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In Love and Adventure is a husband and wife photography team that specializes in outdoor adventure elopements. We help couples unapologetically get married how they want to.

Vendor Profile - Kelly Shoul

Kelly Shoul


There are plenty of different variations of the definition of “elopement” floating around right now. Just know that if you’re wanting your wedding day to be 100% focused on your relationship, with less guests, and less “stuff and fluff”, you’re here for the right reasons. If you know your values don’t align with what a traditional wedding day offers, let’s start brainstorming a wedding day you can get behind, because we can make that day happen for you, and deliver the photos you’re dreaming of. ELOPEMENT DEFINITION: A day planned for two people to get married, involving a small number of guests, giving special attention to the commitment the couple is making.
This is a hard question to answer because every couple’s elopement day is completely different. From landscapes to number of guests to number of miles hiked, each elopement varies greatly. We pride ourselves in the final gallery delivery, and rest assured, you will receive more epic photos than you know what to do with! Every single photo will be a banger, and your album will be a perfectly curated work of art that you’ll be able to look back on for life.
Absolutely! We love the idea of bringing those closest to you on your intimate wedding!
We don’t book anything more than 18 months in advance, but if you’re wanting to elope soon, we pack up quick. We once planned an elopement in 3 days, it was our own, read all about it on our blog.
Shoot us an email, or fill out our form on our contract page. We will send you the full pricing guide that goes over all of our elopement packages we offer, that only couples who reach out to us get to view. We will set up a good time to hop on the phone. On the phone we will go over everything you get when you book us (cause it’s a whole lot more than just us taking your picture), our process, get to know each other, and pick out a date for your wedding day (if you don’t already have one picked out of course!). Once we know the date of your wedding day, and the general location of where you want to get married, we will send you a contract and an invoice. We require a 50% of total cost retainer, a firm date, and general location to secure your wedding date on our calendars. The contract and invoice can all be done on your phone, it’s super easy and user friendly!


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