Phoenix Uplighting

Since 1994, Phoenix Uplighting has amazed couples all over the Phoenix area with its stunning light displays and monogram graphics. Take your wedding designs up a notch by adding specialty lighting packages that can turn your wedding day celebration into a magical event. Light up the room with colored lights and pin spots to show details on your cake or see your name in lights as you dance the night away. You will love the energy and dedication they have for making your special day even better when you first come in and talk about your ideas. Make your wedding day stand out by letting Phoenix Uplighting make your dream wedding a cut above the rest. 

Address: Phoenix, AZ

Phone: (480) 381-6616

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Marcus Trollmann

The Balloon People

Who doesn’t love balloons? There’s no better way to spice up your wedding decorations with a custom balloon display that you and your guests will love. By hiring The Balloon People, you will have a Certified Balloon Artist create an incredible visual that adds a unique touch to your wedding day celebration. Imagine an archway of colorful balloons as you walk into your reception or dance the night away under a canopy of balloons that can drop for added fun. The dedicated team will work with your decorations and seamlessly blend in any balloon creations and make your wedding day celebration a fun and memorable day.

Address: 6640 E Presidio Rd, Scottsdale, AZ 85254

Phone: (602) 359-2238

Social: Instagram

Contact : Francine Kades

Lace and a Barn

Lace and a Barn is a family-owned event company specializing in wedding decorations since 2015. From modern-chic to rustic-charm, the talented florists and designers can take your ideas and turn them into a beautiful reality that will exceed all of your expectations. Sit down with one of their coordinators, and they will ask you what your dream wedding looks like. They will then take your ideas and create a perfect reality that you and your guests will love. From beautiful floral bouquets and crowns, custom centerpieces, and comfortable couches and chairs, you will have everything you could imagine for your dream wedding.

Address: 317 E El Dorado Ln, Gilbert, AZ 85295

Phone: (480) 414-3438

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jodie

Karma Event Productions

Specialty lighting can take your wedding ceremony and reception and add an extra bit of wow to your special day. Karma Event Productions can start with your wedding design, take it up a level, and help set the mood with a custom light set up. You can have a soft and romantic light display while you say I Do, then change it up to a fun evening of dancing with fun, colorful lighting and effects.  Announce your entrance right with a shower of sparks and sounds, or turn your cake into a fantastic show with video mapping. Whatever design you have in mind, Karma Event Productions will make it happen.

Address: 2126 E 5th st, Tempe, AZ 85281

Phone: (480) 969-3766

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jeremy Martorano

Divinity Event Lighting

Lighting is not just for brightening a room. It can turn any room into a dreamscape where you can say your vows and celebrate your new life together. Divinity Event Lighting wants to help you create a magical wedding celebration that will light up your life. With lights, sounds, and other effects, they can transform a simple room with sheer drapes and custom furniture pieces that yell out love and romance. Make your cake stand out with pin lights or projection mapping, or walk down the aisle under a ceiling of twinkle lights that transform your ceremony into a fairytale. Whatever you can imagine, Divinity Event lighting can make it into a colorful reality.

Address: 1000 E Lone Cactus Dr, Phoenix, AZ 85024

Phone: (480) 200-9886

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Melissa Weihert

Stay Off the Roof

Boasting 15 years of experience providing custom lighting for weddings in the Phoenix area, Stay off the Roof is the perfect choice if you’re looking for help using your decorations to light up your celebration. Whether you have an indoor or outdoor wedding, they can take your venue and turn it into a magical space. For your ceremony, turn it into a fairytale with lights and flowers that hang down around you. Display your name or a message of love in lights behind you and your wedding party. Sit under a canopy of string lights during your reception. Whatever you have in mind, Stay Off the Roof can make it happen.

Address: 4602 E Elwood St #5, Phoenix, AZ 85040

Phone: (480) 567-7088

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jonathan

Valley Event Lighting

Since 2008, Valley Event Lighting has enhanced wedding decorations with their specialty lights and custom setups that have wowed every couple they work with. Set the mood with soft uplighting and pin spotlights, or display your name or message of love on the wall or dance floor. You can even highlight your cake and more with their unique packages and audiovisual extras. When you talk with their talented team, they will go over how they can enhance every element of your wedding celebration. When the dancing begins, that’s when you will turn it up and start to party with moving lights and effects that will have you and your guests partying the night away.

Address: Phoenix, AZ

Phone: (210) 827-6556

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Michael

Creative BackStage

If you are looking for a full-on audiovisual and lighting experience for your wedding, Creative Backstage can help your wedding celebration become a visual and audio experience. Make a statement at your reception by lighting your way with floor sparklers that light up as you walk in. Turn your walls or a backdrop into an art show with video mapping and moving colored lights. You will work with a team of professionals that can take your ideas and turn them into a stunning reality of lights and sound. When you want to go big for your wedding day celebration, Creative Backstage will make sure every detail is perfect.

Address: 4013 W Lindbergh Way, Chandler, AZ 85226

Phone: (480) 580-2222

Social: Instagram

Contact : John Garberson

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Depending on your taste and budget, one of these top wedding decorators in Phoenix, Arizona, can help transform your venue into the dream wedding you have always wanted. Let one of these talented teams come in and take your blank canvas or a design you have already started and turn it into a magical place where you will begin your new life. You can light up your grand entrance with a shower of sparklers or with custom movable lights that show you the way to the dance floor, where your names or love message will be displayed. No matter what style of wedding you have envisioned, one of these decorators will turn your dreams into a beautiful reality.

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