Located outside the bustling downtown district of El Paso, Manjar is a gourmet bakery run by Susana Rodriguez, who left her practice as a lawyer to go into a career as a baker full time. Passionate about delivering on the details, Susana and the team at Manjar design custom wedding cakes for any type of celebration, with photos available on their website that showcase their dedication to finesse and precision. Featured in several prominent publications and noted as a wedding cake provider to keep an eye on, Manjar lives up to its reputation. Inquiries can be made through the contact form on the Manjar website.

Address: 7933 North Mesa Street El Paso, TX 79932

Phone: 915-875-0059

Profile: Manjar

Facebook: Manjar

Instagram: Manjar

Contact : Susana Rodriguez

Chantilly Cakes is a bakeshop and wedding cake baking company located outside of El Paso and serving the greater metropolitan area. Opened in 2013 and run by a trifecta of pastry-preparing women with a host of accolades and acknowledgments to their name, the team at Chantilly Cakes brings a genuine love of weddings and celebrations to each client they serve. With a slate of creative flavors available for selection and a collaborative spirit demonstrated in their promise to hash out the customizable details with the married couples themselves, the team at Chantilly Cakes can make a wedding cake that looks just how you want it.

Address: 11601 Pellicano Dr Ste D11 - El Paso, TX 79936

Phone: 915-502-4500

Profile: Chantilly Cakes

Facebook: Chantilly Cakes

Instagram: Chantilly Cakes

Contact : Laura Solorzano

Honey Bee Cakes is an El Paso-based cakery owned and operated by Melissa Jaquez since 2012. Serving Texas, New Mexico, and beyond, Honey Bee Cakes prioritizes customer satisfaction above all. With a wide array of flavors and a gallery reflecting tons of versatility in design for custom wedding cakes, Melissa at Honey Bee Cakes treats each of her clients right down to their minute individual specifications and honors those preferences upon delivering the product on the day of the celebration. Honey Bee Cakes asks that requests be placed 1-2 months in advance with a non-refundable deposit of 50% of the full price.

Address: El Paso, TX 79936

Phone: 915-215-0255

Profile: Honey Bee Cakes

Facebook: Honey Bee Cakes

Contact : Melissa Jaquez

Tina’s Treats Texas is run by Tina, a Cake Boss fanatic who translated that passion into her unique talent for hand-crafting wedding cakes unique to each client. With a gallery available for perusal on her website, Tina of Tina’s Treats Texas provides a massive slate of flavors, toppings, and fillings, all wrapped up in fondant and ornamental features that effortlessly convey the opulence of the celebration. With a pricing model structured around a per slice rate, the cakes at Tina’s Treats Texas are as affordable as they are elegant, making this business an ideal choice for an El Paso area wedding ceremony and reception.

Address: El Paso, TX 79907

Phone: 915-373-1537

Profile: Tina's Treats Texas

Facebook: Tina's Treats Texas

Instagram: Tina's Treats Texas

Contact : Tina

Delightful Creations by Kim is a cake boutique shop in El Paso offering wedding cake services to soon-to-be-married couples in the greater urban area of El Paso. With a gallery of gorgeous cakes available for browsing on their website, the team at Delightful Creations by Kim offers quotes upon request. They pride themselves on customizing their designs to exact client specifications. They also keep up with the newest trends in wedding cake creation to remain ahead of the curve at all times, so you can be assured of a cake that is as trendsetting as it is delicious.

Address: El Paso, TX 79924

Phone: 915-642-8037

Profile: Delightful Creations by Kim

Facebook: Delightful Creations by Kim

Contact : Kim

Cakeaholics EP is a custom cakery located in El Paso owned and operated by Alexa and Erika. Alexa brings 20 years of baking experience to bear in her wedding cake designing, with the luxurious results available to scroll through on the Cakeaholics EP website. The Cakeaholics EP team prizes the value of customer satisfaction and strives to give each couple a custom cake that will make for an unforgettable centerpiece of a wedding reception. A free quote can be given upon request through a contact form on the Cakeaholics EP website. 

Address: El Paso, TX 79938

Phone: 915-373-9440

Profile: CakeaholicsEP

Facebook: CakeaholicsEP

Instagram: CakeaholicsEP

Contact : Alexa & Erika

Eleni Bakes is a wedding cake company serving up custom-made cakes to prospective married couples all across El Paso and beyond. They specialize in unique fillings, crumb coatings, frostings, and frilly decorations that will stun any guest or loved one upon the cake reveal. Eleni Bakes offers fully crafted flavor profiles such as turtle pecan cake with caramel pecan filling, strawberry cake with Swiss meringue buttercream. They also have a variety of other customizable options baked and designed to exact client specifications. Eleni Bakes requests that custom wedding cakes orders be placed with at least 12 months of advance notice.

Address: El Paso, TX

Profile: Eleni Bakes

Facebook: Eleni Bakes

Instagram: Eleni Bakes

Contact : Eleni

Experience a world of delightful treats with “The Cake Boutique” by Sandy McCord. At this flavorful corner, you will enter a realm where creativity comes together to craft tempting delicacies, sharing stories of love, celebrations, and happy moments. This charming bakery offers a variety of cakes that are not just desserts but also incredible works of art. Sandy McCord adds a personal connection to each creation. From beautiful wedding cakes that make dreams come alive to delightful birthday cakes that fill eyes with wonder, her skill shines in every thoughtful detail. Furthermore, The Cake Boutique’s portfolio features intricate designs and delicious flavors that promise to turn your special events into unforgettable memories. So, discover the charm of “The Cake Boutique” today and let Sandy McCord create a slice of happiness for your treasured moments.

Address: 5860 N Mesa St Ste 103 El Paso, TX 79912

Phone: 915-581-0708

Facebook: The Cake Boutique

Instagram: The Cake Boutique

Contact : Sandra Vona

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We hope that this list of the very best wedding cake bakers in and around El Paso has given you and your partner a sense of what the area has to offer. From brand new bakers with a dedicated zeal for finesse and refinement in their cakes to indispensable El Paso joints with a local history stretching back decades, this city is sure to satisfy your sweet tooth and your aesthetic preferences for the day of your big celebration. Whether you’re craving cocoa, hungry for hazelnut, or longing for lemon, there is a wedding cake maker in or around El Paso who can satiate that hankering and provide you with a cake as beautiful and opulent as it is delicious.

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