Nardos Design is one of Dallas’s premier bridal salons, offering a vast array of wedding dresses in a variety of sizes, shapes, and styles. Owned and operated by professional designer Nardos Imam, Nardos Design keeps a wide roster of wedding dresses on display, offering both couture and ready-to-wear collections as well as custom designed dresses to meet exact client specifications. The flexibility of the design process at Nardos Design is practically unmatched, as is the elegance of the collections on offer. For beautiful wedding dresses collected and curated under the purview of this boutique bridal salon, check out Nardos Design for any and all wedding dress needs.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 8300 Preston Road Suite 400, Dallas, TX 75225

Phone: 214-749-1901

Facebook: Nardos Design

Instagram: Nardos Design

Contact : Nardos Imam

With the gowns in stock at Terry Costa, brides-to-be will almost have too many options to choose from for their Dallas-based wedding ceremonies and receptions. Terry Costa is staffed up by a dedicated team of stylists and consultants who can offer brides counsel, advice, and reassurance as the selection process unfolds, matching brides with dresses that will complement their features, whether the fit will be in a mermaid dress, an A-line bridal gown, or a ball gown. Terry Costa can meet brides at their price point, accommodating a wide variety of budgets in addition to the variety of styles, making the experience shopping at Terry Costa a fully individualized, bespoke experience from start to finish.

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Address: 12817 Preston Rd, STE 138, Dallas, TX 75230

Phone: 972-385-6100

Facebook: Terry Costa

Instagram: Terry Costa

Contact : Christina

Patsy’s Bridal Boutique is a luxury bridal salon based out of Dallas, supplying prospective brides with all of the dress styles and fits that their hearts could desire. Appointments at Patsy’s Bridal Boutique should be scheduled before visiting the showroom in order to ensure the assistance of one of the dedicated stylists on the team; appointments last ninety minutes. Gowns at Patsy’s Bridal Boutique start at $1,300 and range all the way up to $6,500, meeting brides where they are with flexible budgeting possibilities. Most designers require four months for their wedding dresses, so orders should be placed at least six months before the wedding date, though rush orders can often be accommodated for a small surcharge. Patsy’s Bridal Boutique does not offer in-house alterations, though the team can put brides in touch with some of Dallas’s most qualified seamstresses.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 2933 N Henderson Ave, Dallas, TX 75206

Phone: 214-528-1227

Instagram: Patsy's Bridal Boutique

Contact : Lindsay Nordyke

For wedding dresses that speak to the sheer opulence and luxurious nature of wedding celebrations, check out Warren Barron Bridal, a stylish bridal salon based out of Dallas. Owned and operated by dynamic duo Elle and Cecilia, Warren Barron Bridal has a vast collection of designer dresses kept in stock in their Dallas showroom, at which appointments should be made in advance of a visit to guarantee the help of a stylist. Gowns at Warren Barron Bridal range from $4,000 to $15,000, making this bridal salon one of the higher end shops, ideal for brides looking to make a bigger purchase. Appointments with Warren Barron Bridal last 75 minutes, and in-house alterations are offered for a flat fee of $695.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 6731 Snider Plaza, Dallas, TX 75205

Phone: 214-526-8400

Facebook: Warren Barron Bridal

Instagram: Warren Barron Bridal

Contact : Cecilia Flores-Barrón

Altered for the Altar is a Dallas-based wedding dress shop, promising a vast catalogue of wedding gowns that radiate sheer beauty and elegance. At Altered for the Altar, appointments should be scheduled before a visit to the showroom such that a consultant can be made available to provide valuable advice and guidance when it comes to selecting the perfect dress. Alterations can be attended to in-house, and the process takes 6-8 weeks, meaning that brides should plan their alterations well in advance of their wedding date if necessary; quotes for alterations are dependent on the scale of the work that will be involved. All gowns can be sized down at least two sizes, meaning that brides have some flexibility in the sizing of their dress of choice with Altered for the Altar at the helm.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 1327 E Levee St, Dallas, TX 75207

Phone: 214-929-1857

Facebook: Altered for the Altar

Instagram: Altered for the Altar

Contact : Ruth & Rylee

Nothing can match the refinement and sophistication of the dresses in stock at Margo West Bridal Alterations, where brides-to-be can browse all kinds of gowns for their Dallas-based wedding celebrations. Margo West Bridal Alterations is only open by appointment, so appointments should be scheduled before paying a visit to the showroom; up to two guests can be accommodated for initial appointments. Services offered by Margo West Bridal Alterations include cleaning, pressing, steaming, and, as the name implies, alterations, keeping all of the necessary services for wedding gowns all under one roof for maximal client convenience. For access to some of the most sumptuous gowns on the market, look no further than Margo West Bridal Alterations. 

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 1403 Slocum St, Dallas, TX 75207

Phone: 972-918-9750

Instagram: Margo West Bridal Alterations

Contact : Margo West

Gowns of Grace is a boutique bridal salon based out of Dallas. To ensure the help of one of the devoted stylists on staff, appointments should be made at Gowns of Grace in advance of a visit to the showroom; appointments at Gowns of Grace typically run ninety minutes in length. The average shipping time for a gown is anywhere from 7-10 days all the way up to six months, so gowns should be ordered as far in advance of the upcoming wedding date as possible. Alterations are offered in-house, with costs depending on the extent of the work necessary, and the timeline on alterations is typically a 6-8 week turnaround. For some of the most elegant dresses on the market as well as a client-forward approach to customer service, Gowns of Grace is a must-see bridal salon.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 4885 Alpha Rd STE 155 Dallas, TX 75244

Phone: 214-902-0800

Facebook: Gowns of Grace

Instagram: Gowns of Grace

Contact : Nancy & Natalie

At Stanley Korshak Bridal, prospective brides can navigate the wedding dress shopping experience with the help of a team of trusted consultants and stylists who will collaborate with clients to find the perfect wedding dress. With a couture design team and an alteration staff in house, Stanley Korshak Bridal makes the wedding dress selection and delivery process maximally convenient for brides, ensuring that the brides will hardly have to lift a finger throughout the process of procuring the dress. In addition to curating gowns from some of the world’s most stylish, fashionable designers, Stanley Korshak Bridal offers a slew of accessories. Appointments should be made at Stanley Korshak Bridal in advance of a visit to the showroom.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 500 Crescent Ct #142, Dallas, TX 75201

Phone: 214-871-3611

Facebook: Stanley Korshak Bridal

Instagram: Stanley Korshak Bridal

Contact : Christina Plumlee

White Gown Workroom is one of Dallas’s most elegant bridal salons, well equipped to provide brides-to-be with all of the options for wedding dresses they could hope for. Gown alterations occur in house at White Gown Workroom, and these alterations typically take 12-16 weeks to process and execute, meaning that a bride should know well in advance of the upcoming wedding date whether or not any changes to the dress will be required. White Gown Workroom is owned and operated by expert seamstress Debra, who boasts 20 years of practical industry experience; Debra is ready, willing, and able to work with brides-to-be across the Dallas area to ensure that they have the perfect dress on the day of their wedding.

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 3015 State St #121, Dallas, TX 75204

Phone: 214-744-4696

Facebook: White Gown Workroom

Instagram: White Gown Workroom

Contact : Debra Powell

Perfectly stocked with some of the most sought after wedding dresses on the market, Mockingbird Bridal Boutique is a charming bridal salon based in Dallas. Appointments are required in advance of a visit to Mockingbird Bridal Boutique, and the average shipping time is between four to six months. Most gowns at Mockingbird Bridal Boutique fall in the price range of $1,500 to $2,500, though more expensive dresses are available for brides looking to splurge on this aspect of the wedding celebration. An in-house alterations department can be employed if any changes need to be made to the wedding dress after its initial delivery, making Mockingbird Bridal Boutique essentially a one-stop shop for wedding day outfit needs. 

Collections: Checkout their collection

Address: 5602 E Mockingbird Ln, Dallas, TX 75206

Phone: 214-823-6873

Facebook: Mockingbird Bridal Boutique

Instagram: Mockingbird Bridal Boutique

Contact : Amber Harris

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When it comes to the day of your wedding, few items and design elements will make a lasting impression on your family, friends, and loved ones quite like your wedding dress. That’s why you want to find the perfect dress for you, one that will make all of your best features pop and will make your partner endlessly grateful to be spending the rest of their life with you. We hope that this list of the top ten bridal salons across Dallas, Texas and beyond has been helpful in providing you and your partner with a sense of the endless possibilities that surround you. If any of these bridal salons particularly appealed to your aesthetic sensibility and personal preferences, we encourage you to reach out and make an appointment — it can’t hurt to have too many options! With all that said, we wish you the very best of luck as you start your search for the ideal wedding dress, and we’re confident that on the day of your wedding, you’ll be beaming from ear to ear in elation with your wedding day look. 

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