Laura Fleubry, the owner & professional pastry chef of this bakery, specializes in custom cakes, cake pops, and other desserts. She has been delivering fresh and delicious cakes since 2003 and combines both European and American tastes. With an endless collection of flavors and fillings, she and her team offer all types of cakes, including organic, non-dairy, flour-less, sugar-free, and gluten-free. No matter your cake design or size, these professional bakers and designers can bake a range of cakes to fit your needs.

Address: 6360 Bird Rd Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-667-6150

Profile: Todo Dulces

Facebook: Todo Dulces

Instagram: Todo Dulces

Contact : Laura Fleubry

Carolina Montoya, the baker behind Designer’s Cake, is a professional who believes in combining her architectural background and culinary skills to create unique, edible cakes. With extensive experience in scale model making, Carolina and her team are committed to adding an unseen level of attention to all cakes to ensure perfection. No matter which cake you order, it is sure to fill your wedding venue with colors, warmth, and vibrancy. All cakes are made to order and are always fresh, made with premium-quality ingredients. 

Address: 69 NW 9th St Miami, FL 33136

Phone: 786-351-4276

Profile: Designer’s Cake

Facebook: Designer’s Cake

Instagram: Designer’s Cake

Contact : Carolina Montoya

Edda Martinez, the innovative mind behind this bakery, started baking and decorating custom cakes in 1978 from her family kitchen in Miami. Specializing in baking for special occasions, she and her team have become a household name and tradition in South Florida. Inspired by couples, they are passionate about designing and baking cakes that showcase originality and personal style. Though there are several options for cakes’ flavors, fillings, and frostings, Vanilla Rum cake & artistic designs are their major highlights. 

Address: 4315 SW 72nd Ave Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-666-6999

Profile: Edda's Cake Designs

Facebook: Edda's Cake Designs

Instagram: Edda's Cake Designs

Contact : Edda Martinez

Founded in 2001, Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes is a popular, family-owned custom bakery based in Miami. Owned and operated by Iliana Lombardero, they have been delivering the most creative and delectable custom cakes to all occasions for the last two decades. Their goal is to provide all couples with a satisfying and enjoyable experience by ensuring high-quality. To ensure freshness and rich flavor, they make all cakes from scratch using the finest and freshest ingredients. Cake tasting consultations can accommodate up to two people and can be booked online or over the phone.

Address: 2776 SW 137 Avenue Miami, Florida 33175

Phone: 305-554-4446

Profile: Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes

Facebook: Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes

Instagram: Divine Delicacies Custom Cakes

Contact : Iliana Lombardero

Ana Carmen Paz has been serving up premium specialty cakes for couples since 1978. From classic to luxe wedding cakes, they have a wide range of options to suit every style and taste. Best known for their signature vanilla rum cakes across South Florida, all these cakes come with infusions such as lemon, almond, and hazelnut. As they bake cakes per order, you can expect to sample only the aforementioned flavors during the tasting consultation.

Address: 1460 NW 107th Ave Ste D Miami, FL 33172

Phone: 305-471-5850

Profile: Ana Paz Cakes

Facebook: Ana Paz Cakes

Instagram: Ana Paz Cakes

Contact : Ana

As a trusted cake store in Miami, Selva’s Cake Designers is run by a team of professional bakers specializing in adding charm to your special celebrations with decadent customized cakes. They have become a go-to bakery in South Florida by offering customized cakes to couples that present their personal styles. With a wide range of specialty and scrumptious cakes, you can reach out to the team at any time to place an order for a custom cake covered with real sculpted fondant and buttercream.

Address: 13770 SW 84th St Miami, FL 33183

Phone: 305-752-0000

Profile: Selva's Cake Designers

Facebook: Selva's Cake Designers

Instagram: Selva's Cake Designers

Contact : Eugenio Perez

Specializing in baking unique and modern cakes, Elegant Temptations is a leading custom bakery. The team talks to couples in-person to discuss their wedding themes and color schemes to create unique cakes. They have hundreds of unique cake designs and more than a dozen cake flavors, giving you a range of options to pick your dream cake. Their wedding cake designers can design perfectly matching cakes, complementing your unique style and decor. 

Address: 10840 NW 138th St Unit 2 Hialeah Gardens, FL 33018

Phone: 305-556-6111

Profile: Elegant Temptations

Facebook: Elegant Temptations

Instagram: Elegant Temptations

Contact : Rosie Cunill

The Cake Lounge is a famous bakery in Miami. It is a place where your wedding cake dreams turn into edible art. They are like cake artists, making delicious masterpieces for your big day. If you want your wedding cake to taste incredible and look like a fairy tale, Cake Lounge Miami makes that happen. They listen to what you want and create a cake that’s uniquely yours. So when you cut a slice, it is like cutting into a moment you will always remember. Just like your love story, a wedding cake crafted by the Cake Lounge is super special. They do their best to fulfill all your requirements and make your cake wishes come true.

Address: 1245 SW 22nd St Miami, FL 33145

Phone: 305-285-1047

Facebook: Cake Lounge Miami

Instagram: Cake Lounge Miami

Contact : Alejandra Carnot

T’antay Miami Cakes is a top-notch custom bakery in Miami. This unique boutique specializes in crafting modern and one-of-a-kind cakes, setting them apart with their personalized approach. Their cake designer, Ingrid Herrera sits down with couples face-to-face, diving into wedding themes and color palettes to make cakes that reflect couples’ individuality. With a treasure trove of multiple cake designs and a delightful selection of cake flavors, T’antay Miami Cakes have endless options. Their wedding cake designer, Ingrid Herrera excels at baking cakes that add a touch of elegance to your unique style and setting.  Overall, T’antay Miami Cakes brings a unique flavor of individuality and artistry to your wedding, making it truly stand out.

Address: Coral Gables, Miami, FL 33134

Phone: 786-710-1963

Facebook: T’antay Miami Cakes

Instagram: T’antay Miami Cakes

Contact : Ingrid

Cake Lush in Miami is a go-to destination for tempting and flavorful wedding cakes. Their founder Jessica Estopinan and her dedicated team bring your wedding cake dreams to life with their exquisite craft. Known for adding a touch of magic to your celebrations, Cake Lush specializes in creating custom cakes that perfectly match your style. Furthermore, with several flavors and designs to choose from, they turn your unique vision into reality. From real fondant masterpieces to buttercream wonders, Cake Lush ensures your wedding cake stands out as a stunning centerpiece. Overall, they are passionate about creating edible art, and Jessica and her team pour their hearts into making your big day even sweeter and more memorable.

Address: NW 11th Ave & NW 28th St Miami, FL 33127

Phone: 786-774-8853

Facebook: Cake Lush

Instagram: Cake Lush

Contact : Jessica

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There are probably hundreds of wedding cake bakers in Miami, and finding the right one is a tough job. Now that you’ve been introduced to the top 10 cake bakers in Miami, we hope you will find a perfect match for your big day. Consider browsing the list, reach out to these bakers, and choose any of them.

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