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Nothing starts my day off better than that first sip of coffee in the morning. So good! Once it hits your lips. It’s so good! (Where’s that quote from??)

I am a Bay Area grown, Sacramento transplant. I love the not-so busy life style of Sacramento (who am I kidding? I have 2 kids. I’m always busy!) that I share with my husband of almost 10 years, my two crazy kids and 4 cats! Yes, 4!

After graduating Sacramento State (stingers up!), and shuffling into that corporate life — I knew that was not for me. Photography wasn’t ever a hobby that developed into a business. I actually picked up a camera for the first time, to photograph my invitation business after it began picking up steam on Etsy in 2010. I loved it and then start photographing all sorts of things. It started to snowball once I shared images on social media and here I am! Well, it wasn’t thaaaat easy but you get the gist.

The magic happened when I photographed my first wedding, assisting my friend. What made me fall in love was all the detail, time, and care that makes a wedding. Weddings challenge me to always stay on my toes. There’s nothing that compares to the rush of documenting a love story, while spontaneously making art. When I finished my very first wedding in 2012, one feeling stole my heart: “This is where I am supposed to be.” I have been a full-time photographer since 2012 and I hope it never ends.

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