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We believe in love, the giggles, cuddles, hugs, and dancing in the kitchen kind of love. Love that makes you smile and puts butterflies in your stomach.

We also believe in the details. The carefully curated details you picked out for your wedding day that showcase your personality, your style, your spirit, and your love. The ones you won’t notice on the wedding day becayse you’re too busy smiling at your honey.

We believe that photographing your wedding day is preserving precious memories to show your kids and your grandkids. To hang on your wall. To pull out the album and tell them all about your shoes and rings, the flowers, the friends and family, and most importantly the joy. To show them a tangible representation of your wedding day, your legacy of love.

Ashley baumgartner | wedding calligraphy & photography for the joyful bride

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Ashley Baumgartner


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