Every bride wants her big day to go smoothly. The perfect setup, glamorous outfit, beautiful skin, glowing and gorgeous. Have you chosen your hair & makeup artist yet? If not, we would suggest you to start looking for one right away.

Choosing the right hair & makeup artist in advance can help you turn your special day into a big hit. Need help with finalizing your hair &  makeup artist in El Paso? We are always there to help.

Here is Editor’s Choice list of the top 9 hair and makeup artists in El Paso, to help you pick the right one for you big day!


Elyse Simons Beauty is a professional makeup service in El Paso, Texas. With over 25 years of experience, Elyse has been offering her bridal beauty services to brides with different styles since 2016. They offer luxury, on-site services so that you don’t have to travel on your special day. The team uses only high-quality products and the best techniques to make you look perfect and stunning all day long. To know their bridal makeup pricing, feel free to browse their website, or directly talk to them.

Address: El Paso, Texas

Phone: (610) 360-0501

Instagram: Elyse Simons Beauty

Facebook: Elyse Simons Beauty

Profile: Elyse Simons Beauty

Interview: 10 Questions with Elyse Simons Beauty

Contact : Elyse

Based in El Paso, TX, Bijoux Belle’s Hair & Makeup is an on-location bridal makeup and hair company offering top-of-the-line bridal beauty services. With more than 10 years of experience, Liza Janel and her team have worked with countless brides when it comes to sophisticated wedding day looks. They can highlight your naturally beautiful features so that you can feel highly confident on your big day. Liza and her professionals will also ensure that you look classy, elegant, and a more polished version of you. Book your appointment today for more details on their beauty services.

Address: 313 Warren Belin Dr, El Paso, TX 79928

Phone: (915) 256-4803

Instagram: Bijoux Belles Hair & Makeup

Facebook: Bijoux Belles Hair & Makeup

Profile: Bijoux Belles Hair & Makeup

Contact : Liza

If you want everything to be perfect on your wedding day, consider hiring Tousled. This is one of the famous names specialized in VIP beauty services for brides and their bridal parties. The team of specialists can help you create an unforgettable wedding day look. No matter your location, they will be at your place to accommodate your schedule and avoid any last-minute hassle. The team of makeup artists and hairstylists will ensure that you say “I do” in a flawless bridal look. Go through their bridal services to know more.

Address: 3800 N. Mesa Street. C11, El Paso, TX 79912

Phone: (915) 228-9815

Instagram: Tousled

Facebook: Tousled

Profile: Tousled

Contact : Jessica

Located in El Paso, Texas, Eleven Sixteen Hair & Makeup Studio can provide you and your bridesmaids with the best experience possible. With their “unplugged” motto, the professionals can make you look simply stunning. The whole staff is inviting, friendly, and incredibly talented. They treat each bride like their family so that they can feel comfortable. With expertise in makeup applications and hairstyling, the team can give you a modern, flawless look with excellent customer service. You can talk to Carolyn for more details.

Address: 2159 East Mills Avenue El Paso, TX 79901

Phone: (915) 307-4025

Instagram: Eleven Sixteen

Facebook: Eleven Sixteen

Profile: Eleven Sixteen

Contact : Heather Deshea

Jinny Riddle Makeup Studio is a full-service beauty business in El Paso, Texas, specialized in bridal beauty. Jinny Riddle is passionate about cosmetology and makeup, and you can see that in her work ethics. She and her staff are committed to providing bridal beauty services that reflect excellence and perfection in every possible way. Jinny and all of her makeup artists focus on their brides’ natural beauty and then work on highlighting that beauty through some makeup applications and techniques that set them apart. Regardless of your dream bridal look, the professionals at Jinny Riddle Makeup Studio can provide you with the excellence and experience you are looking for.

Address: 1280 Hawkins Suite #140 El Paso, Tx 79925

Phone: (915) 820-0333

Facebook: Jinny Riddle Makeup Studio

Profile: Jinny Riddle Makeup Studio

Interview: 10 Questions with Jinny Riddle Makeup Studio

Contact : Jinny

Looking for a trustable on-site bridal makeup and hair in El Palo, Texas? Foliage Hair Salon and Day Spa has got you covered. Their professionally trained and licensed makeup artists and hair stylists can create the look you have always fantasized about for your special day. They offer multiple bridal beauty packages to meet the varying needs of different brides. The team can come to your preferred location to make things easy for you at your wedding. Contact them today and book your wedding date. The team will try their best to make your big day memorable for everyone.

Address: 745 S Mesa Hills Dr, Ste C El Paso, TX 79912

Phone: (915) 842-9901

Instagram: Foliage Salon and Day Spa

Facebook: Foliage Salon and Day Spa

Profile: Foliage Salon and Day Spa

Contact : Miranda

Color Amp Salon is another name that pops up when it comes to bridal hair and makeup in El Paso. They have a team of educated, trained, certified, and skilled artists who are highly-known for providing exclusive experience and customer service. The team delivers great bridal beauty services that are fun and customized to suit each bride‘s unique style. You can talk to their professionals to understand their process and how they can help you achieve your dream bridal look.

Address: 4900 Alameda Ave suite e, El Paso, TX 79905

Phone: (915) 564-0277

Instagram: Color Amp Salon

Facebook: Color Amp Salon

Profile: Color Amp Salon

Interview: 10 Questions with Color Amp Salon

Contact : Angell & Vanessa

Finding the right artist for your event can be a daunting task; Hair & Makeup PROS sets the standard for connecting client and artist with ease and success.

Our site facilitate a simple and smooth online experience for customers needing quality and affordable services in every corner of America. In return, you will support thousands of independent stylists and artists to pursue their passion successfully.

Address: El Paso, Texas

Phone: (903) 776-4357

Instagram: Hair & Makeup PROS

Facebook: Hair & Makeup PROS

Profile: Hair & Makeup PROS

Contact : Acie

Based in El Paso, TX, Dry, A Blow-Dry Bar is a unique beauty experience, known for offering high-end bridal makeovers, updos, and blowouts. The stylists can help prepare you for your big day with their exclusive assistance. They can provide you with a glowing makeup look and elegant hairstyle in less time and minimal hassle. With a good experience in the beauty industry, the team welcomes all size groups to make everyone look stunning. They also offer makeup and hair trials – you can visit them anytime before they come to you to do your hair and makeup on your big day.

Address: 5860 N Mesa St, Suite 113 El Paso, TX 79912

Phone: (915) 219-9702

Instagram: Dry a Blow-Dry Bar

Facebook: Dry a Blow-Dry Bar

Profile: Dry a Blow-Dry Bar

Interview: 10 Questions with Dry a Blow-Dry Bar

Contact : Amy

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This list of the top 9 bridal makeup and hair in El Paso, Texas, will help you find the right professional for your big day. No matter which one you hire, we assure you that you will look and feel the best version of yourself. If you have any specific bridal look in your mind, these specialists can help you achieve that efficiently. All you need to do is discuss your vision or preferences with their professionals openly. Good luck with your special day!

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