Harutyunyan Events is a wedding planning company based in Los Angeles headed up by professional planner Hovik Harutyunyan. They boast a portfolio that demonstrates clear mastery over a variety of aesthetic designs and abilities. This team supplements their design abilities with a natural proficiency for tackling the bevy of logistical concerns and needs that a wedding will necessarily entail. From quaint, outdoor ranch celebrations to indoor banquet hall receptions with botanical features, the team at Harutyunyan Events can help you take your wedding from concept to reality.

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Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 310-738-0103

Profile: Harutyunyan Events

Instagram: Harutyunyan Events

Contact : Hovik Harutyunyan

At Sterling Social, expert planners Angela Margolis and Erin Sprinkel have been facilitating Los Angeles-based weddings since 2010. Featured in some of the country’s most prominent publications, the team at Sterling Social can plan weddings of all shapes and sizes, from intimate gatherings in rustic farmhouses to giant bashes at historic mansions. Whether it’s catering and menu development, entertainment and music, or budget management, the team at Sterling Social are perfectly suited to wrapping up the logistics and design of your big day. They are skilled at ensuring their clients are at ease and are comfortable through the wedding planning process. Inquiries can be made through their website.

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Address: 131 S Barrington Pl #250, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Phone: 310-471-4617

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Facebook: Sterling Social

Instagram: Sterling Social

Contact : Angela & Erin

Weddings by Susan Dunne is a wedding planning company headed up by Susan. She brings years of experience as a Visual Display Coordinator to the table. Certified by the Association of Bridal Consultants, Susan can expertly navigate between vendors, draw up fair contracts, and create a unified aesthetic guided by her clients’ needs and preferences. Susan and her team boast all-inclusive packages, which include full wedding planning, partial wedding planning, and wedding management services, as well as elopement and micro wedding services. Weddings by Susan Dunne can handle any type of event with peak professionalism.

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Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 310-569-8579

Profile: Weddings by Susan Dunne

Facebook: Weddings by Susan Dunne

Instagram: Weddings by Susan Dunne

Contact : Susan Dunne

At Sterling Engagements, creative director Alexandra Rembac is committed to helping couples create unique, lasting memories of their big day. Their team has been part of the industry since 2005 and offers you several wedding planning packages to choose from. This includes their “Nestled Nuptials” package, which is a great choice for couples no matter where they are hosting their wedding ceremony and reception. No matter how much (or little!) involvement you want from the team, Sterling Engagements is sure to deliver a sleek wedding celebration with smooth, seamless service.

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Address: 11372 Ventura Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 91604

Phone: 323-845-9500

Profile: Sterling Engagements

Facebook: Sterling Engagements

Instagram: Sterling Engagements

Contact : Alexandra Rembac

David Pressman Events is headed up by David Pressman himself, who brings a career in the world of art galleries and haute couture fashion to his work as a wedding planner. Offering complimentary consultations, David creates designs that are unique to the tastes of each of his clients. David and his team offer a planning & production package, a design package, and a consulting package, each of which caters specifically to his clients’ exact needs. With 20 years of experience behind his belt, David can handle everything you throw at him. He and his team will be there to help with everything from organizational necessities to the atmospheric ambiance and all the other little details in between. Inquiries can be made through their website.

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Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 310-498-5511

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Facebook: David Pressman Events

Instagram: David Pressman Events

Contact : David Pressman

At Summer Newman Events, Summer offers her years of experience coordinating corporate and nonprofit events, as well as her time as a wedding planner, to couples all across Southern California and beyond. Driven by “art, integrity, and romance,” Summer and her team offer fully customizable wedding planning services. This helps them facilitate every single detail of your big day, ensuring that you are completely comfortable throughout the process. Working with her is a careful, intuitive process that starts with a series of consultations, continues with careful budgeting and organizational preparation, and ends with the detailed designing of the creative aspects.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 310-622-6012

Profile: Summer Newman Events

Facebook: Summer Newman Events

Instagram: Summer Newman Events

Contact : Summer Newman

Deanna Nash Events is a wedding planning company owned and operated by Deanna Nash, who has collected dozens of awards from some of the country’s most reputable publications. Boasting 20 years in the Los Angeles event industry, Deanna Nash is skilled at planning all kinds of weddings. No matter whether you’re looking for a countryside adventure with picturesque mountain backdrops or an industrial-chic warehouse wedding with skyline views. Deanna and her team can help bring it to reality. They are available for both local and destination weddings and can be hired regardless of how intimate or grand your big day will be. This makes Deanna Nash Events a truly full-package wedding planning service for Los Angeles couples.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 310-993-1018

Profile: Deanna Nash Events

Facebook: Deanna Nash Events

Instagram: Deanna Nash Events

Contact : Deanna Nash

Located in Los Angeles, Weddings By Sabrina is a wedding and event planning business. With years of experience in event coordination, the team is passionate about creating fun, stylish, and unique weddings. Sabrina is an expert planner dedicated to offering timeless celebrations to couples. She is a good listener, treats each client like a friend, and focuses on thoughtful wedding planning. Book Weddings By Sabrina now, choose any of their packages, and let them make your wedding planning easy.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Silver Lake Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90026

Phone: 323-609-5894

Profile: Weddings By Sabrina

Facebook: Weddings By Sabrina

Instagram: Weddings By Sabrina

Contact : Sabrina

At Kindred Weddings and Events, Sarah Blessinger is the owner and lead designer. She and her team offer their services for both wedding management and design management. They can handle as much or as little of the wedding planning process as you would like. This means that they are able to offer wide-ranging freedom to clients while also supplementing their services with helpful, devoted expertise when needed. Inquiries can be made through their website.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 408-710-7942

Profile: Kindred Weddings and Events

Facebook: Kindred Weddings and Events

Instagram: Kindred Weddings and Events

Contact : Sarah Blessinger

Special Event Genie is a wedding planning company founded by Ricki Lewis, an event planner who brings 20 years of industry experience to the table. Ricki and the team at Special Event Genie are available to help with both local and destination weddings. They offer an array of all-inclusive packages that include both full-service planning/coordination and design/styling services. This vendor caters to their clients’ exact specifications in order to provide weddings as sleek as they are individualized.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 310-729-6561

Profile: Special Event Genie

Facebook: Special Event Genie

Instagram: Special Event Genie

Contact : Ricki Lewis

Teri Kinne Events is a wedding planning company owned and operated by Teri Kinne, who boasts 17 years of experience as an in-house event planner. She opened Teri Kinne Events in 2011 and has since planned events at some of Los Angeles’s most storied venues. These include the Walt Disney Concert Hall, the Dorothy Chandler Pavilion, and the Getty Center. From the lighting to the liquor to the logistics and all of the details in between, Teri and her team are sure to make your event sparkle. Inquiries can be made through their website.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 213-792-2806

Profile: Teri Kinne Events

Facebook: Teri Kinne Events

Instagram: Teri Kinne Events

Contact : Teri Kinne

At Kristeen LaBrot Events, Kristeen LaBrot heads up the operations and boasts nearly 200 weddings under her belt. With awards from some of the country’s most prestigious wedding publications, she and her team offer a full-service wedding planning package. With this package, they will be by your side through each step of the process. They will also cater to the exact needs and specifications of your dream for your wedding day. They will work with you to understand the spirit and design you are looking for from your ceremony and reception. Inquiries can be made through their website.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA 91607

Phone: 818-516-1010

Profile: Kristeen LaBrot Events

Interview: 10 Questions with Kristeen LaBrot Events

Facebook: Kristeen LaBrot Events

Instagram: Kristeen LaBrot Events

Contact : Kristeen LaBrot

Best Day Ever LA is a wedding planning company owned and operated by Katie, who has been in business since 2014. With a background as a film and TV producer, Katie brings an administrative mindset as well as an artistically inclined eye to her business. She and her team offer all-inclusive packages that include services including full-service planning, partial planning, and month-of coordination. This allows their clients as much flexibility as they want, so they are available to help you with everything from a complete takeout of your big day to only tackling certain aspects. Best Day Ever LA is guaranteed to take care of business, no matter whether you’re planning a beachside bash or a countryside cookout for your wedding celebration.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 847-800-1120

Profile: Best Day Ever LA

Facebook: Best Day Ever LA

Instagram: Best Day Ever LA

Contact : Katie

Mindy Weiss and her team have been planning weddings in and around the greater Southern California metropolitan area for 30 years. Previous clients include Justin Bieber, Ellen DeGeneres, Russell Westbrook, and the Kardashian family. Along with her team, she works to ensure that your wedding is unforgettable and also features undeniably personal touches that speak to you and your partner. She is available to plan both Los Angeles-based and destination weddings. You can check out the gallery on her website in order to get an idea of her style and aesthetic sensibility.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: 232 S Beverly Dr # 200, Beverly Hills, CA 90212

Phone: 310-205-6000

Profile: Mindy Weiss

Facebook: Mindy Weiss

Instagram: Mindy Weiss

Contact : Mindy Weiss

Located in Los Angeles, California, Art & Soul Events is a professional and modern wedding planning team. Jessica Carrillo is the lead planner and obsessed with weddings. They specialize in planning stylish weddings with unique logistics. The team streamlines the planning process and makes it easy to navigate. They have all the resources, tools, and experience that are required for premium planning. Hire them today and let their amazingly talented professionals celebrate with you.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA 91401

Phone: 310-968-9908

Profile: Art & Soul Events

Facebook: Art & Soul Events

Instagram: Art & Soul Events

Contact : Jessica Carrillo

Founded by Lisa Gorjestani, Details Event Planning is an international wedding planning and design business in California. The team’s mission is to deliver an impeccable experience to all wedding couples by helping them create unforgettable luxury events. They specialize in luxury wedding planning and design, paired with trusted professionals to deliver a seamless experience. Contact the team today and let them bring your wedding celebration dreams to life.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: 149 S Barrington Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90049

Phone: 310-476-8188

Profile: Details Event Planning

Facebook: Details Event Planning

Instagram: Details Event Planning

Contact : Lisa Gorjestani

Pryor Events is a Los Angeles based team of wedding planners specializing in impeccable wedding planning. The owner, Julie Pryor, is a professional wedding planner and has been coordinating weddings in and around Los Angeles for more than 15 years. They focus on offering a personalized and unparalleled experience to all clients from beginning to end. No matter your event size or type, the team can assist you with even the smallest details to make your wedding day memorable for you as well as your guests.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: West Los Angeles, CA 90025

Phone: 310-478-1767

Profile: Pryor Events

Facebook: Pryor Events

Instagram: Pryor Events

Contact : Julie Pryor

XOXO Weddings is a reputed wedding planning & designing business serving Southern California for years. Launched by Kaci and Tanya in 2013 in Los Angeles, today, they have extended their business in other nearby cities. The entire team takes pride in the way they communicate with their customers to fulfill their wedding desires. Regardless of the wedding package you pick, you can talk to the team at any time during the planning process.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: 10930 Otsego St Studio City, CA 91604

Phone: 608-217-7885

Profile: XOXO Weddings

Facebook: XOXO Weddings

Instagram: XOXO Weddings

Contact : Kaci

Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events is one of the leading wedding planning companies. Natalie Sofer, the owner, is a professional Los Angeles wedding planner. They are known for creating that one-of-a-kind wedding experience that you will never forget. Their primary focus is to understand couples’ dreams, desires and offer a customized wedding planning experience. Hire the team and let them provide you with luxury celebrations and lifetime memories.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, California 90210

Phone: 310-493-7941

Profile: Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

Facebook: Natalie Sofer Weddings and Events

Contact : Natalie Sofer

Veronique Events is a team of experienced, international wedding and event planners in Los Angeles, offering their services in and around the city. Veronique Assouline is a professional event planner expert in the art of celebration. The team can help you relax and enjoy your wedding planning process to the fullest. Their focus is to create a plan that reflects your unique personality and style on your big day. Visit their portfolio or testimonials to know more about them.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: 616 S Burnside Ave #409, Los Angeles, CA 90036

Phone: 310-909-8505

Profile: Veronique Events

Facebook: Veronique Events

Instagram: Veronique Events

Contact : Veronique Assouline

The Wedding Planner LA is another excellent option for the best wedding planning within no time. Alexa Farese is an award-winning wedding planner with years of experience. Whether you are looking for full-time or partial help, the team is always there to make your wedding planning easy. They also offer custom packages – you can talk to the team to discuss your specific needs to get a personalized wedding planning package. Contact The Wedding Planner LA today and let them help you bring your wedding vision to life.

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 352-339-0185

Profile: The Wedding Planner LA

Facebook: The Wedding Planner LA

Instagram: The Wedding Planner LA

Contact : Alexa Farese

Spoil yourself on the best day of your life when you depend on Center of Attention Events to care for your needs. These Los Angeles wedding planners live to create events for everyone everywhere, including celebrities and blushing brides. Michele and her team of wedding coordinators have over 20 years of industry experience. This award-winning crew has notable TV features on TLC, MTV, and A&E, as well as publications in People, Brides, and more. She planned weddings for Ozzy and Sharon Osborne, Rob Dyrdek, and other favorites. Get ready for a picture-perfect event that reflects your personality as a couple, fits your budget, and goes exactly as planned.

Address: 1084 S Fairfax Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90019

Phone: 818-842-7800

Facebook: Center of Attention Events

Instagram: Center of Attention Events

Contact : Michele Fox Gott

Samantha has over 13+ years in the industry. She has professional education both locally and abroad, giving her a unique vision of how to plan a party that everyone will remember. No matter what spot you might be in the wedding planning process, she is ready to help with your floor plan, seating chart, ceremony timeline, and other details. Samantha Hall Events offers services for full wedding planning or partial services. Day-of wedding coordination will oversee and direct the wedding party, ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. This wedding planner in Los Angeles proudly serves all of Southern California and offers destination event planning to celebrate your love worldwide.

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 805-233-0861

Facebook: Samantha Hall Events

Instagram: Samantha Hall Events

Contact : Samantha

Introduce yourself as a married couple in the best way possible. Make sure everything looks gorgeous and goes smoothly, thanks to a professional wedding planner in Los Angeles. Renee is the professional expert at Moxie Bright Events. She promises your wedding day will not only be perfect, but it will reflect you as a couple. Renee will help in a sophisticated and effortless way so you won’t ever feel frazzled. Since 2008, she has helped hundreds of couples experience the joy they deserve. Moxie Bright Events offers wedding planning and design, wedding management, intimate at-home estate wedding services, and elopement options. Get ready to have your dream wedding!

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 323-487-2107

Facebook: Moxie Bright Events

Instagram: Moxie Bright Events

Contact : Renée Dalo

Portfolio: Checkout their portfolio

Address: Los Angeles, CA

Phone: 909-554-0422

Facebook: Timeless Events by Tess

Instagram: Timeless Events by Tess

Contact : Tess Robison

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For an exciting and fun-filled big day, a wedding planner is a must. These are some of the well-known wedding planners in Los Angeles, CA. They can help you plan your dream wedding without going over budget. All of them are specialized in what they do and will always be one step ahead and leave no stone unturned to make your wedding day unforgettable.

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