Adi and Cat Benner from Next Exit Photography represent all of their couples truthfully and honestly. In over two decades, they have shot well over a thousand weddings and still well up with the palpable emotions of a wedding. They are masters at having just the right direction to get the photos you would expect on your wedding day while not being intrusive and still capturing the candid, expressive shots. Their natural way of showcasing their couples focuses on the unreserved emotions of the moment. Expect wedding photographs where the love, affection, and joy almost jump out of the image, so you will be sure to relive your special day again and again.

Style: Contemporary and Photojournalism

Pricing: $3500+

Address: 3216 Greenfield Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Phone: (310) 474-7871

Social: Next Exit Photography

Profile: Next Exit Photography

Contact : Cat Benner

Brian and Allison Callaway, the husband and wife team that make up Callaway Gable, can conjure stunning imagery. Their high-fashion experience is evident in their work, and their ability to put couples at ease in front of the camera comes from their years of being models and actors themselves. They are a top choice for celebrities and have had numerous features in magazines such as People, Us, Destination Weddings, and Inside Weddings. They have even won the National Geographic Photo of the Day. Their gentle guidance and direction will ensure you look your best while their creative eye can create incomparable imagery.

Style: Contemporary and Photojournalism

Pricing: $4700+

Address: 3439 Atwater Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90039

Phone: (323) 394-9997

Social: Callaway Gable

Profile: Callaway Gable

Contact : Allison Callaway

Having shot over a thousand weddings, you can trust that the photographers and videographers behind The I Do Photography know their stuff. This quirky team of fun-loving camera lovers has together taken a whopping 3.5 million wedding photographs and counting. What originally started as one camera and a dream has now become a top-rated LA wedding company. Don’t expect over-posed shots and typical frames; they seek out candid, dynamic photos and incorporate creative angles to obtain stunning, captivating images. These guys are serious pros that always aim to over-deliver.

Style: Cinematic and Traditional

Pricing: Upon Request

Address: 1479 S Bedford St, Los Angeles, CA 90035

Phone: (424) 313-2999

Social: The I Do Photography

Profile: The I Do Photography

Contact : Mark

Los Angeles based wedding photographer Todd Danforth photographs weddings all across Southern California. Unlike many wedding photography hobbyists, Todd earned his BFA in Photography, so he knows his stuff!  His wedding photography has been showcased in MOD Wedding, Equally Wed, Voyage LA, and Martha Stewart Weddings. His fine art approach and documentary style focuses on the intimate and genuine moments of emotion. Todd is a fully inclusive wedding photographer and enjoys incorporating the raw emotion and scenic landscapes of your wedding day into his photographs.

Style: Photojournalism

Pricing: $4600+

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (508) 282-9341

Social: Todd Danforth Photography

Profile: Todd Danforth Photography

Contact : Todd Danforth

Tiffany’s goal is to create timeless images, and that evoke emotion. Upon first meeting Tiffany, you will likely be captivated by her ability to be caring and empathetic. By getting to know her couples, Tiffany is better able to make them feel comfortable in front of the camera and prioritize the moments and portraits that are most important. Fine art wedding photography in natural light is Tiffany’s specialty. Expect genuine authenticity and beautiful images that capture the fleeting emotive glances and intricate details.

Style: Contemporary and Photojournalism

Pricing: $4000+

Address: 430 S Fuller Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone: (424) 272-7053

Social: Tiffany J Photography

Profile: Tiffany J Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Tiffany J Photography

Contact : Tiffany Gentry

Joanne Leung has been a wedding photographer for well over a decade but was originally a portrait photographer. Joanne is a master at capturing the first look and perfectly showing the combination of excitement, anticipation, and admiration in the happy couple’s eyes.

By attentively listening to her couples, Joanne is able to tell stories through her pictures that will bring up the emotions of the day for years to come. She mixes up the traditional wedding poses with spontaneity and laughter to get to the heart of your love.

Style: Traditional and Photojournalism

Pricing: $650+

Address: 10824 Palms Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90034

Phone: (323) 522-4588

Social: Joanne Leung Photography

Profile: Joanne Leung Photography

Contact : Joanne Leung

Tida Svy doesn’t take the responsibility of being entrusted with your wedding photography lightly. She will always ensure that she is prepared and will be an advocate for you getting what you want out of your day. Brides often comment on her professionalism, including developing a timeline of the day to ensure no detail goes amiss, and all are included in your album of memories. Tida is also great at putting her couples at ease in front of the camera so that they can focus on their genuine emotions, and she can capture the raw honesty, love, and fits of giggles.

Style: Creative and Photojournalism

Pricing: $3000+

Address: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Phone: (206) 799-2671

Social: Tida Svy Photography

Profile: Tida Svy Photography

Contact : Tida Svy

Insiyah and Murtaza are the creative husband and wife team that compose MKEshoots Photography. For over five years, they have been providing personalized art collections of wedding photos to their happy couples. They understand the need for flexibility with wedding shoots, so have a strict one wedding per day policy so you can be assured their undivided attention. There are various wedding packages, including hand-made wedding albums and fine-art prints and collections. MKEshoots specializes in editing and can hand color photos for added artistic flair.

Style: Contemporary and Traditional

Pricing: $2,553+

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (818) 836-8662

Social: MKEshoots Photography

Profile: MKEshoots Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with MKEshoots Photography

Contact : Murtaza

The owner of Michael Segal Weddings is an award-winning wedding, lifestyle, and celebrity photographer. He loves the connection that’s shown of clients through his photography. Michael has experience with all types of weddings and loves to capture the love between couples. He has three pricing packages to choose from that are sure to please every bride and groom. The basic wedding package comes with coverage from Michael and a second photographer, an online slideshow, a website for viewing every photograph, and high-quality edited photos on a USB drive.

Style: Photojournalism

Price: Prices Start At $3,500

Address: 2419 25th Street, Santa Monica, CA

Phone:  (310) 729-1134

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Michael Segal Weddings

Interview: 10 Questions with Michael Segal Weddings

Contact : Michael Segal Weddings

Kaitie Brainerd has the ability to make her photos each be a fine work of art. By combining her portraiture and fashion background, she can elevate those special moments to showcase the raw emotions of joy, love, awe, and celebration. Kaitie’s aim is that you are able to enjoy your wedding day and are comfortable in your collaboration so that she can be trusted to take over the artistic elements. With a combination of candid and fine art photographs, you can be assured that every moment of your wedding day will be documented in stunning detail.

Style: Contemporary

Pricing: $2700+

Address: 701 Gramercy Dr APT 424, Los Angeles, CA 90005

Phone: (805) 680-4363

Social: Kaitie Brainerd Photography

Profile: Kaitie Brainerd Photography

Contact : Kaitie Brainerd

Erin Marton has made her love of wedding photography a career since 2017. The best way to describe her photos is simply happy. They allude to the joy of the moment and capture the knowing look of love that you have for each other. They are colorful and full of life. Erin is hands-on about planning the photography timeline for your special day and will come prepared so that you can concentrate on the present while leaving the rest to her. Expect photos that tell your story and showcase the celebration that all of your guests share with you.

Style: Creative and Photojournalism

Pricing: $3000+

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (949) 533-2341

Social: Erin Marton Photography

Profile: Erin Marton Photography

Interview: 10 Questions with Erin Marton Photography

Contact : Erin Marton

The passionate artists representing Jbrostudio continuously strive for higher levels of beauty, creativity, and inspiration. Their photographs set the scene for reminiscing about the fine details of your wedding day, the love, emotion, stunning scenery, and sense of celebration. Vivid memories will flow from your wedding album that represents the love and joy of your special day. Jbrostudio aims to create a storyboard of your day that highlights all of the unique moments, from the small, loving glances to the feelings of excitement and tenderness.

Style: Traditional

Pricing: $2000+

Address: 338 S Western Ave #k, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Phone: (213) 568-3475

Social: Jbrostudio

Profile: Jbrostudio

Contact : Jay

CineStory is an award-winning wedding videography, photography, and planning company based in Los Angeles. They offer a unique and straightforward 12-month payment plan for all of their services, which is an immense help when planning for a wedding. 

CineStory aims to tell your wedding story in a cinematic and dramatic way. They will work with you to bring your vision and style to life through their pictures and video so that the end product is tailored specifically for you. Regardless of how you want the special moments of your big day to be captured, you can trust them to do a stellar job.

Style: Cinematic and Contemporary

Pricing: $2299+

Address: 2631 S Rimpau Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Phone: (323) 348-0042

Social: The Cinestory

Profile: The Cinestory

Contact : Owen & Dan

ColorBlast Weddings is an LA-based wedding photography team led by Amit and Kanchan Gaur. They focus on a photojournalistic style to document every moment of your special day, from the minute details to the grand gestures. Their meticulous planning is evident, and their professionalism shines through in their work. Every wedding package comes with a second shooter, and their photographers guarantee that they only book one wedding a day, so flexibility is never a problem. Destination weddings and blended cultural ceremonies and celebrations are their forte, so speak to them about capturing your love story in print.

Style: Photojournalism

Pricing: $1000+

Address: 432 S Curson Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone: (323) 791-3332

Social: ColorBlast Weddings

Profile: ColorBlast Weddings

Contact : Amit Batra

Haeng-il Nam founded Blue 22 Photography in 2000. Now, over twenty years later, he is still completely captivated by the happiness and joy that his work can capture. He aims to tell your story through his photos. A story that you can look back on fondly for years to come and feel the love overflowing from your pictures. Couples have always found him to be flexible and present from the time they first make contact until receiving their editing wedding photos. His creativity and style shine through in his pictures. You can be assured that all of the traditional shots and important people in your life are frozen in time.

Style: Contemporary and Photojournalism

Pricing: $2150+

Address: 3871W W 6th St, Los Angeles, CA 90020

Phone: (213) 384-0058

Social: Blue 22 Photography

Profile: Blue 22 Photography

Contact : Haeng-il Nam

Kary and Tae are the lead photographers at The Times We Have. Since 2011, they have been professional wedding photographers and now split their time between LA and Baja, Mexico. Combined, they have now shot well over 200 weddings, and their love of travel has taken them to four continents. They aim to capture the real you and the honest and emotive stories by ensuring that you are fully present and comfortable. If you are after dramatically genuine photographs that overflow with love and emotion, then certainly drop Kary and Tae an email.

Style: Contemporary

Pricing: Upon Request

Address: 225 S Olive St, Los Angeles, CA 90012

Phone: (213) 944-5667

Social: The Times We Have

Profile: The Times We Have

Contact : Kary

Eivan’s Photo & Video is an award-winning photography and cinematography studio that places excellent photographers with clients all over the country. Their Los Angeles studio has been in operation for over 30 years and has professional photographers at an affordable price. The team realizes the importance of creating stunning photographs for you to treasure forever. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice quality for an affordable price. Eivan’s Photo & Video has four fantastic pricing packages to choose from that include photography and videography.

Style: Natural, Traditional, Vintage, Film, and Photojournalism

Price: Packages Start At $1,299

Address: Los Angeles, California

Phone:  (708) 263-4349

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Eivan's Photo & Video

Contact : Eivan's Photo & Video

The Photographers at Blushing Bride Photo Video are regarded as some of the best in the Los Angeles area. They have over 20 years of experience in wedding photography. These photographers plan for any unexpected circumstances on your wedding days, such as rain and poor lighting. Clients praise the team at Blushing Bride for their incredible support, professionalism, and ability to make you feel comfortable. The Blushing Bride Photo and Video team also specialize in cinematography and photobooths. This business is a one-stop-shop for all of your photography needs.

Style: Natural, Traditional, and Photojournalism

Price: Prices Start At $1,595

Address: 8484 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 515, Beverly Hills, CA

Phone:  (855) 539-3555

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Blushing Bride Photo Video

Contact : Blushing Bride Photo Video

The team at Michael Anthony Photography wants to help tell your love story through photography. They focus on cinematic styles that showcase movement, lighting, and l. Your wedding day is a monumental occasion. Your images should reflect your natural beauty, who you are, and what you were feeling on your wedding day. The photography team will work with you to choose a style that works best with your wedding vision. Each wedding package comes with 8 hours of wedding coverage, an engagement session, a handcrafted wedding album, and an online gallery of edited images.

Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism, Natural, and Vintage

Price: Prices Start At $2,000

Address: 26007 Huntington Lane, Suite 10 91355 Valencia, Santa Clarita, California

Phone:  (800) 380-1217

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Michael Anthony Photography

Contact : Michael Anthony Photography

Kevin Dinh Photography is a superb choice if you’re searching for a photographer that thinks outside the box to give you stunning images. Kevin Dinh has a bold and creative style that accentuates your natural beauty and personal style. His goal is to capture one-of-a-kind images that showcase your love for each other. Kevin offers affordable pricing packages by keeping his business small. You will always work with Kevin and never be passed off to another photographer. Clients praise Kevin for his professionalism, passion for photography, and confidence.

Style: Photojournalism, Natural, and Contemporary

Price: Contact For A Quote

Address: 22028 Ventura Blvd #201 91364 Woodland Hills, California

Phone:  (818) 300-1476

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Kevin Dinh Photography

Contact : Kevin Dinh Photography

Claire Xu of Claire Xu Photography is an award-winning photographer that specializes in capturing romantic wedding images. She enjoys working in the background to create images that tell a story. You will never be asked for staged photographs with Claire. She has almost 20 years of experience behind the lens. Claire prides herself on her ability to make you feel comfortable, to listen to your wants and needs, and to offer affordable packages with quality images. Claire would be an excellent choice for couples in search of a local or destination photographer.

Style: Contemporary, Photojournalism, and Traditional

Price: Prices Start At $1,800

Address: Los Angeles, Ventura, Santa Barbara, Irvine, Destination

Phone:  (626) 213-4911

Social:  Facebook

Profile: Claire Xu Photography

Contact : Claire Xu Photography

The photographers with Jodari Studio have over 15 years of experience in photography and videography in the Los Angeles area. They are passionate about creating images that will be cherished for a lifetime. The Jodari Studio team will never ask for staged photographs. They believe the best p comes from spontaneous circumstances. Each wedding package comes with additional photographers, multiple locations, albums, digital files, professional editing, and thank you cards. Jodari Studio would be an excellent choice for couples in search of affordable photography and videography services.

Style: Traditional and Natural

Price: Prices Start At $1,850

Address: 18500 Ventura Blvd #202, Tarzana, CA

Phone:  (818) 312-1467

Social: Jodari Studio

Profile: Jodari Studio

Contact : Jodari Studio

Eric Andrew is the owner and master photographer at Splashes Of Time Photography. He is passionate about capturing stunning images that will be treasured for generations. Eric has a team of professional and friendly photographers with excellent skills behind the camera. The Team at Splashes of Time Photography wants you to feel comfortable in front of the camera. They strive to capture every moment of your wedding day while staying in the background. This team believes the best images come from raw, unaltered moments. The Splashes of Time wedding packages include an online gallery, all-day coverage, edited images, and full ownership of every image.

Style: Photojournalism, Contemporary, and Traditional

Price: Prices Start At $1,699

Address: Newport Beach, CA 92663

Phone:  (949) 922-6959

Social:  Instagram

Profile: Splashes Of Time Photography

Contact : Splashes Of Time Photography

Erin Shimazu Photography is owned and operated by Erin Shimazu. Her passion for photography began at a young age. Erin now has over ten years of experience as a wedding photographer. She loves to bring her client’s visions to life and give them incredible images that will be passed down for generations. Erin is there for you every step of the way to ensure every special moment is captured. Clients praise Erin for her professionalism, ability to make you feel comfortable, and attention to detail.

Style: Photojournalism and Natural

Price: Contact For A Quote

Address: Southern CA, Culver City, CA

Phone:  (310) 795-8812

Social: Instagram

Profile: Erin Shimazu Photography

Contact : Erin Shimazu Photography

Hart Photography is an excellent option if you’re searching for an award-winning photographer with an excellent work ethic and superb abilities. Marlies Hartmann is a wedding photographer with a passion for creating exquisite images filled with natural light. Her primary goal is to help you feel completely comfortable in front of the camera. Marlies capture the best photographs when clients can be themselves. Your wedding photography should showcase your love story and who you are as a couple. Clients praise Marlies for her fun ideas, stunning images, and unique perspective. M. Hart Photography is available for local and destination weddings.

Style: Photojournalism and Natural

Price: Prices Start At $4,800

Address: Santa Monica, CA

Phone:  (310) 963-6542

Social:  Instagram

Profile: M. Hart Photography

Contact : M. Hart Photography

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Los Angeles has amazing views that would create stunning photographs for your wedding.

You should feel confident with your photographer and trust them to capture every moment of your wedding day. Reading reviews and looking through portfolios is the best way to find a photographer that works with your personal style.

Whether you’re looking for a photographer with traditional, vintage, or modern techniques, there are incredible options available in Los Angeles and the surrounding areas. Your wedding day photos should elicit feelings of utter happiness, and the best photographers can do just that.


Top 5 Wedding Photography Locations in Los Angeles

Known for its bright lights, dazzling celebrities, and endless movie shooting locations, couples who are looking for great wedding photo spots are spoiled for choice in the city of dreams. The largest city in California, it has everything you could possibly imagine over the sprawling city and its surrounding nature spots.

To get an idea of what L.A. has to offer, check out these 5 popular photography locations for something that will make those wedding photos pop:


1. Greystone Mansion

greystone mansion

An impressive estate with all of the luxury touches that a location with a rich history should have, this is the place that many famous movies have featured the gorgeous architecture and its stunning grounds. Ideal for wedding photos that have a stylishly regal look, the mansion features several gardens, courtyards, water features, and an impressive pool area for memorable portraits that will be cherished forever.

Visit: Website | Facebook


2. Union Station

Union Station

An iconic landmark that anyone can recognize, Union Station is a bustling hub that anyone can easily get lost in Perfect for romantic shots that feature the stylish architecture styles from the 1930s, the history and design elements both inside and out are perfect for beautiful photo backdrops. A great place for modern and vintage styles, the station has impressive visuals in grandeur and sheer size.

Visit: Website | Instagram


3. Arboretum of Los Angeles County

Arboretum of Los Angeles County

A gorgeous place any time of year, this is a beautiful location that features hundreds of different plant and flower varieties from all over the world. Filled with an array of bright colors and natural landscapes, this is a wonderful spot for nature photography in a peaceful setting. Ideal for romantic strolls and sweet moments under trees, the gardens have several impressive structures, water features, and native wildlife for a wonderful show of the natural world.

Visit: Website | Instagram


4. Santa Monica Pier

santa monica pier

The iconic Ferris wheel that hundreds of movies have featured is the very reason why this is a popular photography location for weddings. A fun place to let loose and act like a kid again, this is the perfect way to show off a couple’s playful side. The bright colors and beautiful lights look great during the day but are truly stunning at night. Ideal for romantic sunset shots and beautifully lit night portraits, this is one of the top locations in L.A.

Visit: Website | Instagram


5. Venice Beach


Perhaps one of the most famous beaches in the world, Venice Beach has a little of everything, which is why so many people flock here for a professional photo session. A beautiful beach with golden sands, blue waves, eclectic shops, low-key cafes, and a skate park unlike any other, there are endless opportunities for visually striking photos that range from quiet nature scenes to fun action shots.

Visit: Website


The city of angels is vast and has something that will perfectly reflect the love and individual personalities of a couple. Get out there and enjoy everything the city has to offer. There are plenty of gorgeous scenic reserves, ancient forests, a sprawling metropolis, and everything in between.

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