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I am a storyteller and I love weddings, Its what I do. The camera is the tool of choice I have chosen to make it a part of my life, to capture the most spontaneous and joyous moments of your lives. From the moment you visit my studio, I will listen to your needs to plan and make sure your day is also my day to timestamp your memories.

My customers become like family, Follow me on Instagram @miamiphotoinc to see my latest additions to my extended family.

My Photography Start:

Stepping into my middle-school darkroom for the first time and seeing a picture come to life before my eyes in my photography course made me fall in love with creating something out of nothing. That very moment was all it took for me to realize that I’d want to work in the photography field for the rest of my life.

And so I did.
When I was 18 years old, already attaining five years of photography experience, I discovered that I wanted to specialize in wedding photography when my older sister asked me to photograph her special day. The sudden thrill, captivating moments and rapid adrenaline that I experienced from trying to get each special detail was something I still feel today when photographing weddings of others. The affectionate glances that emanate from the bride as she takes each step down the aisle, the raw emotion shown in the first look of the groom and the joy expressed in the smiles of those awaiting to see the unity in a marriage of two loving people is what makes me love what I do each day.

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