure you choose the right person to capture your wedding on camera means finding someone whose style gels with yours. This list should help you get started as you decide on who the perfect photographer for your big day will be.


Top 5 Wedding Photography Locations in Miami

If you are getting married in Miami, the one thing which you don’t have to be worried about is picking out the place to get your wedding photo session done. For an amazing experience, you need to make sure that everything is planned ahead, and every detail worked out. Whether it is the adjustment of light, choosing the time of day or even dressing up. 

With so many options, your photoshoot location has to be the one which fits perfectly with your perception and vision of an unforgettable experience. Take a look at our list of top 5 wedding photography locations which will help you pick the place that you like the most.


1. Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

Rich in history and arts, this national landmark would be a great option to consider for your upcoming wedding photoshoot. With the breathtaking architectural designs, well maintained gardens and beautiful view of the bay, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens is one place where you are bound to take some extraordinary photographs.

Location Style: Museum, Landmark

Address: 3251 S Miami Avenue, Miami, FL 33129

Social: Vizcaya Museum and Gardens


2. Bayfront Park

Bayfront Park

Another wonderful location to check out for your wedding photoshoot is Bayfront park. Located in the center of downtown Miami, this 32 acre park is a great place to relax, feel the breeze and enjoy the weather while clicking some fantastic photos. Couples can either walk along the sidewalk and be mesmerized by the amazing view of the setting sun or simply bask in the beauty of this location and treasure those romantic moments. 

Location Style: Park

Address: 301 North Biscayne Boulevard Miami, Florida 33132

Social: Bayfront Park


3. Tropical Park

Tropical Park

Tropical park is a massive green space that provides a great opportunity for couples to relax and have a fun wedding photo session with an amazing backdrop. An amazing scenic view will welcome you at any time of the day. Although you can visit at any time of the day, sunset would be an ideal time for a romantic photoshoot. Walk along the sidewalk or stroll by the lake, enjoy the weather and make the most of this wonderful experience.

Location Style: Park

Address: 7900 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

Social: Tropical Park


4. Venetian Causeway

Venetian Causeway offers a mesmerizing view of downtown Miami and it’s northern skyline. Couples can simply take a ride along this causeway and enjoy the fantastic view, while taking some memorable shots on their big day.

Location Style: Causeway

Address:Venetian way, Miami, FL 33139

Social: Venetian Causeway


5. Lummus Park

Stretching across 74 acres, Lummus Park is a well known park in Miami Beach, that is located on the eastern side of Ocean Drive. The park has ample green space with palm trees, sidewalk and beach access. Couples can either choose to pose for some casual photos among the palm trees or capture the sunset on the beach in a romantic setting. Whichever spot you choose, your pics will be phenomenal.

Location Style: Park

Address:1130 Ocean Dr, Miami Beach, FL 33139

Social: Lummus Park


Miami has a number of beautiful locations and each one has great potential to be part of a memorable wedding photo session. Being such an important decision, take your time and plan ahead for even the slightest detail whether it is the time to get the perfect light or getting a perfect hairdo that will complement the location. Make sure that your choice of location is truly reflected in your wedding photographs.

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