For several years, Bamboo Bakery in Phoenix, AZ is a multi-award-winning bakery specializing in towering wedding cakes that look as good as they taste. They have traditional baking techniques and a dedication to creating an edible art show out of your cake. David and the Bamboo Bakery team will craft your dream cake after sitting together during a tasting and discussing your design. If you do not have an idea, that’s ok. You can pick from one of their stunning award-winning cakes that fit perfectly with your wedding day celebration.

Address: 1619 E Monte Vista Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85006

Phone: 602-246-8061

Profile: Bamboo Bakery

Facebook: Bamboo Bakery

Instagram: Bamboo Bakery

Contact : David

Get ready for the most beautiful and precise ruffles when you get a cake from Cakes by WHISK. You’ll impress your guests with an exquisite wedding cake and an assortment of scrumptious sweets. These wedding cake bakers in Phoenix master general brush capabilities and deft stroking prowess, so you can expect astounding designs for your unique wedding. They won countless awards and the hearts of happy couples because the flowers flow well, the bows lay flat, the ruffles look sugary, and the flawless gradient and vibrant glassy deliciousness. Pink champagne, chocolate Kahlua, and even the most luxurious fillings like rum, fresh fruit, and cream cheese are just a few of the tastes you can choose for your custom cakes.

Address: 1605 W Parkside Lane #2 Phoenix, AZ 85027

Phone: 480-946-4888

Facebook: Cakes by WHISK

Instagram: Cakes by WHISK

Contact : Barb

For over 20 years, Baker Wee Bakery has created magical baked memories in the Phoenix, AZ area. Offering a wide variety of different cake and frosting flavors, including a vegan and gluten-free option, you are sure to find a tasteful combination of moist cakes and light buttercream frosting. Lora and her team of bakers and artists can create your dream wedding cake for any style and budget. Your cake will compliment your theme and delight your guests, and have you coming back for years.

Address: 4263 W Thunderbird Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Phone: 602-843-0112

Profile: Baker Wee Bakery

Facebook: Baker Wee Bakery

Instagram: Baker Wee Bakery

Contact : Lora Wee

Master baker Cheryl and her husband Tony have been creating cakes for over 25 years. They understand how important every second is in creating an unforgettable day through a glorious wedding cake based on your demands. CC’s Sweet Sensations take the time to create what you desire. Their yummy flavors include strawberry, pink champagne, lemon poppy seed, and white chocolate. Additionally, you can choose from any of the 30+ fillings to build your own beautiful cake. And all their cakes contain the magic ingredient – moist and gooey chew. CC’s Sweet Sensation cakes stand out, whether they have sparkles, gradient fondant, flowers, lace, or strokes of edible gold. Ask about  sugar cookies and dessert buffets as party favors.

Address: 4215 W Bell Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85053

Phone: 602-882-9227

Facebook: CC's Sweet Sensations

Instagram: CC's Sweet Sensations

Contact : Cheryl

Paula’s cakes are so magnificent that you cannot compare them to any others, regardless if they feature beautiful white, pink, or vibrant orange. At Paula Jacqueline Cakes and Pastries, every line is drawn with exceptional artistic ability. Get ready for flawless flower arrangements that are as delicious as beautiful. These preferred wedding cake bakers in Phoenix specialize in fluffy macarons, sprinkle-covered cake pops, vibrant cupcakes, and cake cups. Rely on this talented group of women bakers with years of experience and a creative vision for your big day. Not only are the flavors and fillings delectable, but you can select vegan, kosher, or gluten-free cakes.

Address: 4151 N Marshall Way Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 480-737-8676

Facebook: Paula Jacqueline Cakes and Pastries

Instagram: Paula Jacqueline Cakes and Pastries

Contact : Paula Jacqueline

Silver Rose Bakery in Phoenix specializes in creating wedding cakes that are moist and flavorful. They take pride in crafting elegant tastes that keep their customers coming back. Choose from one of Michael & Priscilla’s artfully designed cakes, or they will take your designs and turn them into a tasty reality that all of your guests will love and compliment on your wedding day. Try the many flavor combinations that they are known for, and give Michael & Priscilla a call so they can begin turning your dreams into a reality.

Address: Phoenix, AZ

Phone: 623-499-2222

Profile: Silver Rose Bakery

Facebook: Silver Rose Bakery

Instagram: Silver Rose Bakery

Contact : Michael & Priscilla

Ruze Cake House is known for its fresh and innovative cake designs that couples all over the Phoenix area have enjoyed for years. Jessica and her team delight in getting to know their couples and crafting a unique wedding cake that makes their dreams come true. Choose either one of their affordable yet elegantly designed wedding cakes or a breathtaking multi-tiered design that fills an entire table with treats that your guests will love. Ruze Cake House will craft for you your dream wedding cake that will wow you and your guest.

Address: 7033 E Main St #100, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

Phone: 480-438-8692

Profile: Růže Cake House

Facebook: Růže Cake House

Instagram: Růže Cake House

Contact : Jessica Rose

Andrea found her love for baking in her grandmother’s kitchen when she could barely see over the counter. The traditional Italian recipes she learned at her side help create the most stunning and delicious cakes in the Phoenix area. Having worked at several bakeries in the southwest, Andrea opened A Bakeshop in 2012 and has never looked back. Creating masterful creations that wow her clients and keep them coming back. For your tasting, invite up to four guests to make it a fun afternoon picking out your wedding cake.

Address: 6007 N 16th St, Phoenix, AZ 85016

Phone: 602-274-2253

Profile: A Bakeshop

Facebook: A Bakeshop

Instagram: A Bakeshop

Contact : Andrea Tuck

21 Cakes creates decadent and artfully crafted wedding cakes for couples all over the Phoenix, AZ area for years. Her passion for baking started when she would visit her grandparent’s bakery in New York. A creative spirit, Kathy began 21 Cakes as an outlet for her creativity and love for baking sweet treats for her friends and family. From realistic creations and multi-tiered designs, she offers a wide variety of flavor combinations and vegan and gluten-free options. Whatever your design and taste, Kathy at 21 Cakes can turn your dreams into reality.

Address: 7001 N Scottsdale Rd #175, Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Phone: 480-699-6220

Profile: 21 Cakes

Facebook: 21 Cakes

Instagram: 21 Cakes

Contact : Kathy Williams

Featured on the Netflix show Sugar Rush, Bonnie & Breanna with Inspired Sugar want to make your dream cake a reality. The smiles on their clients face during the tasting pushes these two bakers to create wonderfully tasting wedding cakes for various tastes and budget. Choose from one of their classy and elegant designs or work with them to turn your imagination into a floury masterpiece. Inspired Sugar will create the perfect wedding cake for your wedding day celebration.

Address: Phoenix, AZ

Phone: 480-251-9880

Profile: Inspired Sugar

Facebook: Inspired Sugar

Instagram: Inspired Sugar

Contact : Bonnie & Breanna

Trust Sweet and Divine Baking to handcraft, bake, and deliver the best cakes, desserts, and other treats throughout the area. Always expect fresh, never frozen, sweets made-to-order. Since founder Adriana has a degree in baking and pastry arts, her cakes not only attest to her professionalism but also her skill. The cake masters on her team use the same techniques and meticulously create each cake to your specifications. They will never compromise your cake’s delicious flavor or remarkable design, regardless of how big or small it is. Impress your wedding guests with scrumptious desserts and one-of-a-kind favors that they will rave about forever.

Address: 13439 North Cave Creek Rd, Suite 3 Phoenix, AZ 85022

Facebook: Sweet and Divine Baking

Instagram: Sweet and Divine Baking

Contact : Adriana Masuello

Triple Delight Bakery is a family-owned and operated bakery that offers custom wedding cakes that are unique, as is each bride. Kim and her bakers and artists want to create an impressive design that will taste as wonderful as it looks. No two brides are alike, and neither are their cakes. Come in for a tasting and talk about your dream cake, and Kim will make sure to turn your dream into a reality. Your wedding cake will be the perfect complement to your wedding day celebration. 

Address: 14848 N Cave Creek Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85032

Phone: 602-923-1362

Profile: Triple Delight Bakery

Facebook: Triple Delight Bakery

Instagram: Triple Delight Bakery

Contact : Kim Rhinehart

Katie has a passion for making yummy and handcrafted pieces of edible art that will please your taste buds and delight anyone who looks upon the wedding cake sculpture that she will have created for you. A true artist at heart, Katie started Maeflour Cakes after finding her passion for baking while working her way through college. Now, she pours all of her love into crafting wonderful wedding cakes for couples. Her spirit and talent comes out through delicious and elegant hand-painted cakes and treats that will make your wedding day celebration all the more special.

Address: Phoenix, AZ 85040

Phone: 480-292-0722

Profile: Maeflour Cakes

Facebook: Maeflour Cakes

Instagram: Maeflour Cakes

Contact : Katie Frederick

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Your wedding cake should be as unique as your dream wedding. It can be daunting to find a baker with so many different cake options that will fit your budget, style, and taste. Take your time in choosing the right baker, and don’t be afraid to be picky. Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime event, and your cake needs to fit perfectly with your wedding day celebration. With these ten bakers ready to assist you in crafting your dream wedding cake, you are sure to find the one that is right for you.

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