Kitanim Floral Design & Events is one of the leading florists in the greater Miami metropolitan area, best known for their flowers for wedding celebrations in the local area. The recipient of a wide catalog of awards and accolades from major media outlets and wedding publications from across the country, this florist offers full-service floral design for weddings of all shapes and sizes, checking any and all items off of the client’s wish lists in order to satisfy any requests. Kitanim Floral Design & Events is a guaranteed source of freshly picked, aromatic flowers in the form of bouquets, centerpieces, installations, and anything else a client could dream up.

Address: 3197 Commodore Plaza, Miami, FL 33133

Phone: 786-879-7341

Facebook: Kitanim Floral Design & Events

Instagram: Kitanim Floral Design & Events

Contact : Meredith Clarin

With the services of Avant Gardens, couples planning their Miami-based weddings will receive some of the most gorgeous floral art on the market. At this florist, their team is committed to impressing and awing your guests with their designs. They will go above and beyond to meet the needs of their clients and then surpass them. No matter whether the floral arrangements come in the form of bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and corsages, or anything else, the team at Avant Gardens can accomplish it and so much more.

Address: 7220 Bird Rd, Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-554-4300

Facebook: Avant Gardens

Instagram: Avant Gardens

Contact : Rick Interian

The Bride Candy is a flower shop based out of Miami, providing bespoke floral designs for wedding ceremonies and receptions around the local area and beyond. This florist is the brainchild of professional floral artist Christopher Plaza, who has received a vast array of awards and honors from a bevy of prestigious media outlets and wedding publications. With a reputation that precedes him, Christopher and his team can assemble floral arrangements in a wide variety of styles, including romantic and lush, verdant and green, boho and chic, red and passionate, and endless other options.

Address: 742 NE 90th St UNIT 402, Miami, FL 33138

Phone: 305-570-7797

Facebook: The Bride Candy

Instagram: The Bride Candy

Contact : Christopher Plaza

Nothing can rival the incredible artistry of the floral arrangements on offer with DVINE Creations, a Miami-based floral boutique. The process of booking the services at this florist makes it easy for clients, making this one of Miami’s premier florists. DVINE Creations can facilitate the means of displaying and assembling bouquets, centerpieces, installations, ceremony and reception flowers, and a variety of other offerings, all in the service of adding a little zing, pop, and sparkle to any upcoming party.

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 305-209-8161

Facebook: DVINE Creations

Instagram: DVINE Creations

Contact : Judy

Vivian Colls Events is a production firm specializing in floral planning, design, and styling for weddings or other events. The team strives to make couples’ wedding dreams come true by guiding them adequately for their precise needs. Vivian follows multiple floral designing styles, including organic, romantic, loose, clean line, sophisticated, and elegant. You can pick any that meets your style or taste. If you want to know more about their wedding flowers and planning, contact the team via their website.

Address: 7174 SW 47 Street Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-772-6252

Profile: Vivian Colls Events

Facebook: Vivian Colls Events

Instagram: Vivian Colls Events

Contact : Vivian Colls

If you want striking floral arrangements for your wedding, Pistils & Petals is the place to go. They are best-known for offering exotic imported flowers and unique arrangements for weddings and other special occasions. The entire team is experienced and has been offering professional & innovative floral designs since 1997. They are proud to serve all couples with their custom-tailored, signature designs and arrangements in and around Miami. Browse their portfolio and to know more. 

Address: 1060 Alton Rd Miami Beach, FL 33139

Phone: 305-534-5001

Profile: Pistils & Petals

Instagram: Pistils & Petals

Contact : Alexis Kuchenbecker

Rose Coloured Floral is one of the most sought-after floral studios in the greater Miami metropolitan area, a perfect resource for local couples planning their upcoming nuptials. This florist is a go-to florist for arrangements that evoke the beauty of nature through creative texturing and styling in the form of bouquets, arrangements, and installations for weddings. They also offer a storefront in Miami’s Little River neighborhood, and the shop is well stocked with some of the most fragrant, fresh flowers on the market of all kinds.

Address: 7338 NW Miami Ct, Miami, FL 33150

Phone: 786-505-1608

Facebook: Rose Coloured Floral

Instagram: Rose Coloured Floral

Contact : Sara Darling

Petal Productions is the work of a team of artists and designers who collaborate with one another to provide clients with some of the most gorgeous floral arrangements to be found in and around Miami. For wedding festivities in the local area, this florist can put together bouquets, installations, centerpieces, and any other kind of arrangement with an elegance and charm rarely seen outside of a movie or a TV show. Given the quality of their service and their guaranteed customer satisfaction, Petal Productions is an ideal choice for a Miami-based boutique floral studio. They boast a team that genuinely cares about the love and romance that the happy couple shares with one another.

Address: 1515 NW 22nd St, Miami, FL 33142

Phone: 305-571-5153

Facebook: Petal Productions

Instagram: Petal Productions

Contact : Brittany Peitsmeyer

Very few florists in the greater Miami metropolitan area can match the services on offer with Landys Flowers by Gerardo. Floral items on offer include bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, a variety of centerpieces, ceremony flowers, arch flowers, aisle decor, and more. Consultations can be scheduled easily, during which the florist in charge will work closely with clients to assess any needs and requests for the style and size of the flowers for their upcoming event. For this bespoke approach to wedding flowers, Landys Flowers by Gerardo simply cannot be beaten. 

Address: 2128 Ludlam Rd, Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-262-3003

Facebook: Landys Flowers by Gerardo

Instagram: Landys Flowers by Gerardo

Contact : Gerardo

A Creation By Mario is one of the most prominent floral studios in and around Miami. Offering free consultations in advance of a booking with this boutique florist, this florist defines themselves by their willingness to work with clients of all walks of life in order to establish a vision and aesthetic for the wedding day that is in line with the artistic sensibilities and personal preferences of the happy couple. This means that the bouquets, centerpieces, installations, and arrangements created by the florist at A Creation By Mario will be fully individualized and customized, and the process will be bespoke from beginning to end.

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 786-563-6887

Facebook: A Creation By Mario

Instagram: A Creation By Mario

Contact : Mario Rodriguez

Look no further than Flowers by Pouparina for some of the greatest floral services on the market and available for purchase, a great choice for upcoming wedding celebrations in the greater Miami metropolitan area. This florist has tackled weddings in a vast array of styles, including boho-chic, lush and romantic, green and natural, minimalist and sleek, contemporary and modern, and so much more. Flowers by Pouparina offers a bundle of wedding packages perfect for clients looking to avoid the ins and outs of the bespoke experience and opt for a pre-assembled array of freshly picked flowers for their wedding.

Address: 7701 W 26th Ave Unit 7, Hialeah, FL 33016

Phone: 305-266-2311

Facebook: Flowers by Pouparina

Instagram: Flowers by Pouparina

Contact : Janella Alfonso

For some of the most incredible floral arrangements across Miami and beyond for wedding parties, LeChat Roses is a boutique floral studio with a whole lot of flair and charm packed into their arrangements. At this florist, the team of floral artists on staff cares about creating a visual story through floral arrangements, a narrative that can be interpreted by the happy couple and by all of the guests in attendance at the wedding. The style at LeChat Roses is defined by its resemblance to lush, ravishing gardens, but more specific styles can be easily accommodated in accordance with the artistic needs and requests of the clients with whom the team works.

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 786-202-0800

Facebook: LeChat Roses

Instagram: LeChat Roses

Contact : Andrea Motolese

All guests in attendance at a Miami-based wedding ceremony and reception will be absolutely floored and amazed by the floral arrangements put together by Natinel Flowers. Floral items available include bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, and flower girl arrangements. They can also handle boutonnieres and corsages, low and high centerpieces, signing table arrangements, cake flowers, and sweetheart table arrangements, and more. Natinel Flowers is the work of owner and operator Nelli Matos, and they also offer additional decor items, including linen rentals, career plates, Chiavari chairs, chuppahs and arches, and so much more.

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 786-346-6504

Facebook: Natinel Flowers

Instagram: Natinel Flowers

Contact : Nelli Matos

Nery’s Flowers is a Miami-based floral studio offering bespoke floral arrangements for wedding celebrations of all shapes and styles. Working with clients from all walks of life, the florists on staff at this business care deeply about approaching clients with flexibility when it comes to the aesthetic design, the services offered, the budget, and the resulting art. Full-service floral design and a la carte florals can both be ordered for upcoming wedding celebrations, meaning that the pricing can be set to whatever the client is hoping for in their wedding planning process.

Address: 4152 SW 70th Ct, Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-458-2653

Facebook: Nery's Flowers

Instagram: Nery's Flowers

Contact : Tati Seijas

Simple Florals is a natural & wild floral artistry studio based in Miami. With years of experience in the industry, they can capture your unique vision and authentic taste with their custom floral arrangements. No matter your style, the team breathes a little bit of magic and life into your creative wedding arrangement ideas to make them a reality. Contact Simple Florals’ professionals today, give them vibe & color ideas, and let the team fulfill your needs.

Address: 7290 NW Seventh Street, Ste 108 Miami, FL 33126

Phone: 786-597-6396

Profile: Simple Florals

Interview: 10 Questions with Simple Florals

Facebook: Simple Florals

Instagram: Simple Florals

Contact : Monica Delgado

Founded in 2018, Ponce Floral Design is a Miami-based floral design business. They offer exclusive and innovative floral design and planning services for weddings or any other celebration. The team is committed to improving your wedding event’s overall look with the essence and fragrance of flowers. Whether it’s a local ceremony or destination wedding, the team takes great pride in their personalized details, exquisite florals, and unique approach to each event.

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 305-216-8797

Profile: Ponce Floral Design

Facebook: Ponce Floral Design

Instagram: Ponce Floral Design

Contact : Edgar Ponce

Ines Naftali Events Design is a one-stop solution for all your floral wedding needs. The team knows how to transform an ordinary space into an exquisite room by bringing couples’ visions to life. They offer appropriate floral and plant services to make your big day a memorable experience. Their professionals work closely with each wedding couple to create personally tailored arrangements within their budget. Make your floral wedding arrangement and coordination fun with experts of Ines Naftali Events Design.

Address: 20344 NE 16th Place, Miami, FL

Phone: 305-788-8945

Profile: Ines Naftali Events Design

Facebook: Ines Naftali Events Design

Instagram: Ines Naftali Events Design

Contact : Ines Naftali

Parrish Designs of Londons is a leading boutique floral company in Miami, Florida, specializing in weddings. Kathryn Parrish has been designing wedding events for years and knows what it takes to create mesmerizing wedding floral designs and table arrangements. The team boasts the knowledge and skills you need for perfect designs. They believe in creating a once-in-a-lifetime experience, starting to finish by supporting your visions and executing your wedding dreams flawlessly. 

Address: 4540 SW 75th Avenue, Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-665-0389

Profile: Parrish Designs of Londons

Facebook: Parrish Designs of Londons

Instagram: Parrish Designs of Londons

Contact : Kathryn Parrish

Based in Miami, Florida, Lucelo Flor provides floral bouquets and decor for all special occasions, like weddings. Monika Galceran is an experienced designer and passionate about making arrangements that make any event feel and look perfect. The entire team is committed to transforming your floral wedding dreams into reality with their exceptional services. Regardless of your taste, they can create rustic, tropical, traditional, and modern styles to meet your desires. The team will also guide you by picking the perfect flowers and designs for your big day to suit your taste.

Address: Miami, FL

Phone: 305-215-8606

Profile: Lucelo Flor

Instagram: Lucelo Flor

Contact : Monika Galceran

Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events makes another excellent pick for floral wedding needs. They have been working to turn the floral fantasies of couples for years. Their years of experience and professionalism help them create unique and meaningful arrangements that capture couples’ visions and exceed their expectations. They use the highest-quality greens and florals, adding style and creativity to each event, no matter the size.

Address: 6520 SW 40th Street Miami, FL 33155

Phone: 305-749-0316

Profile: Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events

Facebook: Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events

Instagram: Trias Flowers, Weddings & Events

Contact : Jennifer Lorenzo

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No other decoration can say ‘wedding’ more than beautiful, fresh flowers. Floral decor can add colors and texture to your wedding venue, making it a highlight of the year. This list of the top 20 wedding florists has the knowledge and expertise to create stunning floral arrangements as per your wedding desires. Browse the list and select any wedding florist who suits your needs the best.

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