Your wedding is among the most important days of your life. One of the best ways to celebrate this big day is through the use of good music – it can help your guests celebrate with the same level of enthusiasm as you will be celebrating with your partner. 

To help you choose the right music provider for your big day, we have curated a list of the top 10 DJs in Dallas. Each of them will help make your wedding more memorable than you could ever have imagined.

True DJ of Dallas is a company that is well-known for its party performances. Anyone who has ever been to an event hosted by them knows exactly how much fun they will be able to ensure you and your guests have. 

You will be able to handpick the list of songs that will be played at your wedding, and they will ensure that your song list is truly customized to your needs. They have many years of experience with international as well as local clients. With shining equipment and excellent light and sound effects, your big day is made.

Address: 2925 Elm Street, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: (469) 702-1970

Instagram: True DJs of Dallas

Facebook: True DJs of Dallas

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Interview: 10 Questions with True DJs of Dallas

Contact : Michael

If you are opting for a traditional wedding, then LeForce DJ will not let you down. They offer packages that are curated for every occasion and are famous for working with your entire family and ensuring that the songs they play are all family-appropriate. 

They can accommodate any preferences that you have and still get the party started, providing confidence and support to the bride and groom. You are assured of great equipment and a fantastic musical experience.

Address: 9140 Premier Row, Dallas, TX 75247, United States

Phone: (214) 302-8564

Instagram: LeForce Entertainment

Facebook: LeForce Entertainment

Profile: LeForce Entertainment

Contact : Adam

This DJ offers tons of experience at helping couples celebrate their big day, regardless of the culture. They are determined to keep your guests hooked to the dance floor, and they will give them the experience of a lifetime. Your guests will remember your wedding as one of the best weddings they have ever attended. DJ Riz has won multiple awards for being the best DJ in the country. They specialize in Indian weddings and all the associated ceremonies, including the Mehendi and Sangeet, as well as Garba music.

Address: 3030 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy suite 700/45, Dallas, TX 75234

Phone: (214) 724-3727

Instagram: Dj Riz Entertainment

Profile: Dj Riz Entertainment

Contact : DJ Riz

My DFW DJ claims that they can make your guest stay on their feet all night long – they will keep your guests on their toes, swaying to the beats through the night. Their team of specialists will talk to you and help you choose the perfect music for your wedding day. They always play the right track at the right time and make sure that you’ll have the most fun you have ever had in your life. From energetic numbers that allow you to dance it out to slow and soft songs to compliment the emotional moments, they’ll ensure that they miss nothing!

Address: 300 Willow Creek Dr, Glenn Heights, TX 75154, USA

Phone: (972) 861-2021

Instagram: MY DFW DJ

Facebook: MY DFW DJ

Profile: MY DFW DJ

Contact : Lance

This company is amongst the most famous on the list. As their name suggests, their lineup boasts DJs who are experienced at performing on air. When performing at weddings, they are known for ensuring that every person present gets on the dancefloor – from your grandparents down to the youngest kids!

None of your guests will ever complain that the party spirit has gone down even a single beat when you hire Radio DJs. If you are going to have a high-profile wedding, you should look at booking them. With the best sound and lighting equipment at their disposal, you are assured of a top-quality event.

Address: 220 E Las Colinas Blvd Irving, TX 75039

Phone: (214) 461-3685

Instagram: Radio DJs

Facebook: Radio DJs

Profile: Radio DJs

Contact : Mike

DJ Evon is passionate about music, and he takes exceptional care of each of his clients. If you are looking for a positive DJ experience at your wedding, Evon is the man for you. He will curate your playlist himself and take every possible step to give you comfort and will transform your wedding day as unique as you want it to be. You can take a look at the videos on his website to get a sense of his abilities.

Address: Dallas, TX

Phone: (817) 504-7602

Instagram: DJ Evon

Facebook: DJ Evon

Profile: DJ Evon

Contact : Evon

Run by DJ Rod Baker, you can be assured that all your needs will be addressed with this company. All of his music is tailored to meet your tastes while also being suitable for your wedding day. At the same time, he makes sure never to compromise on the quality of his work.

The best part about this DJ is that he ensures that all your inputs are included on the day of your wedding. Rod has the best reviews on his website, and everyone has appreciated his leadership and guidance at their wedding.

Address: Dallas, TX

Phone: (817) 602-8280

Instagram: DFWParties DJ Rod Baker

Profile: DFWParties DJ Rod Baker

Contact : Rod Baker

This business redefines the classical style of a wedding through their unique skills at creating music. They will provide you with an amazing experience from the moment you hire them. All of their clients have commented on their beautiful services and their outstanding performance. When they play at your wedding, you won’t have a moment to take a breath – you’ll be too busy enjoying yourself on the dancefloor instead! They are energetic and will pump your guests with energy to provide you with the best wedding experience in Dallas.

Address: 210 S. Mesquite St, Arlington, Texas 76010

Phone: (817) 715-9188

Instagram: Vida Weddings + Events

Profile: Vida Weddings + Events

Contact : Valente

DJ Grapevine has been in the industry since 2012, and has organized numerous events, and has curated multiple cultural weddings. If you are looking for an out-of-the-box experience, this business is the choice for you. Their main priority is to ensure that you are treated like royalty, and customer satisfaction is something they are known for. With great equipment and excellent skills at their disposal, they can do the job that you want and hope to be done on your big day.

Address: Grapevine, Texas, USA

Phone: (214) 926-2904

Instagram: DJ Grapevine

Facebook: DJ Grapevine

Profile: DJ Grapevine

Contact : Jonathan

Your DJ at Pro DJ Entertainment is Michael, who has been DJing for over 20 years, and no one can match-up his expertise. He can handle everything from small groups to big crowds, so don’t worry about the size of the guest list – regardless of how many people there are at your wedding, he’ll ensure that everyone has a great time.

Address: Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: (214) 882-8304

Facebook: Pro DJ Entertainment

Profile: Pro DJ Entertainment

Contact : Michael

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Your wedding should be one of the most beautiful days of your life. Ensuring that it is a memorable event should be one of your key concerns, and one of the best ways to do so is by taking advantage of the skills that a great DJ offers you. They will play your favorite songs and make sure that everyone has a blast during your wedding. No matter which DJ you choose from our list, you can be assured that you won’t be disappointed.

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