Deana and Cael, the husband-and-wife team behind Reel to Reel Video, have a can-do approach and are dedicated to ensuring the best coverage of your big day. They also use the best equipment, so you get only high-quality videos. Their packages are completely customizable based on your needs, and their pricing is dependent on the client-selected options.

Address: PO Box 981211, West Sacramento, CA 95798

Phone: 916- 601-2762

Social: Reel to Real Video

Profile: Reel to Real Video

Contact : Deana

At Max Video Productions, the trio of Max, Andrew, and Dan has joined forces to provide full-service, high-quality productions to their clients, promising wedding videography services in and around the Sacramento metro area filmed with the sleekest equipment and with a trifecta of experience and shared intel. With nods from several prominent wedding magazines, the cinematic style that Max Video Productions employs for their wedding videos is sure to capture the best parts of your romance.

Address: 5098 Foothills Blvd, Ste3-480 Sacramento, CA 95747

Phone: 916-708-7170

Social: Max Video Productions

Profile: Max Video Productions

Contact : Andrew Turner

I Am Moment Productions is a wedding videography company based in Sacramento with over 100 weddings worth of experience. With a portfolio that paints with a broad brush of aesthetics, I Am Moment Productions uses their international expertise to highlight the essential looks and feels of their clients’ weddings and relationships. Quotes are available upon inquiry through their website’s contact form.

Address: Long Beach & Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: 913-300-6317

Social: I Am Moment Productions

Profile: I Am Moment Productions

Contact : Brandon

At Love Genre Films, owner and principal cinematographer Alexandru Cristescu has assembled a team of professionals to shoot, edit, and produce wedding videos for celebrations in and around Sacramento. With ten years of experience under his belt, Alexandru offers a wide range of in-house services, with three packages available as well as a menu of luxury add-ons.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95899

Phone: 916-228-9341

Social: Love Genre Films

Profile: Love Genre Films

Contact : Alex Cristescu

SmartFlight Weddings is a wedding videography company located in Sacramento headed up by Ryan Sbranti. Offering an introductory “White” package, a “Silver” package, and a “Gold” package, the team at SmartFlight Weddings can facilitate an unbelievable slate of options for your ceremony and celebration with a 15-25 minute wedding day film, a ceremony live stream, and up to 10 hours of coverage available.

Address: Sacramento, CA 94203

Phone: 925-584-7513

Social: SmartFlight Weddings

Profile: SmartFlight Weddings

Contact : Ryan Sbranti

Everlasting Motion Pictures is a wedding videography company based in Sacramento, helmed by local couple Dylan & Elise. They have rave reviews from clients, so you can be confident that your big day is in good hands. Their package includes the option of customizable add-ons, and this team is confident that they can handle anything that you might throw at them. Dedicated to exceeding each client’s expectations, with Everlasting Motion Pictures, you can be confident of getting a top-notch video every time.

Address: Sacramento, CA 95816

Phone: 209-696-5653

Social: Everlasting Motion Pictures

Profile: Everlasting Motion Pictures

Contact : Dylan & Elise

The Uncommon Weddings is a wedding videography company based in Sacramento, helmed by self-described “video nerds, wedding lovers, and awkward dancers” Sway Garcia, Kelsey Gregge, and Sean Ayres. Offering flexible packages dependent on the size and scope of your wedding, it’s clear that the team at The Uncommon Weddings treats their clients as individuals with idiosyncratic wants and needs; their testimonials suggest that their clients agree!

Address: 561 Sophia Way, Sacramento, CA 95820

Phone: 760-313-6514

Social: The Uncommon Weddings

Profile: The Uncommon Weddings

Contact : Josue

Emerald Cinema is a wedding videography company located in Sacramento capturing weddings with a cinematic flair, tending to the heightened emotional stakes of this pivotal moment in their clients’ lives. With coverage lasting up to 8 hours, the team at Emerald Cinema guarantees that every little detail will be captured, from the rings to the reception and all else in between in their various packages. With acknowledgments from many of the major wedding publications, Emerald Cinema is sure to make your special day sparkle on film.

Address: 1007 7th Street, Sacramento, CA 95814

Phone: 916-620-7464

Social: Emerald Cinema

Profile: Emerald Cinema

Contact : Jonathan

At Aperina Studios, two brothers merged careers in 2009 to provide wedding videography services to weddings in the greater Sacramento metro area. Using their worldwide travel to inform their style in filming weddings of all cultures, the team at Aperina Studios offers videography and photography packages. This includes their “Cinema Package,” and a variety of add-ons, including “Documentary Edit” and “feature film.”.

Address: 6929 Sunrise Blvd, Citrus Heights, CA 95610

Phone: 916-862-1431

Social: Aperina Studios

Profile: Aperina Studios

Interview: 10 Questions with Aperina Studios

Contact : Vitaliy & Pau

At Jensen Films, owner Michael Jensen brings his over 1,100 weddings worth of experience to bear for his wedding videography services providing specially customized films to couples across Sacramento. With significant accolades such as the International Creative Excellence Awards, Jensen Films lends a deeply creative and craft-oriented approach to wedding videography that is sure to bowl over clients.

Address: 3705 Fawn Creek Court, Antelope, CA 95843

Phone: 916-334-9999

Social: Jensen Films

Profile: Jensen Films

Contact : Mike Jensen

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We hope that you see the value of a wedding film if only to make the joy and excitement of your celebration carry long into the future for your family and friends to appreciate. With a wedding video hand-crafted by an expert who knows you and your loved one and customizes the film to your particular relationship, you’ll have an excuse to keep celebrating your romance long into the future!

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