10 Questions with Tina

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10 Questions with Tina

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hi, I'm Tina, the owner and head designer at Be Creative Floral LLC. I have been in the floral business for over 30 years and have a degree in Retail Floristry and specialized in weddings. I am so passionate about flowers, and it all comes from my Great Auntie Sheila! She also had the green thumb and it skipped to me. Floristry is a different form of art that I was good at in grade school, so I pursed more schooling for it. My husband says, I am happiest when working with flowers! That is the truth. I hope to make your day beautiful with flowers!

2. What's your experience as a wedding florist business? How many weddings are in there in your portfolio?

I have been working with flowers for over 30 years. My first job was in a flowers shop during high school. I have a Flowers Canada Certification and went to college to studied Retail Floristy. to many weddings to count in my portfolio for being in this industry that long.

3. How far in advance do couples need to secure your services?

6-10 months

4. How do you price your floral arrangements? What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

pricing is base of the flower industry and the flower market (if you are getting married Valentine's week, prices are higher) I do not have packages. No couple is the same and wants something different, so my quotes are based on what the couple needs.

5. How many meetings will you have with the couple, and how will they be involved?

2-5 times we will talk on the phone- if the couple wants to do a zoom meeting, we can do that too. With Covid, it is harder.

6. Who else is in your team and how many people on your staff will be at the wedding?

2 people on my team and 2-4 people on the wedding day

7. How would you describe your design style? (e.g. traditional, modern, rustic, organic)

traditional, romantic and modern

8. Who will handle setup and delivery? What other services do you offer?

I personally will handle setup and delivery. If I have to be at 2 different locations, I will send my assistant to one of the locations. I know the vision of the wedding after speaking with the couple, so I will try to make it the most beautiful vision that they had imagined

9. What happens to the flowers after the wedding?

That is up to the couple. I know lots of family members enjoy them for weeks afterwards.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

That is all spelled out in the contract for the couple to read over.



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