Dan Lozada Studio uses high-end DSLR video equipment to create professional videos. The team also has high-end post-production software and specialists to create highlight videos for you to relive your memory. Do you want to create a short film about your love life and wedding? The team will help you capture interviews, first looks, teasers, and others. It is important to mention these requirements during booking so the team can make all the prior arrangements. The team also offers wedding photography services.

Address: 2412 Montana Ave, El Paso, TX

Phone: 915-474-4169

Profile: Dan Lozada Studios

Social: Instagram

Contact : Dan Lozada

ZGN Production is a professional photography and videography service provider that usually works with short films, actor reels, and events. You can pick custom packages for your wedding, including photography with videography, video slideshow, and other services. The team uses a 4K multi-camera and offers high-quality video and audio with voice over and graphics features. The team also offers a slideshow option wherein you can combine photos and videos for creating a slideshow. The slideshow will be played during your big day so your guests can watch your romance story as the ceremony preparations go on.

Address: EL Paso, TX

Phone: 915-328-5427

Profile: ZGN Production

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Chris Hanna

Camarena Studio offers three different packages for wedding videography. The basic package includes HD/DVD videos in a Blu Ray Disc, widescreen videos, music background, and more. The package also includes photographs. It covers two different locations. The deluxe package offers the same feature as the basic package, but at three different locations on your wedding until midnight. The complete package covers four different locations until midnight. If required, you can also rent different types of photo booths from Camarena Studio.

Address: 124 S Mesa St, EL Paso, TX 79901

Phone: 915-373-7590

Profile: Camarena Studio

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Julian Camarena

Eminence is a perfect service for regular and destination wedding photography and videography. The team offers HD videos and also custom edited wedding videos. If required, you can also request unique photo booths with props. The team can custom-design the packages to suit your budget and requirement. Do you have a video plan in mind? Or, do you have a sample from your friend’s wedding? Bring in your ideas, and the team will create the perfect photography and videography service for your day. You can order customized gifts too.

Address: 7678 Alameda Ste. A El Paso, TX 79915

Phone: 915-487-7663

Profile: Eminence Photography And Video

Social: Instagram

Contact : Juan Yepez

Ravisuals offers high-end videography services for weddings and other events. Beyond candid shots, the team captures cinematic videos at special moments like champagne toast, bouquet toss, altar kiss, the ceremony, and more. You can also choose to add specific add-ons like interviews, first look, and others. The team has 15 years of experience in handling videography services, and if you wish to have a cinematic style wedding video, Ravisuals is the best option at hand. If you are planning a destination wedding, the team is open to traveling with you along with all the required equipment and resources.

Address: 2629 Yandell Dr, El Paso, TX 79903

Phone: 818-723-2223

Profile: Ravisuals

Social: Facebook

Contact : Raul Hernandez

JD’s Flash is a professional wedding photography and videography service provider. The team offers varying service packages based on your budget. The Basic Video plan covers three-hour coverage with music and titles, and the video is delivered on a USB flash drive. The Deluxe Video offers full coverage with candid photos and a slideshow. The Dream Video pack includes unlimited coverage, slideshows, two to three camera coverages, including presentation dance, custom USB, recap videos, and aerial videography with two drones. You can also add add-ons like engraved boxes, re-edits, drone footage, DVD copies, music videos, and more.

Address: 11493 Nettie Rose Cir El Paso, TX 79936

Phone: 915-999-0210

Profile: JD'S Flash

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : JD's Flash Team

Ewale Prods is a professional cinematography team that offers non-traditional high-end videography services for your wedding. The team is specialized in candid pictures, raw emotion capture, and more. Do you want aerial shots with drones? Do you wish to add cinematic beauty to your videos with unique special effects? Anything is possible with Ewale Prods. The team has all the latest technologies and exceptional specialists for wedding photography. Fill in the form with the basic details, and the team will contact you to create the right package for your wedding day.

Address: El Paso, TX

Phone: 214-462-2555

Profile: Ewale Prods

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Ewale Prods Team

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The team you pick should offer all the video add ons that you desire. Furthermore, they should have a team large enough to be able to fully cover your big day, particularly if you’re planning a large wedding. 

Each of the videographers we have listed is experienced and fully capable of covering your big day. No matter which of them you choose, we’re sure you’ll be fully satisfied!

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