Rêve Diamonds is a globally renowned jeweler specializing in natural mined diamond engagement rings, bespoke jewelry, and an extensive selection of lab-grown diamonds. With showrooms in New York and London, Rêve has now opened its newest showroom location in Dallas, and its team can’t wait to help more people find or design their dream pieces.

Rêve’s team delivers superior customer service through intimate, personalized consultations, readily available in-person or virtually. With a swift two-week turnaround for bespoke designs, you can craft the perfect symbol of love quickly for your wedding or proposal easily.

As a manufacturer and distributor, Rêve’s competitive advantage is providing retail customers with 20-40% lower prices than their rivals. Employing master craftsmen versed in cutting-edge jewelry-making methods, Rêve Diamonds caters to lovers of both traditional and unique designs.

Discover the Rêve Diamonds collection today.

Address: 3838 Oak Lawn Ave Turtle Creek Village, 75219 Dallas, TX

Phone: 646-881-1522

Profile: Rêve Diamonds

Facebook: Rêve Diamonds

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Contact : Rêve Diamonds

Couples planning their weddings in the greater Dallas metropolitan area will have no trouble finding the wedding jewelry they’re looking for when shopping at Shapiro Diamonds. Choosing a ring is a tricky process, which is why their team members place importance on excellent customer service. They are committed to helping and counseling brides as they explore their options, whether that means a pre-made ring from one of the designer collections on offer at Shapiro Diamonds or it’s ordering a custom-designed piece made through the typical bespoke process.

Address: 5420 Lyndon B Johnson Fwy, Suite #280, Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: (972) 239-2122

Facebook: Shapiro Diamonds

Instagram: Shapiro Diamonds

Contact : Kendra Shapiro

Bachendorf’s is a noted jewelry store well-stocked with some of the most radiant diamonds and jewelry on the market, perfect for brides-to-be planning their upcoming wedding ceremonies. Designer collections on offer include Christopher Designs, Forevermark, Henri Daussi, Hearts on Fire, Lazare Diamonds, Norman Silverman, and many more. Wedding bands and engagement rings can both be purchased at Bachendorf’s, with styles ranging from simple and traditional all the way to multi-diamond mammoths in white gold, yellow gold, or platinum.

Address: 8400 Preston Rd, Dallas, TX 75225

Phone: (214) 692-8400

Facebook: Bachendorf's

Instagram: Bachendorf's

Contact : Lawrence Bock

Expressions Diamonds is one of the leading jewelry stores in and around Dallas, providing local brides-to-be with unforgettable jewelry pieces of sheer beauty and elegance. Styles of rings on offer include round, cushion, princess, pear, teardrop, and so much more. All diamonds at Expressions Diamond are GIA certified. This means that the labor practices involved in the creation of the diamonds at this jewelry store are ethical through and through. Open for business since 1974, Expressions Diamond is a Dallas institution that is a safe bet for quality jewelry.

Address: 2050 N Stemmons Fwy Ste. 7501, Dallas, TX 75207

Phone: (214) 748-3275

Facebook: Expressions Diamond

Instagram: Expressions Diamond

Contact : Expressions Diamond Team

Nothing can match the sophistication and refinement of the jewelry pieces available for purchase at Diamond Factory Dallas. They offer both lab-grown and natural diamonds, with cuts including Asscher, emerald, cushion, heart, marquise, oval, pear, radiant, princess, and round. They also offer various designer collections, ensuring that the rings and bands purchased at this lovely jewelry store are top of the line when it comes to quality and appeal. When brides purchase with Diamond Factory Dallas, shiny and lustery rings are an absolute guarantee.

Address: 13719 Omega Rd, Dallas, TX 75244

Phone: (972) 980-8700

Facebook: Diamond Factory Dallas

Instagram: Diamond Factory Dallas

Contact : Barry Adler

Skibell Fine Jewelry is a wedding jewelry store located in Dallas, an ideal choice for prospective brides in the local area thinking about the kind of jewelry they want for their upcoming nuptials. Services offered include appraisals, repair, sourcing, and more. Diamonds cuts available include round, princess, emerald, Asscher, cushion, radiant, pear, oval, marquise, and heart. Prices range down to affordable rates without sacrificing the sheer luxuriousness of the offerings at Skibell Fine Jewelry. 

Address: 8411 Preston Rd #110, Dallas, TX 75225

Phone: (214) 691-5123

Facebook: Skibell Fine Jewelry

Instagram: Skibell Fine Jewelry

Contact : Charles Skibell

When it comes to wedding jewelry pieces such as engagement rings and wedding bands, Mariloff Diamonds & Fine Jewelry is a safe bet for a jewelry store. This store features many different designers of engagement rings and wedding bands. Styles on offer include halo, solitaire, three stone, and vintage. Custom-designed jewelry pieces can also be ordered through a process that includes inspiration for the design of the piece presented by the bride, a quote personalized to the design, the computer-aided design and drawing of the piece, and then the delivery of the fully bespoke and customized ring.

Address: 5151 Belt Line Rd #100, Dallas, TX 75254

Phone: (214) 744-2490

Facebook: Mariloff Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

Instagram: Mariloff Diamonds & Fine Jewelry

Contact : Rafi

Diamond and Gold Warehouse is one of the most prominent jewelry stores in the greater Dallas metropolitan area, pairing local brides-to-be with wedding jewelry that will last them a lifetime. This store offers engagement rings and wedding bands from several designer collections and in styles including traditional solitaire, halo, pave, hidden halo, and more. Custom jewelry pieces are one of the central offerings at Diamond and Gold Warehouse. They are an ideal choice for brides-to-be looking to exert some artistic control over the direction of their ring. 3D computer-aided designs can be made to confirm that the bride likes the piece before she buys it and it’s finalized.

Address: 5757 Alpha Rd Suite #610, Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: (972) 404-4499

Facebook: Diamond and Gold Warehouse

Instagram: Diamond and Gold Warehouse

Contact : Barry Hirsch

Gem Classics is a Dallas-based jewelry store that can check every box that a prospective bride might have in advance of her upcoming wedding celebration and boasts unbeatable client service and some of the finest products on the market. Custom jewelry can be created by one of the expert team members on staff, or brides can choose from a variety of available rings from designer collections, including La Vie, Benchmark, Coast Diamond, Eleganza, Romance, Tesoro, and so many more. Services include repairs, upgrades, and bespoke pieces for a touch of individual flair and a personal stamp.

Address: 5100 Belt Line Rd Ste 700, Dallas, TX 75254

Phone: (972) 458-7188

Facebook: Gem Classics

Instagram: Gem Classics

Contact : Gabe Romo

Look no further than Avior Jewelry for excellent customer service and shining, sparkling jewelry that will amaze all who look upon it. This store offers a wide variety of engagement rings and wedding bands, including cuts such as princess, round, pear, emerald, and oval, and in styles including diamond, solitaire, three stone, halo, and gold. Engagement ring designers offered include Imagine Bridal, Kattan Diamonds & Jewelry, Stuller, Yael Designs, Overnight, and many more and the in-house Avior designer. With all of these options on the table, brides will have a hard time picking out their engagement ring and wedding band at Avior Jewelry.

Address: 13101 Preston Rd #120, Dallas, TX 75240

Phone: (214) 741-7129

Facebook: Avior Jewelry

Contact : Bedrich Castellanos

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Now that the list has finished up, we hope that all who have taken the time to read through it have attained a better sense of the incredibly glamorous and luxurious options for jewelry stores in the greater Dallas metropolitan area. The ring will live on the finger of the bride for years and years to come. Given the permanence of the ring, it is crucial that brides understand the importance of securing that perfect ring and not rushing to any conclusions. We hope that this list will be a boon to all brides in and around Dallas who are getting ready to start shopping!

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