10 Questions with Angell Walker & Vanessa Alanis

Color Amp Salon

Hair & Makeup Artist - Angell & Vanessa

10 Questions with Angell Walker & Vanessa Alanis

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hello! My name is Angell Walker. My best friend and business partner, Vanessa Alanis, and I established our first salon on March 1, 2011 also known as Color Amp Salon. We decided to go into business together so we could create a cozy environment for our clients. Sometimes going to a new salon can be intimidating but we always go out of our way to make sure everyone feels comfortable. Being friends for so long makes our work environment so amazing. We work on a lot of our clients together. We promote art, professionalism, and individuality. Let us Amp up your life!

2. What's your experience as a bridal hair & makeup artist? How many brides are in there in your portfolio?

We offer travel (within the city) to and in-house services for special events. It has definitely been a fun experience! When we get to travel away from the salon, it’s like a mini field trip we get to take. We have seen many beautiful homes and hotels. We always remain professional and we try to do everything in our part to ensure a calm and enjoyable experience.

We’ve done many weddings. We’ve been in as a business for ten years and have a combined Through those parties, we’ve received recognition through word of mouth. For about three years, we participated in an annual open house event for a local venue SeleroM Ballroom and Events. We did bridal hair and makeup for their models as well as hosted our own table for our salon. Great experience and met tons of great people!

3. What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

We offer specialty event hair and makeup services. We can do makeup or hair for any type of event such as bridal, quinceneras/birthdays, graduations, special FX/Halloween, or just for the night. These are the most popular.

For makeup, our services offer full face including eyelashes. If a bride would like to bring Their own lashes they are welcomed.

For hair, if a Bride would like to add-on more length or volume, they may bring in their own extensions and can be added on with a small fee.

4. Do you have a team of assistants or will you be the only artist that day? What will happen if you're sick or have an emergency on the wedding day?

Being that we are a small salon, We do have a team of assistants. We also collaborate with another makeup artist, Lydia Mendoza Mua. Playin With Colour. We have been collab partners for a decade! The best!
There are times when we have parties with just single services such as just Hair, or just makeup.

There is always a contingency plan for these types of events and services. It highly recommended for the bride to receive a trial service to ensure the perfect look and style tailored to their visions! This makes it easier the day of, as well as, easier to communicate should a contingency plan come into play.

5. Do you charge a travel fee? For what distance? What does that cover?

Yes. We do charge a travel fee per destination not per Person. This covers one destination within the city of El Paso.

6. Can the bride book a wedding makeup trial appointment and will you also do a trial before the wedding?

Yes. We only Discuss Bridal events pricing details in a scheduled consultation service. During the consultation service we can go over pricing, expectations, number of people, travel, and destination. We also collect 50% of deposits required to reserve the day of the event, and set up a trial appointment for the bride (and brides maids that would like a trial as well).

The bride can reserve a trial appointment. It is highly recommended and we feel it is necessary since they will be one of the main attractions of event! This helps the bride envision their dream look and also helps us work out a plan.

7. What beauty products do you use and would you be open to the bride using her own make-up?

We use SEVEN haircare. It’s a cruelty free, sulfate free, and paraben free haircare line we use for our styling.

We also offer airbrush foundation and Jane Iredale minerals. If a bride feels they absolutely need one of their own products in particular, then we don’t see a problem.

8. How can you make the bride's wedding makeup last and look good in photos?

Photography Wedding makeup is usually a little heavier for camera purposes. We always consult with the bride to make sure they are comfortable with a heavier look especially if they will be taking pictures. We can still make the look appear natural to the eye, but also ensure those features will be captured through a lens.

It’s important to moisture, prime, and set to ensure the makeup stays in place for photos.

9. How long will makeup take on the day and how long will you be staying for on the day?

For a single party, it can takes up to two hours. For larger bridal parties we can have two artists working one guest at a time. Hair and makeup takes an hour per person. When all the parties have completed their looks, we clean up and leave. Working a daily event after hours can be arranged.

10. What is your cancellation and/or refund policy?

Our policy is All ongoing remaining deposits should be paid seven days prior to the event. 50 percent fee is non-refundable or transferable, should a bridal event is cancelled. The time and date has already been set, so it’s a little compensation for our time.



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