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What I love most about a wedding day is the story—your story. I love the way Mom does up the dress or the way the Best Man helps with cufflinks. I love capturing the first time your future spouse sees you. I love when the flower girl decides the petals are better in her mouth than in the air (this has happened!) I love when Grandma sheds those tears of happiness. I love hearing people’s vows! I love how there is always an awkward and sentimental speech, or when Aunt B has an extra glass of wine and dances barefoot raving about what a great party it is! Beyond that, I really love capturing people at the beginning of their love story.

Vendor Profile - Mira Landry

Mira Landry

Creativity is my specialty, and it's what allows me to tweak my style to match my couples. Between writing novels, knitting sweaters, and mixing new recipes, I love to get my hands dirty and make stuff up! When not photographing couples, I can be found photographing landscapes from mountain tops or enjoying a bike ride and a beer with friends. I'm Canadian, but proud to live in Colorado! My husband and I met in a rather serendipitous, once-in-a-lifetime moment when we both happened to be the only two patrons in a pub one night.


Everywhere! Because I develop packages specifically for you and your wedding details, I include travel costs in the packages prices so there are no added on fees for you to sort through.
I love them! There are downsides, of course. The train of the bride’s dress can get a little dirty before the aisle walk, and the “moment” when the groom sees the bride walking down the aisle won’t be the first time. But I think the benefits outweigh it. One, you get that “moment” all to yourselves (well, and me, but I promise I’ll be quiet). Two, you get all the location shots out of the way so that you can just enjoy your guests after the ceremony. Three, your bridal party will thank you when they can join in for cocktail hour.
This varies greatly depending on how many hours you hire me for. Generally, I’ve found I give about fifty to one hundred photos per hour, but that also varies depending on the activities of the hour.
I always put out a ~6 image sneak peek within 24 hours of the wedding. I prioritize this so that you have something to use for a Thank You card, and to make your exciting social media posts. The full gallery will be available in 6-8 weeks, which is when you'll receive your complimentary wedding album.
I’m not going to pretend to be a fly on the wall. I’m there. I’m going to be taking lots of pictures. It’s hard to ignore me. Therefore I approach the day with professionalism and tact so you feel calm with me around, but also with a large dose fun so you don’t mind me putting the camera in your face as often as I do (trust me, you’ll thank me later). During the actual ceremony, I try to snap all the good shots up front before the vows take place, and then only sneak a few so I’m not distracting during the more sentimental moments. I like to have a plan for the location shots—where we’re going and about how many sets we can do with how many people. That way I can ensure I’m getting as many great shots as possible, and I always leave a bit of room for improvising.​ If you’ve got a big family and you want lots of different family shots, schedule time for that! It’s very important to go over this with your wedding photographer before the day. Don’t spring individual best friend photos at the last minute and expect to stay on schedule.


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