Sasha, of Agnostic Weddings, specializes in non-religious, spiritual ceremonies and has 18 years of experience in the industry. She creates customized services for each couple she works with. Sasha is available for travel all over the state of California and believes weddings are about rituals and traditions that showcase your commitment to each other. She believes in the importance of achieving your vision for your wedding day. Sasha’s wedding ceremony packages include face-to-face meetings, video chatting, a customized ceremony script, a keepsake copy of the script, and the filing of your marriage license.

Officiant Style: Non-Religious and Spiritual

Price: $350 – $1,000

Address: Long Beach, CA

Phone: (714) 924-6751

Facebook:  Agnostic Weddings

Profile: Agnostic Weddings

Wedding Officiant : Sasha

Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky is a certified wedding officiant and senior Pastor, based in the town of Claremont, California. Joshua will work with you to create the ceremony of your dreams, which showcases the love you share. Pastor Joshua offers premarital counseling services to each couple he works with. He believes in the importance of showcasing your love story through a beautiful ceremony. Clients praise Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky for his professionalism, sincerity, and insight into marriage. This officiant would be a fantastic choice for couples in search of a religious ceremony.

Officiant Style: Religious

Price: Prices Start At $375

Address: 1580 N. Claremont Blvd., Claremont, CA

Phone: (909) 625-4455

Facebook:  Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky

Profile: Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky

Wedding Officiant : Pastor Joshua Kapchinsky

Reverend Barbara Laughray is a highly experienced wedding officiant who’s performed 5,800 weddings during her years as a Reverend and officiant. She describes herself as a charming and warm public speaker with sincerity. Barbara offers premarital counseling services to every couple, but it’s not required for her services. Each wedding ceremony is personalized to suit your beliefs, and the power of unconditional love is felt during each ceremony. Barbara speaks from the heart and thoroughly enjoys getting to know clients to find the words that will resonate with them personally.

Officiant Style: Religious

Price: Contact For A Quote

Address: Calabasas, CA

Phone:  (818) 225-8044

Facebook: Reverend Barbara Laughray

Profile: Reverend Barbara Laughray

Wedding Officiant : Reverend Barbara Laughray

The Great Officiants – Fun and Romantic Weddings team aims to provide beautiful wedding ceremonies for people from all walks of life. They believe your wedding should be an adventure and something to be treasured forever. Great Officiants have 37 officiants to choose from that specialize in all types of ceremonies. Whether you’re searching for a celebration with specific religious requirements, or something a little more laid back and relaxed, this team of professionals is available to assist you every step of the way. The Great Officiants team has five wedding packages to choose from that are sure to appeal to everyone.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non – Religious, Spiritual, Cultural, Civil, and Interfaith

Price: Prices Start At $395

Address: 3740 Atlantic Ave, Long Beach, CA

Phone:  (855) 933-8697

Facebook:  Great Officiants

Profile: Great Officiants - Fun and Romantic Ceremonies

Wedding Officiant : Great Officiants

Chris Robinson, with Officiant Guy – LA Weddings That Are Stress-free, is a non-denominational wedding minister and a notary public with over 20 years of experience in the wedding industry. Chris is well-known in California for providing incredible ceremonies for high profile clients. He is available for all types of celebrations, whether it’s religious, civil, or cultural. Chris will help you every step of the way with your service and beyond. His extensive experience allows him to help with more than just ceremonies. Your wedding ceremony will be completely customized to showcase your love and commitment to each other.

Officiant Style: Civil, Religious, Non – Religious, Interfaith, Cultural, and Spiritual

Price: Contact For A Quote

Address: Long Beach, CA

Phone:  (310) 882-5039

Facebook:  Officiant Guy

Profile: Officiant Guy - LA Weddings

Wedding Officiant : Chris Robinson

Reverends Monica Abbott Jeffrey Smith, of A & S Wedding Officiants, has a team of four highly-qualified officiants and notaries. Each team member is well-known for their professionalism, punctuality, efficiency, conduct, and ability to speak English, Spanish, and Italian. These LA officiants are passionate about their work and strive to create stunning ceremonies that showcase your commitment to one another. Each wedding is unique, and couples deserve to have a ceremony that tells their stories. They offer four base wedding packages that include unlimited phone, FaceTime, and email correspondence. This team will coordinate with vendors, and help at the rehearsal.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non – Religious Civil, and Interfaith

Price: $105 – $350

Address: 3403 Kallin Ave, Long Beach, CA

Phone:  (562) 355-6574

Facebook:  Reverend Monica Abbott

Profile: A & S Wedding Officiants

Wedding Officiant : Reverend Monica Abbott

Officiant Eric is an award-winning officiant with twelve years of experience specializing in non-denominational weddings that create a personalized ceremony for couples. He aims to provide authentic celebrations that showcase your beliefs and commitment to each other. Clients commend Officiant Eric for his kind and calm demeanor, excellent advice, professionalism, and ability to understand their needs. The Love Story is Eric’s most popular package. It includes a fully customized ceremony, a relationship questionnaire, unlimited consultations, access to download and edit the ceremony script, unlimited script revision, collaboration with vendors, a back-up officiant, and the signing and mailing of your marriage license.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non -Religious, Civil, and Cultural

Price: $225 – $525

Address: Agoura Hills, CA 91301

Phone:  (818) 632-1900

Facebook:  Officiant Eric

Profile: Officiant Eric

Contact : Eric

The LA Wedding Woman team has a combined 40 years of experience in the industry as wedding officiants and Bilingual, non-denominational ministers. The group offers fully customized wedding ceremonies for people from all walks of life. They believe your love story should be at the forefront, and your ceremony should reflect your beliefs and commitment to each other. LA Wedding Woman has an in-house marriage license service to help simplify the planning process. This team has two base packages, and one customized package to choose from that includes a plethora of rituals from various religions and cultures.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Spiritual, Cultural, Interfaith, and Civil

Price: $250 – $725

Address: Valley Village, Valley Village, CA 91607

Phone:  (323) 682-8697

Facebook:  L.A. Wedding Woman

Profile: L.A. Wedding Woman

Wedding Officiant : Arielle Haze and Elysia Skye

Ceremonies by Deidra Gray-Breijo offers personalized weddings that showcase your beliefs and love story. Deidra describes herself as relaxed, warm, and sincere with the ability to help you feel comfortable before, during, and after your ceremony. She provides a handcrafted ceremony, in-depth consultations, advice guidance, meetings with vendors, and a vendor list to help you choose vendors. Deidra uses your personal stories in her service to make it unique and memorable. She also specializes in traditional unity ceremonies such as candle lighting, sand, handfasting, and honey rituals.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Civil, and Spiritual

Price: Contact For A Quote

Address: Los Angeles, Los Angeles, CA 90045

Phone:  (310) 301-4868

Facebook:  Ceremonies by Deidra

Profile: Ceremonies by Deidra

Wedding Officiant : Deidra

Reverend Elizabeth Oakes, of  Golden Oak Weddings, has been performing weddings since 2001. She specializes in non-denominational and multicultural ceremonies that showcase your beliefs and commitment to each other. Reverend Elizabeth is also a notary and will help file the paperwork needed for your marriage license. Golden Oaks Weddings was created to provide ceremonies from the heart. They offer three packages that can be completely customized to suit your beliefs, traditions, and budget. The Golden Oak Ceremony and Marriage Licensing Bundle is the most extensive option.

Officiant Style: Religious, Non-Religious, Civil, and Multicultural.

Price: $750 – $865

Address: 2633 Lincoln Blvd. #721, Santa Monica, CA 90405

Phone:  (310) 288-6658

Facebook:  Golden Oak Weddings

Profile: Golden Oak Weddings

Wedding Officiant : Elizabeth Oakes

Tie The Knot Ceremonies is one of the most qualified wedding officiant services in and around Los Angeles, providing local couples with unforgettable wedding ceremonies scripted and created to exact specifications. Weddings organized with Tie The Knot Ceremonies can be easily customized to exact client specifications, whether in the flow of the ceremony, the incorporation of special readings and prayers into the proceedings, customized vows, or anything else a couple could dream up for their ceremony. Additional services offered by Tie The Knot Ceremonies include rehearsals, civil ceremonies, vow renewals, solemnization, elopement, and more.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (310) 956-6070

Social: Tie The Knot Ceremonies

Contact : Frank Meola

For Los Angeles-based wedding celebrant services, look no further than Steve Chacon Weddings. With over 20 years of practical industry experience as wedding entertainment service providers across Los Angeles and beyond, Steve Chacon Weddings is a small company run by emcee Steve Chacon and wedding planner and officiate Liz Chacon. This means that every ceremony planned doesn’t go through any corporate procedures but simply is passed through the supervision of Steve and Liz, who collaborate to ensure that each and every couple receives a personal touch and a little bit of their signature flair. Whether it’s a legal certification or a bespoke ceremony that couples desire, Steve Chacon Weddings can make it happen.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (310) 809-6492

Social: Steve Chacon Weddings

Contact : Liz Chacon

Couples planning their wedding ceremonies across Los Angeles and beyond cannot go wrong with the services of Eclectic Vows – Loreen Saldaña Officiant. Some of the favorite qualities of Eclectic Vows – Loreen Saldaña Officiant mentioned by previous clients include a high quality of service, professionalism, ease of booking, value for the price, and responsiveness. This means that when employing the services of Eclectic Vows – Loreen Saldaña Officiant, couples can trust that they’re working with a true industry professional who knows the importance of clear communication throughout the wedding planning process, all in the service of creating a ceremony that is equal parts beautiful and bespoke.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (562) 787-8989

Social: Eclectic Vows - Loreen Saldaña Officiant

Contact : Loreen Saldaña

Sarah Lemp Wedding Officiant is a Los Angeles local favorite when it comes to wedding officiant services for LA-based ceremonies. Sarah Lemp Wedding Officiant is a trained officiant and life cycle celebrant, and she has been performing weddings since all the way back in 2004. This means that almost two decades of experience in the field of ceremony planning have given Sarah Lemp a thoughtful, carefully crafted angle on ceremonies, in styles ranging from religious to secular to spiritual to non-religious, as well as civil, interfaith, same-sex, and more. Vow renewals can also be performed by Sarah Lemp Wedding Officiant.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (949) 424-6063

Social: Sarah Lemp Wedding Officiant

Contact : Sarah Lemp

Officiant Lady is the work of Connie, who is ordained as a non-denominational minister and a minister of Goddess Spirituality. Connie at Officiant Lady has hands-on ordination, a B.S. in Business Administration, and a Master’s in Anthropology and Comparative Religion, meaning that she combines her academic strengths with her background as an officiant to create truly unique and distinctive ceremonies with a touch of personal flair for soon-to-be-married couples across Los Angeles and beyond. A variety of “unity rituals” can be facilitated by Connie, including bread and salt sharing, handfasting, hourglass ceremonies, Jewish glass breaking, Mexican lasso ceremonies, unity candle lighting, and so much more.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (424) 209-2972

Social: Officiant Lady

Contact : Connie Jones

Officiant of Love offers a vast array of services for wedding ceremonies across Los Angeles and beyond. A simple ceremony package can be booked, including one love poem reading, marriage intentions reading, vow and ring exchanges, and marriage certificate signing. Additionally, a custom ceremony package is offered, through which an individualized love story is read, many readings are recited, and a variety of bespoke offerings are sprinkled through the ceremony to give it that touch of individualization. Another package offered is a ceremony package that also includes a few hours of services from a dedicated MC to transition between parties.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (310) 384-5096

Social: Officiant of Love

Contact : Helena Lei

Jacob Marries Wedding Officiant can take wedding ceremonies from ordinary to extraordinary through the array of offerings made by this Los Angeles-based marriage officiant. With Jacob Marries Wedding Officiant, ceremonies will be created from scratch based on the requests and preferences of the couple. Elopements can also be created by Jacob Marries Wedding Officiant, and the elopements have been described as “intimate, focused, and romantic,” the perfect qualities that any couple would want for their upcoming ceremony. Affordable but still sophisticated and elegant, the services of Jacob Marries Wedding Officiant are among the best in Los Angeles.

Address: 1509 N Hoover St, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

Phone: (323) 552-3139

Social: Jacob Marries Wedding Officiant

Contact : Jacob

Bilingual Wedding Officiant can accommodate all kinds of wedding ceremonies through a variety of wedding packages for an easy booking and purchasing experience. Offerings of Bilingual Wedding Officiant include complimentary consultations to assess any specific needs in advance of a booking, completion of marriage license, traveling to locations up to 100 miles and, in some cases, beyond, a PA system, and rehearsal and day-of ceremony coordination to ease the logistical flow of the big day. With a bevy of awards and honors from major media outlets and wedding publications both national and statewide, Bilingual Wedding Officiant is practically a guarantee that couples planning their ceremonies will receive some of the most excellent officiant services on the market.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (626) 888-1421

Social: Bilingual Wedding Officiant

Contact : Carmen

Gonzales Wedding Services in Los Angeles CA – Bodas Civiles a Domicilio en Los Angeles CA is a wedding officiant provider, owned and operated by Angie and Ravid Gonzales. Founded in 2006, Gonzales Wedding Services has been performing wedding ceremonies and vow renewals for couples requiring bilingual services or services in just Spanish or just English. Services include but are not limited to marriage processing, notary public signing, Spanish to English translation, apostille services, and, of course, wedding officiating. Same-sex marriages, sand ceremonies, next-day weddings, non-traditional weddings, and ceremonies on-location including beaches and chapels are all offered by Gonzales Wedding Services.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (323) 304-1643

Social: Gonzalez Wedding Services

Contact : Angie Gonzalez

Celestial Wedding Officiants is one of Los Angeles’s premier wedding celebrant services, offering the services of bilingual speaker Reverend Marlon Martinez and Reverend Mary Jean Valente. These two professional officiants offer a vast array of wedding packages for easy booking in advance of an upcoming marriage ceremony. These packages include a bilingual wedding ceremony with script development and personalized meetings, vow renewal ceremonies, intimate elopements, small civil union ceremonies, and much more. Affordably priced and carefully curated, the ceremonies with Celestial Wedding Officiants will surely leave a mark on every guest in attendance.

Address: Russell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027, United States

Phone: (213) 222-8383

Social: Celestial Wedding Officiants

Contact : Marlon Martinez

Weddings By Roxanne Hunt is a wedding officiant service provider based out of Los Angeles, tasked with the mission of creating customized wedding ceremonies for clients across the local area. Styles offered can be minimalist or maximalist, traditional or modern, religious or non-religious — with Roxanne Hunt in charge, all kinds of ceremonies can be accommodated and built out to fit exact client specifications. Initial consultations with Weddings By Roxanne Hunt are completely complimentary, and these consultations are geared toward getting to know as much about the couple in question as possible so that the ceremony can appropriately reflect the value system and the personalities of the couple.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: (323) 553-7286

Social: Weddings By Roxanne Hunt

Contact : Roxanne Hunt

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Your wedding ceremony is the most exciting part of your wedding, and you deserve the best officiant available to create lasting memories and showcase your love for all to see. Whether you’re searching for a small, intimate ceremony or an extravagant affair, each of these celebrants is an excellent choice. They offer every time of wedding imaginable while also speaking multiple languages. Your wedding ceremony is sure to be a special occasion when choosing one of these incredible officiants.


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