Array Design is one of the leading boutique floral studios in and around Phoenix, providing local couples with unforgettable floral arrangements for wedding celebrations. Services provided by Array Design can be provided in a variety of packages or through a la carte personal floral services, with options ranging from bridal and bridesmaid bouquets to boutonnieres and corsages to installations and centerpieces, and so much more. A vast catalog of honors and accolades have been collected by Array Design in their years in business from national and statewide publications as well as noted media outlets, and this is for good reason: The services on offer with Array Design are unmatched in sophistication and seamlessness of customer service.

Address: Phoenix, AZ

Social: Array Design

Profile: Array Design

Contact : Allison

For floral designs of any shape, style, and texture for wedding ceremonies and receptions, check out The Wildflower AZ, a Phoenix-based floral boutique. Nicole and Selena are the mother-daughter duo in charge of the operations at The Wildflower AZ, and they offer an approach that is guided by the vision of the clients with whom they work. Using client specifications and desires when it comes to the colors, textures, fragrances, and other such finer details, Nicole and Selena create bouquets, centerpieces, and installations that are described as “organic” and “quality” through and through.

Address: 5202 N 7th St, Phoenix, AZ 85014

Phone: 602-423-4876

Social: The Wildflower AZ

Profile: The Wildflower AZ

Contact : Nicole Schwartz

Your Event Florist is a boutique floral studio located in Phoenix, perfect for supplying upcoming wedding festivities with gorgeous floral designs. Your Event Florist has been open for business for 12 years and counting, owned and operated by dynamic duo Kevin and Shawna. When it comes to flowers for weddings, Kevin and Shawna work with clients closely to provide a fully bespoke experience, whether clients are hoping for rose petals lining the aisle at the ceremony, elaborate centerpieces at every table during the reception, or anything else that a client could possibly imagine for their upcoming marriage.

Address: 7741 E Gray Rd #5, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: 480-203-2740

Social: Your Event Florist

Profile: Your Event Florist

Contact : Kevin & Shawna

Nothing can match the elegance on offer from the floral arrangements curated and picked by Table Tops Etc. The team at Table Tops Etc. is headed up by owner and floral designer Melissa Lewis, who has facilitated fresh floral designs for over 800 weddings since 2003. With almost two decades in business, Melissa with Table Tops Etc. leads an eight-person team of professional managers, producers, and designers who collaborate with one another and with clients to create floral designs that evoke a sense of wonderment, love of nature, and lush romance, making Table Tops Etc. a natural choice of florist for Phoenix-based weddings.

Address: 5032 S Ash Ave #108, Tempe, AZ 85282

Phone: 602-252-2966

Social: Table Tops Etc.

Profile: Table Tops Etc.

Contact : Melissa Lewis

Since 2003, TWW Events has helped Phoenix area brides with their floral arrangements with great care, compassion, and detail. This mother-daughter duo has a passion for bringing you the freshest flowers for all of your floral wedding bouquets, corsages, centerpieces, and more. They specialize in crafting incredible floral arrangements that match your style and personality. When you begin working with them, they will use your ideas and color palette to create unique floral wedding arrangements that will showcase the love and romance of your special day. TWW Events can take care of all your wedding flower needs in a fun and professional manner that you will love.

Address: Goodyear, AZ

Phone: 623-536-0995

Social: TWW Events

Profile: TWW Events

Contact : Jacque Dearing

Rita’s Floral Designs offers a complimentary initial consultation so that you can discuss your color palette, theme, vision, and preferences for your wedding day. In business for over three decades, they know just how to blend your style with their innovative ideas and knowledge of the best flowers, greenery, and succulents. They will happily show you examples of bouquets, boutonnieres, halos, centerpieces, and floral artistry that they have created.

Address: 7150 N 29th Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

Phone: 602-864-8939

Social: Rita's Floral Designs

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Contact : Rita Vanek

With more than 25 years of experience in the industry of floral design, Deidre and the family team in charge at Dei-Zinz Fresh Studio can create floral arrangements that will speak to the beauty of nature and the elegance of the wedding celebration for which the flowers are picked out. The process of picking out and curating flowers with Dei-Zinz Fresh Studio is a fully bespoke experience, centered around providing clients with flowers that hew closely to the aesthetic vision and artistic sensibilities of the happy couple, whether in the form of bouquets, centerpieces, boutonnieres and corsages, or installations.

Address: 7848 E Redfield Rd Suite 3, Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Phone: 480-420-0898

Social: Dei-Zinz Fresh Studio

Profile: Dei-Zinz Fresh Studio

Contact : Deidre

Forage Arizona is one of the most elegant floral studios in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area. Sarah and Andy sit at the helm of the operations with Forage Arizona, and they lend a passion for “sustainable agriculture and business practices” to the craft of floral design, ensuring that the services of Forage Arizona are eco-friendly; this makes Forage Arizona an ideal choice of wedding floral boutique for clients looking to minimize their carbon footprint and keep their vendors and venue completely environmentally sustainable, while still remaining unspeakably beautiful when it comes to the colorful, textural floral designs on offer.

Address: Scottsdale, AZ

Phone: 480-662-3648

Social: Forage Arizona

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Interview: 10 Questions with Forage Arizona

Contact : Sarah

Based out of Old Town Scottsdale and serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, Blissful Blooms is a boutique floral studio offering event design, decor, and coordination services in addition to gorgeous florals. Items provided for wedding celebrations include ceremony and reception flowers, arches, cakes, centerpieces, garlands, head tables, and so much more. A track record of excellence is one of the central promises of Blissful Blooms, from the textural and color contrast within the carefully curated bridal bouquet to the elaborate whimsy of the installations for all guests to gaze upon during the wedding ceremony.

Address: 3511 N 70th St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 602-320-0229

Social: Blissful Blooms

Profile: Blissful Blooms

Contact : Carlyn Millea

Rosado Events & Design is one of Phoenix’s most prominent floral boutiques, offering full service floral and event decor for wedding celebrations of all shapes, sizes, and styles. A high standard of customer service and a high quality of decor are both guaranteed with Rosado Events & Design, with a wide array of flowers, orchids, and plants on offer, all freshly picked and fragrant. Consultations can be scheduled online or in person with Rosado Events & Design in order for the staff to assess any specifications and desires in advance of the wedding date. Full service and a la carte service are both on offer with Rosado Events & Design.

Address: Scottsdale, AZ

Phone: 623-292-6476

Social: Rosado Events & Design

Profile: Rosado Events & Design

Contact : David Rosado

With the services of Haute Haus Luxury Events & Fine Floral, elegant floral arrangements for wedding celebrations in and around Phoenix are an absolute guarantee. Two specific packages exist for couples planning their weddings: the “Down the Aisle” package through which clients can leave everything to the team at Haute Haus when it comes to flowers and design, and the “Atelier” package for clients with more specifications and detailed ideas of what they want their event to look like, whether it’s custom floral walls, ceiling treatments, flower structures, or any other hard-to-assemble item.

Address: 2375 E Camelback Rd #600, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Phone: 602-320-3366

Social: Haute Haus Luxury Events & Fine Floral

Profile: Haute Haus Luxury Events & Fine Floral

Contact : Steve Bader

Juliet Le Fleur is one of the most sought after boutique floral studios in the greater Phoenix metropolitan area, specializing in fragrant, freshly-picked flowers assembled into whimsical and romantic arrangements. When it comes to flowers for wedding celebrations, Juliet Le Fleur can provide clients with everything from bridal and bridesmaid bouquets to corsages and boutonnieres to floral crowns and garlands; additionally, ceremonies can be decked out with aisle petals, altar floral designs, arches with flowers, chuppahs, lanterns, terrariums, and so much more. For all of these impeccable services as well as the work of lead designer Julie Robinson, Juliet Le Fleur is an ideal choice of boutique floral studio.

Address: 7021 E Main St, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 480-994-1012

Social: Juliet Le Fleur

Profile: Juliet Le Fleur

Contact : Julie Robinson

Look no further than Artistic Surroundings for some of the most well-picked, fragrant, verdant flowers available on the market for upcoming wedding celebrations across Phoenix and beyond. Artistic Surroundings prioritizes creativity and uniqueness in design above all else, and this dedication to distinct designs has led to recognition as a premier florist on BloomNation. This recognition is essentially certification that the flowers organized and curated by Artistic Surroundings will be excellently assembled by some of the finest florists in the local area. Artistic traits valued by this boutique floral studio include “vibrant colors, clean lines, and interesting textures.”

Address: 1801 W Rose Garden Ln Suite #3, Phoenix, AZ 85027

Phone: 623-582-1884

Social: Artistic Surroundings

Profile: Artistic Surroundings

Contact : William Pailley

Amazing Flowers is a boutique floral studio based out of Phoenix, best known for their beautifully selected and carefully curated bouquets of flowers for wedding festivities in the local area. Serving the greater Phoenix metropolitan area since 2007, Amazing Flowers boasts 15 years in business providing unforgettably distinctive and fragrant bouquets, boutonnieres, corsages, centerpieces, and so much more for ceremonies and receptions across the local area and beyond. From tulips to sunflowers to orchids and anything else in between that a client could request for their wedding day, Amazing Flowers can get the job done in a timely manner and with a clear mark of originality in the design.

Address: 4745 N Central Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85012

Phone: 602-309-2597

Social: Amazing Flowers

Profile: Amazing Flowers

Contact : Amazing Flowers Team

Very few florists can match the sheer refinement and sophistication of the services on offer with Community Florist. Community Florist is a local favorite, known for their floral arrangements that evoke a certain charm and whimsy in any guest in attendance at a wedding celebration with flowers facilitated by this floral studio. All floral arrangements created at Community Florist are hand-picked and designed by a dedicated staff member to ensure quality and consistency across the board as well as creativity and textural contrast that shows a clear care for the craft of floral design. For excellent customer service and gorgeous flowers, check out Community Florist.

Address: 1616 N Central Ave Ste. 106, Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: 602-266-6648

Social: Community Florist

Profile: Community Florist

Contact : Shelli Walker

1-800 Flowers of Greenrose is a floral boutique located in Phoenix, a perfect place for local couples planning their nuptials to check out for bespoke services in the craft of floral design. When it comes to wedding flowers, the options include bridal and bridesmaid bouquets, corsages and boutonnieres, centerpieces, ceremony arrangements, and so much more. Flowers can be packaged into bundles available for easy purchase, or flowers can be created to bespoke specifications for clients looking to individualize their floral experience for their upcoming wedding. No matter the style, whether elegant and minimalist or lush and verdant, 1-800 Flowers of Greenrose can make it happen.

Address: 3579 W Northern Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85051

Phone: 602-242-4744

Social: 1-800 Flowers of Greenrose

Profile: 1-800 Flowers of Greenrose

Contact : Christy

Malori Maeva and her team at Form Floral are all about creating bold and whimsical floral bouquets and arrangements. Whether you prefer soft and romantic or defined and quirky, they can hone your vision into a unique floral display, as long as you are keen on having anything other than ordinary. These florals are a work of art, gathered from the heart and inventive by design. They are meant to be statement pieces that turn heads and be memorable. For over six years, Form Floral has been devising art-focused blooms that are changing the way couples see floral design.

Address: 3832 E Winslow Ave Phoenix, AZ, 85040

Phone: 480-616-4353

Social: Form Floral

Profile: Form Floral

Contact : Malori Maeva

The Flower Studio was created back in 1995 when Christine Siegel moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, and founded the company with her passion and extensive experience in the flower industry. The studio is available for consultations on an appointment-only basis to ensure each of their clients is given the attention they deserve. The Flower Studio has a wide-ranging list of clients from sports stars to celebrities to eager and enthusiastic wedding couples. Their flower arrangements, bouquets, and floral sculptures are all bespoke, so you can be assured of personalized creations.

Address: 20815 North 25th Place, Suite A107, Phoenix, AZ 85050

Phone: 602-279-3404

Social: The Flower Studio

Profile: The Flower Studio

Contact : Christine Siegel

For almost a decade, LUX Wedding Florist has been creating extraordinary floral designs for happy couples all over Phoenix. Their expertise extends to décor, floorplans, and timeline creation so that they can be a significant asset for your special day. They can help create the perfect color palette and mood to ensure your florals blend seamlessly with the rest of your wedding decor. LUX Wedding Florist offers a free initial consultation to discuss your wedding vision and sense of style, as well as your budget. They can then provide helpful tips and hints about making the most out of what you have available to ensure your floral arrangements add to your day’s appeal and leave a lasting impression.

Address: 2050 South 16th Street, Suite 107, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Phone: 602-707-6295

Social: LUX Wedding Florist

Profile: LUX Wedding Florist

Contact : Cynthia Linzy

Mark and Angela Karp started Angelic Grove to offer luxury, couture florals that are distinctive and alluring. Their team of talented floral creatives and designers are on hand to collaborate with you about how to make your wedding truly unique and personalized to your sense of style. They offer rentals for escort card tables, aisle décor, lighting, and alter architectural pieces, as well as custom-designed bouquets, boutonnieres, and centerpieces. Perhaps our favorites are their customized flower halos with matching petal baskets, which will have your flower girl looking sweet as can be.

Address: 22 E Buchanan St Phoenix, AZ 85004

Phone: 602-462-9700

Social: Angelic Grove

Profile: Angelic Grove

Contact : Mark & Angela

Best friends Sherry Watkins and Sara Jihan Fassil started 1209 Creative after noting a real lack of edgy floral design while working in the wedding industry, though in other realms. Clients love their modern approach to floral artistry and focus on remaining eco-conscious while still pushing the boundaries of bespoke floral art. They now have outlets in Madison, Wisconsin, as well as Phoenix, Arizona.

Address: 936 W MacKenzie Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85013

Phone: 480-220-5416

Social: 1209 Creative

Profile: 1209 Creative

Contact : Sara Jihan Fassil

Bo Inukihaangana is the dynamic florist and founder of Designs by Zima. Together, Bo and Adam Gettys started the company in 2012 to offer trendsetting floral designs to discerning clients that are looking for unique arrangements. They offer a la carte floral arrangements, or you can arrange a consultation to design bespoke pieces for your special day. They also provide wedding planning, design, and coordination services.

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85006

Phone: 480-420-4949

Social: Designs by Zima

Profile: Designs by Zima

Contact : Bo Inukihaangana

Jodi is actually a second-generation florist as she grew up assisting in the flower shop owned by her parents. After a trial of the corporate world, she went out on her own in 1995, and Flowers By Jodi was born. Flowers By Jodi has years of experience pulling your vision into a cohesive floral plan, from micro-weddings and elopements to elaborate weddings with hundreds of guests. They are well-versed in finding ways to stretch your budget with in-season flowers and multi-use arrangements. The initial consultation is complimentary, and a final meeting will take place roughly a month before your big day to ensure every detail is perfectly executed.

Address: 20650 N 29th Pl. #105 Phoenix, AZ, 85050

Phone: 602-264-6932

Social: Flowers By Jodi

Profile: Flowers By Jodi

Contact : Jodi W.

William McArdle started Avant-Garde William & Company Floral Design in 2005 with a focus on unique, innovative floral design. The company is now one of the finest specialty wedding florists in Arizona, with a reputation for bringing your vision and theme to life through flowers. Avant-Garde has worked with Phoenix Bride, Arizona Weddings, Groom, and more on specialty photo shoots. They are creative visionaries that can bring together your floral needs, as well as complete wedding design.

Address: 2445 North 32nd Street, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phone: 602-252-1685

Social: Avant-Garde

Profile: Avant-Garde

Contact : William McArdle

For over 35 years, PJs Flowers & Events have been providing the people of Phoenix, Arizona, with stunning wedding floral displays. Tony and his team are still providing top-notch customer support and are experts at offering sound guidance about what flowers will work best with your wedding date and color scheme. They genuinely care about their clients and collaborate with you on how to get the most from your floral budget. The designs are stunning, and their service is on the next level.

Address: 3021 S 35th St #B-3 Phoenix, AZ, 85034

Phone: 602-995-4999

Social: PJs Flowers & Events

Profile: PJs Flowers & Events

Contact : Tony Medlock

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Phoenix, Arizona, might be known for its arid climate and desert cactuses, but the floral visionaries in this city can rival throughout the US. Whether you would prefer a bold pop of color, or a more subtle, romantic palette, we are sure that the florists on our list can bring your vision to life.

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