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Light Sky Photography

Price Range $1500.00 - $4150


We’re alternative Portraiture & Wedding Photographers based in South Florida.
We love to tell stories and create beautiful and natural photographs.
Friendly, honest and positive, with a passion for photography,
We like meeting new friends and telling their stories of life through our photographs.

Vendor Profile - Erika Arango

Erika Arango


We deliver the photos through an online gallery and you have the option to print!
We only require a 500.00 dollar non refundable deposit to lock the date, if anything happens! you do have a credit available towards a session.
Depending on the size but normally its two photographers
We love documentary photography, super candid and we catch it all, the laughter, the tears, you name it. You have to trust our process and let us do our thing :)
We like to shoot moody and while we don't do skin smoothing because we think everyone is perfect the way they are, we will remove any blemishes that don't belong that day :)


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