Sacred Lifestyle Rituals is fronted by Rabbi Jessica Marshall described as simply ‘the best’.  She is responsive to your wishes and flexible with the ceremony’s design, making the planning of your wedding easy, exciting, and stress-free.  She will focus on the components that are important to you as a couple and ensure that your guests understand all of the ceremony’s included traditions and aspects.  As an inclusive officiant, Rabbi Marshall will happily devise ceremonies suited to all couples.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Jewish, Interfaith, Spiritual, LGBTQ

Price: Upon Request

Location: Speer Blvd, Denver, CO 80211

Phone: (917) 612-9466

Facebook: Sacred Lifestyle Rituals

Instagram: Sacred Lifestyle Rituals

Contact : Rabbi Jessica Kessler Marshall

Judaism Your Way offers a team of wedding officiants who are all adept at creating personalized wedding celebrations that express your unique love story. By creating customized wedding ceremonies, perfectly suited to you and your partner, you can rest assured that your wedding service will be fine-tuned to your liking.  They are willing to be as traditional or non-traditional as you wish and will deliver Jewish components in your service, which are suited to your faith while ensuring your guests feel part of the unforgettable experience.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Jewish, Interfaith, Spiritual

Price: $1500+

Location: 901 S. Cherry St., Denver, CO 80246

Phone: (303) 320-6185

Facebook: Judaism Your Way

Profile: Judaism Your Way

Contact : Judaism Your Way Team

Colorado Wedding Ceremonies is led by Revs. Chris and Karen Mohr, who will be delighted to officiate your wedding in any venue of your choosing in Colorado.  With their extensive experience, they are willing to offer advice and wedding planning.  Numerous satisfied couples comment on how their values and sense of beliefs were respected in the design of their wedding ceremony and how Chris and Karen were able to put them at ease throughout the process by providing advice on ceremony logistics and last-minute amendments.  Expect true professionals when you work with Colorado Wedding Ceremonies.

Officiant Style: Civil, Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual

Price: $275+

Location: 6226 W Jefferson Ave. Denver, CO 80235

Phone: (303) 279-2152

Facebook: Colorado Wedding Ceremonies

Profile: Colorado Wedding Ceremonies

Contact : Revs. Chris and Karen Mohr

WED for GOOD really does live up to its name.  After expenses, all officiating fees are donated to a worthy charity so you can start your journey into marriage, knowing that you are paying it forward and supporting others with your devotion and love.  Officiant Carl Bloom knows that the ideal ceremony looks different for every couple, and will customize your day to your beliefs, traditions, and wishes.  He will collaborate with you to create a ceremony so that you will be assured to start your wedding off on a positive, celebratory note.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual, LGBTQ

Price: $275+

Location: Denver, CO

Phone: (720) 273-9689

Facebook: WED for GOOD

Profile: WED for GOOD

Contact : Carl Bloom

Dr. Hannah Aragoni is a licensed clinical psychologist who offers heartwarming and intimate wedding officiating services custom-tailored to your sense of spirituality, tradition, and sense of commitment.  She is an excellent resource for pre-marital counseling and is enthusiastic about building strong relationship foundations.  Relationships That Thrive believe in combining Dr. Aragoni’s clinical training with her passion for a special liturgy will ensure your wedding service is perfectly suited for the two of you.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual, LGBTQ

Price: $200+

Location: 1221 S Clarkson St, 302 Denver, CO 80210

Phone: (720) 588-0542

Facebook: Relationships That Thrive

Profile: Relationships That Thrive

Contact : Dr Hannah Aragoni

No two wedding services have ever been the same with Trillium Ceremonies, despite being in the business for over a decade.  Melissa Smith believes in providing uniquely personalized wedding ceremonies for all couples and prides herself on officiating over weddings that bring together two equal members of a relationship.  As an endorsed Humanist Celebrant, she can officiate your ceremony herself, or will devise a ceremony and offer advice on logistics, so that it can be led by a special person in your life.  An initial consultation is free so that you can see if you are the right fit for each other.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Spiritual, LGBTQ

Price: $375+

Location: Lake Song Lane, Denver, Co 80023

Phone: 828-712-6803

Facebook: Trillium Ceremonies

Profile: Trillium Ceremonies

Contact : Melissa Smith

For almost fifty years, ministers Edwin and Marcia Ward have been officiating weddings in Colorado.  One of The Image Maker officiants will discuss every aspect of your preferred wedding service before your wedding.  This is when their work begins by creating a customized, thought-provoking, and cherished wedding ceremony that is perfectly suited to your journey and love.  A unique booklet of your wedding vows, readings, and service will be given as a treasured keepsake.  They can also assist with planning and photography services.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual

Price: $350+

Location: 1216 Forest Street, Denver, CO 80220

Phone: (303) 322-9324

Facebook: The Image Maker

Profile: The Image Maker

Contact : Ed Ward

For over twenty years, Reverend Carrie MaKenna has assisted all couples in getting down the aisle and celebrating in the solemn commitment of marriage.  Being an independent, non-denominational wedding officiant, she specializes in spiritual rather than religious ceremonies and believes that your wedding service should set the tone for your whole wedding day.  Expect Rev. MaKenna to add special touches to your service, which will have your guests all nodding their heads in agreement, smiling, and shedding a happy tear for a genuinely heartwarming and memorable experience.

Officiant Style: Civil, Religious, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual, LGBTQ

Price: $400+

Location: 445 S. Saulsbury St. Studio G Denver, CO 80226

Phone: (720) 933-3813

Facebook: Reverend Carrie MaKenna

Profile: Reverend Carrie MaKenna

Contact : Rev. Carrie MaKenna

Many of our couples are looking towards smaller weddings with only their nearest and dearest present as they say their ‘I Dos’.  Colorado Microweddings, fronted by Iver Marjerison, are the experts at hosting such an event.  Iver himself offers his officiating services and has packages that include all components of hosting an intimate gathering, including planning, working with vendors, and advising on unique venues to create an affordable and stress-free wedding day.  Officiating services include the design of the ceremony and arranging all permits and filing of your license.

Officiant Style: Civil, Non-Religious, Interfaith, Spiritual, LGBTQ

Price: $250+

Location: Denver, CO 80228

Phone: (720) 598-2862

Facebook: Colorado Microweddings

Instagram: Colorado Microweddings

Contact : Iver Marjerison

Tim and Jennifer’s Life-Cycle Celebrant husband and wife team have over a decade of combined wedding officiating experience.  They continue to create meaningful ceremonies that reflect their couples’ traditions and customs and are adept at performing various spiritual rituals from hand-fasting to symbolic unity celebrations.  Tim and Jennifer will work with you to ensure your day is personalized to your liking.  Speak to them about your personal story and about recommendations and advice for bringing your vision to life.

Officiant Style: Non-Religious, Interfaith, LGBTQ

Price: Upon Request

Location: Denver CO 80202

Phone: (303) 921-0640

Facebook: Celebrating Times of Change

Profile: Celebrating Times of Change

Contact : Tim and Jennifer

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Colorado provides some of the most extraordinary and jaw-dropping scenery in the country. The epic landscape deserves an equally inspiring wedding officiant that can create a ceremony where the memories will resonate with you for a lifetime. We trust that each officiant on our list will offer words of wisdom to start you on the right path.

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