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Mark Creery Photography tells your engagement and wedding day story by showcasing your true personalities while still highlighting the Colorado scenery that you love. My style is a more natural and laid-back journalistic approach, which allows you to relax and be yourselves. I love working with fun-loving, outdoorsy couples who aren’t afraid to let loose. I am truly passionate about creating the best possible client experience from beginning to end. Weddings and engagements are all I focus my energy on full-time, so you can rest easy knowing I will do everything I can to make my contribution to your wedding a memorable one.

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Mark Creery


Yes and Yes. With each package, you get the digital images in high-resolution JPEG format that are fully-edited to look their best (including blemish removal if needed). There is no watermark and you can share them with friends and family as you like. I give you a print release so you can print them anywhere you choose. You can also order professional prints through your online gallery which are guaranteed to look beautiful.
You will generally receive your pictures within six weeks, depending on how busy my workload is or vacations, but it’s usually earlier. I post some soon after the wedding on my business Facebook page and Instagram so you have something to stare at and share while you wait patiently. You will also get an online gallery to easily share your photos and order professional products, such as prints and canvases. While 6 weeks might seem like a long time, your photos are forever so I don't want to rush them!
I have lots of experience in a wide variety of venues in three countries and many cities and towns. Colorado has such a wide variety of venues and many natural locations to choose from. If I haven't shot at your venue(s) before, chances are I have at somewhere similar before (including dark churches). To make sure there are no surprises and to scope out potential photo locations I always try to show up to a new venue early. I do not generally travel for rehearsals for this purpose though. Although it's reassuring to know a photographer has worked at your venue before, I can honestly say that some of my most creative work has happened when I see a place for the first time with a 'fresh' eye.
That's a great question that is a tough one to answer succinctly. I'd say my personality for starters. I am calm and empathetic, with a quick wit, and discreet yet assertive when needed, with a touch of ninja added in. As far as the photography, I offer unique value, like panoramic photos that are multiple photos stitched together. These make amazing art pieces for your walls! To complement those wall prints, I also offer artistic edits that again make one-of-a-kind art pieces. So, along with the custom black-and-whites you get, you can have up to 3 versions of one image. I am also branching out into adding a drone to my repertoire, to allow my creativity to grow. These are just a few things that make me a great value for your investment.
400 to 800 photos is a typical range of photos you get from a wedding photographer, but the number depends on the amount of coverage and if there are two photographers or one. Some photographers only give you what they consider the 'best-of-the-best' (or maybe they didn't get that many good photos), and some provide a lot more candid moments. I strive to tell the best story of the day possible, so I am always looking to capture candid moments. As a result, my average number of delivered wedding photos is close to 150 images per hour of coverage, so an average of 800-1200 photos per wedding. With a second photographer that number goes up by about 50 per hour of coverage. I am not holding back any photos that I think you as the client would enjoy, and you will appreciate that.


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