Whether you’re looking to have it all or working on a budget, owner and florist Dana knows just the right blooms and arrangements to suit you. She works with fresh and in-season flowers to create unique floral and greenery designs that suit your taste and desire. Her level of professionalism and work ethic will make the journey of bringing your ideas to life an enjoyable one. Bridal bouquets, centerpieces, floral hoops, custom arch, table décor, whatever you need, she’ll be able to complete in a style and fashion that will leave you and your guests feeling blown away.

Address: Mesa, AZ 85206

Phone: 480-278-1309

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Contact : Dana Flanik

Driven by her passion for flowers, owner and designer Kristen will bring your vision for your wedding day to life. Whether your theme is classic, modern, timeless, romantic, garden, or rustic, she’ll not only achieve it but incorporate your style and taste to make it unique. She accomplishes this by paying keen attention to your wishes, taking note of details such as the design of your wedding dress, wedding colors, décor items, and things you use for inspiration. In the end, it all comes together to give you beautiful floral arrangements that you will be very pleased and happy with.

Address: 7235 E Hampton Ave Suite 101, Mesa, AZ 85209

Phone: 480-654-0998

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Contact : Kristen & David

Drawing her inspiration from nature, art, and beauty around, owner Bess makes floral designs that give a fresh approach to floral arrangements. Her designs are stunning, colorful, and of high quality. She knows just how to be creative with different blooms, textures, and colors to provide each bride with what they need and desire. She is easy to work with, very professional, and will work with you to give you that bouquet, centerpiece, table design, or custom design that you believe will make your wedding perfect.

Address: Mesa, AZ 85206

Phone: 480-969-9898

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Contact : Bess

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When you look at any design made by Bloom Maven, the one thing that is as clear as day is their artistic expertise. If their arrangements could speak, they would tell tales about every couple’s love.

They have been featured in several publications, including Vogue. You can reach them through a questionnaire on their website or by email or visit their store in the city.

Address: 100 South Avenida del Convento Tucson, AZ 85745

Phone: 520-867-8648

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Contact : Akiko Senda

Mayfield Florist is a family-owned floral design company, with two stores in Tucson. Boasting nearly 40 years of experience, their team can deliver unique and luxury floral designs time and time again.

Whether you have a small or a large wedding, their services are available to you. They offer floral design, setting up the flowers for your perfect day, and taking them down after the party is over. Mayfield’s designers will create exactly what you envision, and you can book your free consultation on their website.

If you have questions, you can contact them through Facebook or via email and phone.

Address: 7181 E Tanque Verde Rd Tucson, AZ 85715

Phone: 520-886-4443

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Contact : Don Coleman

Opened in 2016 by Victoria Martino and Carly Wilson, Thistle offers amazing service and a professional approach. Victoria is a floral designer with over 30 years of experience. She will help you emphasize your beauty with memorable flower arrangements. 

With fresh flowers and a knack for thoughtful composition, Thistle will ensure your wedding’s floral décor is incredible. You can also contact them via email, Instagram, or phone.

Address: 234 E. 22nd Street, Suite 120 Tucson, AZ 85713

Phone: 520-812-2687

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Contact : Victoria & Carly

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Malori Maeva and her team at Form Floral are all about creating bold and whimsical floral bouquets and arrangements. Whether you prefer soft and romantic or defined and quirky, they can hone your vision into a unique floral display, as long as you are keen on having anything other than ordinary. These florals are a work of art, gathered from the heart and inventive by design. They are meant to be statement pieces that turn heads and be memorable. For over six years, Form Floral has been devising art-focused blooms that are changing the way couples see floral design.

Address: 3832 E Winslow Ave Phoenix, AZ, 85040

Phone: 480-616-4353

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Contact : Malori Maeva

The Flower Studio was created back in 1995 when Christine Siegel moved to Scottsdale, Arizona, and founded the company with her passion and extensive experience in the flower industry. The studio is available for consultations on an appointment-only basis to ensure each of their clients is given the attention they deserve. The Flower Studio has a wide-ranging list of clients from sports stars to celebrities to eager and enthusiastic wedding couples. Their flower arrangements, bouquets, and floral sculptures are all bespoke, so you can be assured of personalized creations.

Address: 20815 North 25th Place, Suite A107, Phoenix, AZ 85050

Phone: 602-279-3404

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Contact : Christine Siegel

For almost a decade, LUX Wedding Florist has been creating extraordinary floral designs for happy couples all over Phoenix. Their expertise extends to décor, floorplans, and timeline creation so that they can be a significant asset for your special day. They can help create the perfect color palette and mood to ensure your florals blend seamlessly with the rest of your wedding decor. LUX Wedding Florist offers a free initial consultation to discuss your wedding vision and sense of style, as well as your budget. They can then provide helpful tips and hints about making the most out of what you have available to ensure your floral arrangements add to your day’s appeal and leave a lasting impression.

Address: 2050 South 16th Street, Suite 107, Phoenix, AZ 85034

Phone: 602-707-6295

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Contact : Cynthia Linzy

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