Lisa and Alex are a couple of photographers and videographers that are not just clicking away through their camera but are ready to bring your dream wedding to life, with photos to last for generations to come. They have been capturing elopements and weddings in Colorado for the past 5 years with their authentic and down-to-earth personalities. Their goal is to make your entire wedding photography process customized and tailor-fit to your event aesthetic. Over 150 weddings later, the couple has created a space for everyone to celebrate their love no matter their race, religion, disability, orientation, or gender identity.

Address: Denver, CO

Social: Vow of the Wild

Profile: Vow of the Wild

Contact : Lisa

Capture the magic of your wedding with Justyna and her excellent photography skills. Your wedding will have little experiences that will last a lifetime, why not make it just as magical as your love story? As a professional photographer and filmmaker specializing in elopement and intimate weddings, Justyna is ready to travel worldwide to tell your love story. Her raw and authentic style of photography takes you beyond the typical wedding photos. Looking back at your wedding, photography should take you on an adventure and allow you to experience it all over again – and that’s just what you will get with Justyna.

Address: 2501 15th St, Denver, CO 80211

Phone: (720) 219-0912

Social: Justyna E Butler Photography

Profile: Justyna E Butler Photography

Contact : Justyna

Laugh, enjoy and maybe shed a tear on your wedding day, all while Jill and her team of brilliant photographers capture every moment to perfection. She’s ready to take on the stress of your wedding as you enjoy your day as she photographs every little moment. Have the most joyous moments on your wedding day as she documents and celebrates your life with timeless and meaningful photography.

Address: Denver, CO

Phone: (321) 474-7530

Social: Jill Houser

Profile: Jill Houser

Contact : Jill Houser

Known as a leading wedding photographer, Kate Merrill specializes in capturing creative, modern, artistic, and RAD couples. Since 2014, she has been covering weddings with genuine compassion, understanding, and authenticity. Her goal is to click raw images that are true to the unique personality of a particular couple. She prefers a natural photography style and never recommends her couples to fake a smile or kiss. With over 300 weddings on her list, Kate is the best at delivering authentic wedding pictures that you can adore for generations.

Address: 1600 Welton St. 7th Floor Denver CO 80202

Phone: (720) 464-9434

Social: Kate Merrill Photography

Profile: Kate Merrill Photography

Contact : Kate Merrill

If you’ve always loved spontaneous photographs of the most intimate moments, Rachel is your go-to wedding photographer. Serving sophisticated couples all over Denver, her professional photography skills transform any wedding into an elegant storybook. Her attention to detail and photo editing make her one of the Denver area’s best photographers. Immortalizing our memories through photography has been her dream job for years, making her skills worthwhile on your special day.

Address: 2501 15th St #1b, Denver, CO 80211

Phone: (303) 345-3063

Social: Rachel Schrepel Wedding Photographer

Profile: Rachel Schrepel Wedding Photographer

Contact : Justyna

Create timeless memories with Shea and her excellent photography skills. If you’re an adventurous couple ready to savor every little moment on your wedding day, she’s the one to pick! Her professional and fun-loving personality will capture even the perfect pose and moment between two people in love. Her experience as a wedding photographer will make your day stress-free and as organized as possible. Photographing weddings have been a unique experience for Shea to provide the most authentic moments to tell your love story through her images.

Address: 6715 E Union Ave, Denver, CO 80237

Phone: (712) 259-5130

Social: Shea McGrath Photography

Profile: Shea McGrath Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Shea McGrath Photography

Contact : Shea McGrath

Never miss a single moment on your wedding day with Amanda and her talented photography team. Her goal as a wedding photographer is to be a fly on the wall, capturing as many beautiful moments as she can without missing a beat. As you look back on your photos, she wants you to be able to relive each of your favorite moments. From getting dressed to the reception dance, she will make sure to capture all the laughs and tears along the way.

Address: 400 S Lafayette St, Denver, CO 80209

Phone: (719) 371-3380

Social: Pure Lee Photography

Profile: Pure Lee Photography

Contact : Amanda

Weddings have a way of being chaotic and stressful. Make your big day worry-free and leave all your stress behind with Justin and his talented team of professional photographers. His approach to weddings will allow you to relax about your wedding day coverage with the smallest details taken care of. You’ve spent years dreaming about this day, making the most out of your photography sessions will leave behind the most joyous memories. Be fully present on your wedding day, and cherish your photos for a lifetime with Justin. His skills as a photographer will let you feel confident and worry-free in front of the camera.

Address: 1590 Wynkoop St #423, Denver, CO 80202

Phone: (720) 971-5767

Social: Justin Edmonds Photography

Profile: Justin Edmonds Photography

Contact : justin

As a wedding photographer since 2016, D specializes in working with the LGBTQIA+ community and providing visibility to every kind of couple on their wedding day. River and Root Photography was founded in 2017 with a focus on documenting genuine moments of love and compassion to deliver the most authentic images that will be forever cherished for years to come. Their goal is to tell your love story that deserves to be seen and heard through timeless images.

Address: 1280 Sherman St Unit #200, Denver, CO 80203

Phone: (303) 505-6963

Social: River and Root Photography

Profile: River and Root Photography

Contact : D

A team of professional wedding photographers who have over a decade of experience capturing natural emotions and candid moments during important milestones like a couple’s wedding. With unique styles and warm approachable personalities, everyone in the team makes clients feel comfortable in front of the camera so that every session is fun and memorable.

Photography Style: Natural, Candid, Vintage, Classic

Years of Experience: 11+ years

Location: Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80204

Contact: 303-579-5315

Facebook: Two One Photography

Profile: Two One Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Two One Photography

Contact : Two One Photography

Embark on your wedding journey with Meg and Kevin’s ethereal photography skills. The duo is Colorado’s favorite elopement photographers that are ready to embark on your love story the way you want it to be told. Make your wedding day significant and memorable for a lifetime with the duo’s artistic camera skills. As a photography team, their goal is to echo your sacred moments on your wedding day through their eyes for images that will look ethereal for a lifetime.

Address: 1610 Little Raven St, Denver, CO 80202

Social: Run Wild With Me Elopement Photographers

Profile: Run Wild With Me Elopement Photographers

Contact : Kevin

As a fine art wedding photographer based in Denver, Leah has been documenting couples over the past 10+ years with her passion for portrait photography. Her calm, hands-on, and relaxed demeanor will keep your wedding day smooth and perfect as possible for photos to last a lifetime. Her obsession with weddings begins with its intimacy and the celebration of a couple’s love story. She strongly believes it’s your day to live out with your partner and it should be treated as such a special time in your life. Her technical photography skills will highlight your best features with genuine movements and poses.

Address: 1454 N Williams St, Denver, CO 80218

Phone: 720-314-8538

Social: Leah Goetzel Photography

Profile: Leah Goetzel Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Leah Goetzel Photography

Contact : Leah

As a wedding photographer with over 12 years of experience, April has been trusted by hundreds of happy couples to commemorate their celebrations. With all the excitement happening on your wedding day, your love story should be a piece of art to cherish to display and showcase. If you’re stressing about finding the right photographer to handle all of your beautiful moments together, her approach will leave you relaxed and fully present as she captures it all with breath-taking images. As one of the hardest working photographers you’ll meet, her dynamic skills will express your amazing love story through her lens.

Address: 823 Knox Ct, Denver, CO 80204

Phone: (720) 771-7314

Social: April O Hare Photography

Profile: April O Hare Photography

Contact : April

Jermaine and Aly, of J Amado Photography, provide on-location services for your special day. Established in 2008, reviews rate them as among the best photographers in the Denver area. They will find the perfect shot and location for your wedding day photos to be memorable. The duo is well-organized to make your sessions seamless to deliver photos that go above and beyond your expectations.

Address: Denver, CO

Phone: (720) 381-8077

Social: J Amado Photography

Profile: J Amado Photography

Contact : Jermaine

Incorporating the god-given talent and inspiring personality, Steve strives to click natural and candid shots. The 12 years of experience enables him to capture candid photos that can bring tears to your eyes. He uses unique angles, lighting, and striking composition to create one-of-a-kind wedding photographs. They offer a range of wedding packages with 8 to 10 hours of coverage, delivering 400 to 600 pictures in the end. Overall, the unobstructive nature and unique photography style set them apart. 

Address: Denver, CO

Phone: (303) 532-7100

Social: Steve Stanton Photography

Profile: Steve Stanton Photography

Contact : Steve Stanton

Specializing in weddings and adventure elopements, Kate has been capturing weddings for almost 5 years. She follows a documentary style to capture all real-life and in-between moments. You can expect around 50 to 100 high-resolution pictures per hour. Though they offer a range of wedding packages, their basic package delivers 6 hours of coverage, including a second photographer, custom wedding timeline, high-resolution pictures, access to digital files, and more.

Address: Denver, CO

Phone: (303) 903-7219

Social: Kate Ivy Photography

Profile: Kate Ivy Photography

Contact : Kate Ivy

With a passion for photography and capturing lifestyles and special events, Jason is a professional wedding photographer who focuses on unique non-traditional styles that beautifully frame the raw emotions and interactions between loved ones. His relaxed personality and all-inclusive approach give couples from every background an experienced photographer who will make their experience fun and memorable.

Photography Style: Dramatic, Editorial, Artistic, Natural, Candid

Years of Experience: 12 years

Location: 620 Emerson St, Denver, CO 80218

Contact: 720-254-8228

Social: The Photogenic Lab

Profile: The Photogenic Lab

Contact : The Photogenic Lab

Frances is a professional wedding photographer who is constantly looking to finetune her craft to match different personalities and styles. Taking the time to give couples one on one attention while also blending into the background for natural candid shots is what makes her one of the most popular photographers in the Denver area. Her years of experience and warm approachable personality ensure everyone feels comfortable in front of the camera, so they can concentrate on enjoying themselves instead of wasting time on awkward poses.

Photography Style: Classic, Candid, Natural, Dramatic, Artistic

Years of Experience: 15+ years

Location: 1550 N. Downing St. Denver, CO 80218

Contact: 303-424-3800

Facebook: Frances Photography

Profile: Frances Photography

Contact : Frances Photography

A fun and active person who loves to capture the best of every situation, Ashley is a professional wedding photographer who enjoys being a part of special moments in time and major milestones like a couples wedding day. Taking creative style cues from her extensive travels, her photography beautifully tells a story through expressions, colors, and perfectly framed subjects.

Photography Style: Natural, Candid, Artistic, Editorial, Dramatic

Years of Experience: 10+ years

Location: 1350 Sherman St, Denver, CO 80203

Contact: 303-915-1226

Social: Ashley Kidder Photography

Profile: Ashley Kidder Photography

Contact : Ashley Kidder Photography

A passionate wedding photographer who is always looking to tell a story through his camera lens, Tony is a true creative professional with a versatile style that perfectly suits every personality. With two decades of experience refining his skills and knowing how to make everyone feel comfortable in front of the camera, couples can rest assured they will have their special day beautifully captured as a wonderful memento of the day they said, “I do”.

Photography Style: Natural, Candid, Vintage, Dramatic, Photojournalistic

Years of Experience: 20 years

Location: 715 Galapago St, Denver, Colorado 80204

Contact: 303-520-9111

Facebook: Tony Gallagher Photography

Profile: Tony Gallagher Photography

Contact : Tony Gallagher Photography

A team of creative professionals who are passionate about their craft, Elevate Photography is one of the most popular names in the Denver area for the style and experience it delivers. With over 50 years of collective experience, each team member knows just how important it is to capture memorable wedding moments and compile them into a beautiful visual story that can be cherished forever.

Photography Style: Photojournalistic, Natural, Candid, Editorial, Dramatic

Years of Experience: 19 years

Location: 3601 S Huron St, Englewood, CO 80110

Contact: 303-744-6700

Facebook: Elevate Photography

Profile: Elevate Photography

Contact : Elevate Photography

Capturing special moments and intimate interactions between loved ones in visually dazzling photos are what makes Jenna a popular wedding photographer for couples of all personalities and styles. Always looking for new ways to capture moments and details of events, her artistic eye is always on the lookout for unique ways to frame subjects in a natural candid way.

Photography Style: Dramatic, Natural, Vintage, Editorial

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Location: 1080 Sherman St, Denver, CO 80203

Contact: 303-819-1408

Facebook: Jenna Noelle Photography

Profile: Jenna Noelle Photography

Contact : Jenna Noelle Photography

Featured on multiple publications and known for capturing incredible moments between loved ones, Sarah is a professional wedding photographer who loves to feature incredible views along with natural raw emotions as they happen. Wanting to tell a story through her photography, she loves to experience and photograph the beauty in all the perfect and imperfect in the world.

Photography Style: Natural, Candid, Dramatic, Editorial, Photojournalistic

Years of Experience: 8+ years

Location: 217 S Ridge Street, Breckenridge CO 80424

Contact: 303-905-9740

Facebook: Sarah Roshan Photography

Profile: Sarah Roshan Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Sarah Roshan Photography

Contact : Sarah Roshan Photography

Laura DeBruin, the photographer behind LD Photography, understands the importance of your big day. She works with each of her clients to ensure that they will be comfortable in front of the camera.

She knows that each client’s needs are varied, and consults with them to ensure that their experience with her meets their expectations and vision, and is tailored to their budget. Each of her packages includes a pre-wedding consultation, and she is also available for engagement shoots as well as wedding photography.

Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism, Natural, Traditional

Pricing: Starts at $1850

Address: 3032 Fulton St, Denver, CO 80238

Phone: (303) 618-9767

Social: LD Photography

Contact : Laura DeBruin

Soleil, the lead photographer, opted for photography solely in 2015, and since then, she has covered hundreds of weddings. She uses an unposed method to make everyone feel relaxed in front of the camera to click vibrant and candid shots. She visits her couples multiple times before the actual wedding day to discuss things and create a photography timeline. To ensure things go smoothly, Soleil arrives at the venue with her artists around 30 minutes before the scheduled time. Moreover, she edits the full gallery in-house and delivers the final results within 6 to 8 weeks after the main day.

Address: Denver, CO 80219

Phone: (720) 849-9138

Social: Swing Photo Colorado

Contact : Soleil

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The responsibility of stylish and professional wedding photos is given to the photographer and finding the best one for your special day is as important as anything else. Take the time to look through portfolios and get to know the person behind the camera before signing them up for your big day.


Top 5 Wedding Photography LOCATIONS in Denver

Denver has several great locations that will be perfect for getting your wedding photo session. You should choose the area you think will perfectly define your personality and portray your love and relationship in the most personal way. We have compiled the top 5 wedding photography locations in Denver so you can easily choose your favorite.


1. Civic Center Park

Civic Center Park

Looking for a location that has a spectacular backdrop? Denver’s Civic Center Park is a 12-acre oasis with a grand architectural structure in the background, making the location picture perfect. It features flowers, fountains, and a stunning amphitheater, making it the perfect spot for your wedding photographs.

Location Style: Park, National Historic Landmark

Address: 1410 Grant Street, Suite C205, Denver, CO 80203

Social: Civic Center Park


2. Denver Botanic Garden

Denver Botanic Garden

Denver Botanic Garden allows you to document your beautiful memories while also capturing the stunning beauty of your surroundings. This 24-acre location features several gardens that you can choose from, as well as hundreds of flowers and birds. The Water Gardens, in particular, are a gorgeous location, featuring a system of pools and many aquatic plants.

Location Style: Botanical Garden

Address: 1007 York St. Denver, CO 80206

Social: Denver Botanic Garden


3. Inspiration Point Park

Inspiration Point Park

Located in northwest Denver, Inspiration Point Park is a picturesque location in Denver. As its name suggests, the park provides an amazing view of the city and features several gorgeous plants and flowers, which can serve as the perfect background for your wedding photographs. Choose this location, and rest assured that your wedding photographs will be nothing short of art.

Location Style: Park

Address: 4901 Sheridan Blvd, Denver, CO 80212

Social: Inspiration Point Park


4. Ruby Hill Park

Ruby Hill Park

Ruby Hill Park is located on top of a hill in the southern part of Denver. It offers fantastic views of the Denver skyline, as well as flower beds, sculptures, a pavilion, and more, all of which make it an excellent spot for wedding photographs. This location not only affords you great backdrops for your pictures, it is also highly peaceful and relaxing, making it a great place if you’re looking for amazing photographs.

Location Style: Park

Address: 1501 W. Jewell Denver, CO, 80223

Social: Ruby Hill Park


5. Sloan’s Lake Park

Sloan’s Lake Park

At 177-acres, Sloan’s Lake Park is the largest lake and the second largest park in Denver. It is undoubtedly one of Denver’s most favorite locations, which gives you a stunning view of the Rocky Mountains and the Denver skyline. These breathtaking views of the city and river make it the perfect spot for your wedding photographs.

Location Style: Lake, Park

Address: 1700 Sheridan Boulevard, Denver, CO 80214

Social: Sloan’s Lake Park


Your wedding photographs will help you remind you of your big day and bring back a flood of memories that you will cherish for the rest of your lives. The right photography location will help add to the beauty of your big day, ensuring that you will never forget your wedding day. All of these locations are perfect for couples looking for a wedding photography location – all you need to do is choose the one that speaks to you the most!

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