If you are looking for a wedding photographer who can capture those timeless memories in the most heartfelt manner, then look no further than this Northern California based photographer. Providing services in Sacramento, Liz Zimbelman is a true professional when it comes to documenting your big day. Her funny and charismatic personality is enough to put the couple at ease in front of the camera. For a memorable wedding photography experience, book an appointment today, and discuss everything in detail.

Address: 1725 10th St. Unit 100 Sacramento, CA 95811

Phone: (707) 290-085

Profile: Liz Zimbelman Photography

Facebook: Liz Zimbelman Photography

Instagram: Liz Zimbelman Photography

Contact : Caffeine

With great artistic finesse and a keen eye for detail, Maddy at Maddy Godt Photography is a super talented and creative wedding photographer. Considered to be a favorite among her clients, her fun and energetic nature help in bringing out your personality and emotions. The stunning photos created by Maddy are nothing short of a nostalgic memory which you would love to relive for many years to come.  Trust Maddy Godt Photography to deliver a collection of pics that will leave you spellbound. Call now to get an appointment for a detailed consultation with Maddy.

Style: Timeless & Rustic

Pricing: $1600+

Address: Sacramento, CA 95835

Profile: Maddy Godt Photography

Facebook: Maddy Godt Photography

Instagram: Maddy Godt Photography

Contact : Maddy Godt

From capturing the bride’s stunning dress, hair, and makeup to the emotions and most intimate moments, Alena Evteeva Photography is one that is not to be missed. Her stunning photos are a true reflection of her creativity, professionalism, and artistic eye for detail. She never fails to capture either the couple’s true personality or the love and bond shared between them. Her efficient and easy manner of photography helps her connect with the couples she works with. This connection means that even the most camera-shy people find themselves feeling utterly comfortable around her.

Address: 1355 Market St, Sacramento, CA 95608

Phone: (916) 397-2304

Profile: Alena Evteeva Photography

Facebook: Alena Evteeva Photography

Instagram: Alena Evteeva Photography

Contact : Alena Evteeva

For an extraordinary wedding photoshoot that includes some stunning pics, Bloom Photography is definitely worth checking out. Highly recommended by her previous clients, Danielle at Bloom Photography will work closely with every couple to ensure a smooth and fun photo session. She will make your special day unforgettable by capturing those magical moments creatively. If you want the most important day of your life to be documented in a heartfelt manner, then Bloom Photography is exactly what you were looking for. Contact for further details.

Address: 1812 J St., Suite 22, Antelope, CA 95811

Phone: (916) 587-5310

Profile: Bloom Photography

Facebook: Bloom Photography

Instagram: Bloom Photography

Contact : Danielle Evans

Considering that your wedding day is a stressful day, it would be a great idea to have a photographer who will help you relax and actually enjoy the photography session. Ashley Nicole is your ideal wedding photographer who will click photos while engaging the couple in random conversation, making the entire experience fun and memorable. She will make sure that the couple does not have to worry about capturing the most intimate and emotional moments. Turn your dream photoshoot into a reality by hiring Ashley Nicole Photography for your big day.

Address: Baffin Bay ct Sacramento, CA,95834

Phone: (916) 579-2676

Profile: Ashley Nicole Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Ashley Nicole Photography

Facebook: Ashley Nicole Photography

Instagram: Ashley Nicole Photography

Contact : Ashley Nicole

Capturing your true emotions in a frame is a skill that Image Society has mastered over the past few years. Owned by Lolita, this Sacramento based team of wedding photographers excels at taking wedding photographs that are a true portrayal of your feelings and emotions on the wedding day. Whether it is a smile exchanged between the couple or the tears of raw emotion that welled up in the bride’s father’s eyes, Image Society will capture every special moment. Make a reservation now, and get a quote for the most suitable wedding package.

Address: 106 L Street Suite 7, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 393-6551

Profile: Image Society

Facebook: Image Society

Instagram: Image Society

Contact : Lolita

The husband and wife dream team behind Weddings by Scott and Dana love finding joy in all things they do, and especially in capturing your unique love story.  The love that these photographers have is obvious in the pictures they are able to capture of the fun, wild moments and the tender, cherished times of your day.  Reviewers are always commenting on their fun-loving attitude and professional, down to business manner.  Expect a turnaround time of less than a month so you won’t have to wait too long to share your special day with the world.

Style: Photojournalism and Natural

Pricing: $4000+

Address: 1108 R St, # 329, Sacramento, CA 95811

Phone: (916) 905-3436

Profile: Weddings by Scott and Dana

Interview: 10 Questions with Weddings by Scott and Dana

Facebook: Weddings by Scott and Dana

Instagram: Weddings by Scott and Dana

Contact : Scott

The husband and wife team at Ivory Blush Photography are known for their professionalism and eye for sophistication and romance. Their goal is to make you feel elegant and at ease in front of the camera for timeless, romantic photography. Kara and Ryan are happy to travel all over California, or abroad, so speak to them about a complimentary photography consultation to get the ball rolling.

Style: Traditional

Pricing: $2500+ (elopements) and $4000+ (weddings)

Address: Sacramento, CA

Phone: (707) 330-8418

Profile: Ivory Blush Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Ivory Blush Photography

Facebook: Ivory Blush Photography

Instagram: Ivory Blush Photography

Contact : Kara and Ryan

With over 15 years of experience in the industry, Shan has carved his name in the field as an expert in being a part of traditional South Asian weddings. With his unique style, he can successfully capture the couple’s emotions and portray the love and bond shared between them through some extraordinary photography. Make an appointment today, and get a quote for your big day.

Address: 2941 W Capitol Ave, West Sacramento, CA 95691

Phone: (800) 540-7945

Profile: Shan Photography

Facebook: Shan Photography

Instagram: Shan Photography

Contact : Shan

Jon and Chelsea Evans make an award-winning wedding photography team to capture beautiful memories from the wedding day. Their storytelling approach helps them capture all raw, romantic, and behind-the-scenes moments from your big day. Both of them talk to or meet couples in-person to understand their dreams and then shoot accordingly to craft memories that they can hold onto forever. They do so by working with brides and grooms throughout the photography process from start to finish.

Address: 106 L Street Suite 2 Sacramento, CA 95818

Phone: (707) 888-1388

Profile: Capture Create Studios

Facebook: Capture Create Studios

Instagram: Capture Create Studios

Contact : Chelsea

With 25+ years of photography experience, Cathlene is committed to capturing beauty in all moments on your wedding day. Her goal is to craft photographs that reflect your love, joy, emotions, and values. Over the last 2 decades, she has refined her skills at documenting all-size weddings. Though there are several wedding packages to choose from, they capture around 60 to 80 photos per hour. From candid & hand-edited pictures to small details & big feelings, they deliver all wedding photos in an online gallery.

Address: Sacramento, CA

Phone: (530) 414-3144

Profile: Azara Images

Facebook: Azara Images

Instagram: Azara Images

Contact : Cathlene

Following a crisp, bright, and joyful style, Kylie is a professional photographer specializing in documenting candid moments at weddings. Since 2011, she has captured the beautiful memories of so many amazing couples. To deliver an unmatched experience, she ensures to keep her photographs fun and natural every time to highlight people’s real personalities. No matter your wedding theme, her priority is to create timeless photos filled with natural light. They have a range of photography packages to fit everyone’s needs by offering personalized services for a satisfactory experience.

Address: Sacramento, CA

Phone: (775) 843-7364

Profile: Kylie Compton Photography

Facebook: Kylie Compton Photography

Instagram: Kylie Compton Photography

Contact : Kylie Compton

Famous for editorial, romantic, and timeless photography, Samantha May has been passionate about art since a young age. She has built a prominent place in the Sacramento market with her exceptional photography work. Whether you’re looking for full-day coverage or a couple of hours coverage, she will be there with her assistance to meet all your needs. You will find a range of packages to fit your budgets, along with custom-tailored ones to fulfill your specific needs.

Address: Sacramento, CA

Phone: (916) 827-0789

Profile: Samantha May Photography

Facebook: Samantha May Photography

Instagram: Samantha May Photography

Contact : Samantha May

Eugene is a famous lifestyle and wedding photographer serving Sacramento and nearby areas for years. He is professional, helpful, and friendly, with a great sense of humor, making you comfortable in front of the lens. His unique photojournalistic style enables him to capture every candid moment to create vibrant, crisp, and beautiful wedding day pictures. Apart from taking stunning photographs, he also provides an exclusive deal on every wedding package to exceed your expectations a little.

Address: Sacramento, CA

Phone: (916) 508-7868

Profile: Lixxim Photography

Facebook: Lixxim Photography

Instagram: Lixxim Photography

Contact : Eugene

Doug Miranda has the winning combination of education and experience.  He has a BA in Professional Photography and, after graduation, he went off to Vegas and photographed over 600 weddings in his first year!  He knows that wedding photos are anything but cookie-cutter, just like the unique couples that he photographs.  Speak to him about your wedding vision and work together for perfect results.

Style: Photojournalism and Creative

Pricing: $2500+

Address: 1017 L St #791, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 422-22256

Profile: Doug Miranda Photography

Facebook: Doug Miranda Photography

Instagram: Doug Miranda Photography

Contact : Doug Miranda

Teresa K Photography has been specializing in wedding photos since 2008 with Teresa as the main photographer and Jon as her second shooter, assistant, and family poser extraordinaire.   This optimistic mamma always finds the fun in every moment and you will see the love and warmth shine through in her pictures.

Style: Modern

Pricing: $3200

Address: 1029 H St #207, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (916) 217-2911

Profile: Teresa K Photography

Facebook: Teresa K Photography

Instagram: Teresa K Photography

Contact : Teresa

Sebastien Bicard has the rare ability to make everyone look relaxed in front of the camera and present like a professional model.  We love his unique ability for storytelling and photographing your wedding day in a documentary style.  With more than 200 weddings to his name, that has taken him all around America, to Europe, and as far as Africa, we are sure that he will woo any couple with his natural and emotive style.

Style: Natural and Photojournalism

Pricing: $3400+

Address: 1924 Alhambra Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: (916) 666-1328

Profile: Sebastien Bicard Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Sebastien Bicard Photography

Facebook: Sebastien Bicard Photography

Instagram: Sebastien Bicard Photography

Contact : Sebastien Bicard

We are just overflowing with love and admiration for the married couple at Dee and Kris Photography.  They have been featured in numerous wedding blogs, magazines and television shows as their individual strengths produce amazing photographic results.  Dee loves to focus on the dramatic and make artistic photographs which take advantage of light and reflection, while Dee concentrations on the romance of your day.  They love to travel so feel free to get in touch regardless of where you decide to get hitched.

Style: Modern and Creative

Pricing: $2800+

Address: 2220 J St, Suite 5, Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: (916) 246-0546

Profile: Dee and Kris Photography

Instagram: Dee and Kris Photography

Contact : Dee

There is a reason that the husband and wife team behind Eye Connoisseur Photography win awards year after year.  Their natural and romantic images are perfectly styled to express the drama and emotion of your wedding day.  These wedding professionals have been in the business for two decades and their passion for photography is evident in every picture that they take.

Style: Photojournalism

Pricing: $3000+

Address: 1200 S St #B, Sacramento, CA 95811

Phone: (916) 444-1222

Profile: Eye Connoisseur Photography

Facebook: Eye Connoisseur Photography

Instagram: Eye Connoisseur Photography

Contact : Andre

Ashley Baumgartner is a renowned photographer and calligrapher that has had her work featured in many national wedding blogs and local wedding magazines.  She takes the responsibility of photographing your wedding day to heart and wants to ensure that you have precious memories that showcase your special day with all of the joy and commitment that you promised each other.

Style: Contemporary

Pricing: $4500+

Address: Sacramento, CA

Profile: Ashley Baumgartner Photography & Calligraphy

Facebook: Ashley Baumgartner Photography & Calligraphy

Instagram: Ashley Baumgartner Photography & Calligraphy

Contact : Ash

Milou and Olin Photography is fronted by Caroline, or Olin to her friends, and named after her beloved Portuguese Water Dog, Milou.  She runs a team of photographers who each have their own unique creative style, so rather than have set packages, they would rather work with you to create a customized package that suits your unique photography needs. They are happy to travel for destination weddings worldwide.

Style: Creative

Pricing: $3200 (Associates) $5800+ (Olin)

Address: 701 12th Street Suite 102, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: (415) 513-5761

Profile: Milou and Olin Photography

Facebook: Milou and Olin Photography

Instagram: Milou and Olin Photography

Contact : Caroline

Wendy is the bubbly redhead (with freckles of course) that has been behind the camera at The Freckled Photographer for over six years.  Despite her lively personality, this woman gets down to business and is one of the most organized you will ever meet, working seamlessly with your wedding day schedule.  She loves to capture the images that her clients expect, and many more candid moments that showcase their personal story.

Style: Creative

Pricing: $2400+

Address: 2114 P Street, Loft Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: (916) 224-4294

Profile: The Freckled Photographer

Facebook: The Freckled Photographer

Instagram: The Freckled Photographer

Contact : Wendy

Hire a popular Sacramento wedding photographer with awards for excellence, five-star ratings, over 1,500 successful weddings, and notable features. The creative professionals at InFocus Love Studio are grateful to capture your beautiful day. Expect classic yet colorful imagery in traditional styles. Your awe-inspiring wedding photos can grace the walls of your home as framed portraits, canvas art, or metal prints. With clear communication and a passion for photography, you will enjoy a fun and stress-free day as the dedicated team helps you plan the entire day. Besides exquisite wedding photography, InFocus Love Studio offers engagement sessions and videography packages so you can have a complete collection of your unique love story.

Address: Carmichael, CA 95608

Phone: 916-573-2626

Facebook: InFocus Love Studio

Instagram: InFocus Love Studio

Contact : Rodger

Fall in love with authentic, creative, and emotional images when you select Alyssa Lynne Photography for your magical moment. This expert Sacramento wedding photographer is ready to assist you by getting to know about your story as a couple. Enjoy an engagement session with Alyssa, so you feel comfortable in front of the camera. Trust years of experience, a degree in photography, and a passion for creativity for your once-in-a-lifetime celebration. She will offer helpful tips and a complete timeline so your wedding day is full of fun and travels globally to celebrate all types of love. Cherish your beautiful wedding album from Alyssa Lynne Photography for the rest of your life.

Address: South Lake Tahoe, CA 96150

Phone: 530-318-8089

Profile: Alyssa Lynne Photography

Facebook: Alyssa Lynne Photography

Instagram: Alyssa Lynne Photography

Contact : Alyssa Poland

Say hello to timeless, true-to-life photography for your big day. When you count on this top Sacramento wedding photographer, you can expect beautiful candid images that look and feel like you. Karissa is the master eye behind Karissa Wright Productions, and she will skip the awkward posing so you can be present in the moment, knowing you have a friend behind the camera who will make you feel comfortable. She will provide you with an all-around seamless experience for the most wonderful day possible. As Karissa guides you through the whole process, from initial consultation to post-wedding pictures, you can rest assured knowing your day will be super fun, and you will receive stunning photos.

Address: 9444 Harbour Point Drive Apt 36 Elk Grove, CA 95758

Phone: 209-247-5083

Profile: Karissa Wright Productions

Facebook: Karissa Wright Productions

Instagram: Karissa Wright Productions

Contact : Karissa Lucca

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It might be a cliché but it is said time and time again for a reason – your wedding day will be one of the happiest, yet fastest, days of your life.  You will want a trusted, professional photographer that will ensure your day is stress-free as you know they will catch every detail and special minute of your momentous day.


Top 5 Wedding Photography Locations in Sacramento

What makes a location great for a wedding photo session? It could either include taking a photo by the lake and witnessing the sunset, having a romantic photoshoot amongst the bursting colors of flowers in the middle of spring or a carefree and fun photoshoot by the beach. Whichever type of photoshoot you dream about having, your wedding photography location must be the one which can truly represent your personality and with which you can form a connection.

Our list of top 5 wedding photography locations in Sacramento, will help you figure out which location is most suitable for your wedding photoshoot.


1. California State Capitol Museum

California State Capitol Museum

Located in Sacramento, California State Capitol Museum is another one of the most frequently visited places in the area. With so many options of creating something spectacular, this location is nothing short of a paradise for the photographers. Being rich in history, you can find many monuments around the area. However, it is the special rose garden that will definitely catch your eye and beckon you to strike a pose there. 

Location Style: Museum, Public garden

Address: 1315 10th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Social: California State Capitol Museum


2. Natomas Rose Garden

Natomas Rose Garden

If you love flowers, then this location is definitely just for you. With an enormous variety of roses, you will be mesmerized by the sheer beauty of this location especially when the flowers are in full bloom. This is exactly what makes Natomas Rose garden, a perfect spot for having your wedding photoshoot. Couples could either plan to have a romantic photo session amid the vibrant colors of roses or have a casual photoshoot while enjoying the visit to this well maintained garden.

Location Style: Rose Garden

Address: 2921 Truxel Road, Sacramento, CA

Social: Natomas Rose Garden


3. McKinley Park Rose Garden

McKinley Park Rose Garden

McKinley rose garden, also known as the Frederick N. Evans Memorial Rose Garden, is one of the oldest rose gardens in Sacramento. This beautiful garden is surely a treat for your eyes, owing to its extraordinary display of more than 1,200 rose bushes. Strike a pose in a spot that is accentuated by the radiant colors of the roses or stand under the rose garden arches, both of which make a perfect backdrop for a spectacular wedding photoshoot. 

Location Style: Park, Rose garden

Address: 3239 H St. Sacramento, CA 95816

Social: McKinley Park Rose Garden


4. Old Sacramento Waterfront

Old Sacramento Waterfront

Located in downtown Sacramento, this 28 acre historic landmark is another great option to consider for your wedding photoshoot. With so many features including the walkway along the River Sacramento, park, museums, historical and entertainment attractions, this place has to offer something for everyone. Whichever spot you choose, rest assured that your photos will turn out to be a piece of art.

Location Style: Recreation spot, Landmark, Historical place 

Address: 1124 2nd St. Sacramento, CA 95814

Social: Old Sacramento Waterfront


5. William Land Park

A true Sacramento gem, William Land Park is one of the most popular places in Sacramento, California. Apart from offering a number of exciting options for having fun and entertainment, William Land Park is a great place to get your wedding photoshoot. With many beautiful spots for making a perfect backdrop, you can strike a pose by the lake, blooming flowers in a rock garden or any other place that you think will be an ideal spot for a great pic.

Location Style: Park, Landmark

Address: 3800 Land Park drive, Sacramento CA

Social: William Land Park


Choose the wedding photography location that provides an ideal setting for  an extraordinary experience. Make a difference to your wedding photographs by choosing a location that will make your ordinary wedding snaps into some beautiful memories which you can cherish for the rest of your lives.

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