CN Catering is a premier catering service in Dallas, Texas. They have been providing all their clients with unparalleled services and exceptional quality food for years. They are a group of expert chefs and caterers whose top priorities are unique taste, freshness, and high quality. The team’s focus is not just to offer delicious meals but also to deliver 100% client satisfaction. Whether you’re planning an intimate dinner party or a wedding of your dreams, they can help you bring your wedding dream to life. 

Address: 8805 Sovereign Row, Dallas, TX 75247

Phone: (214) 821-2514

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Contact : Lance

Savory Catering is a Dallas based full-service catering service. This company was founded by Anthony Winkler and Jonathan Calabrese, intending to offer delectable food made with the freshest ingredients. All professionals strive to provide great subtlety and high-end services to all couples, no matter their wedding vision. They will work with you to craft a menu that brings your wedding vision to reality. The team has planned several events and knows how to create the perfect catering menu. Talk to the professionals of Savory Catering to discuss your wedding vision.

Address: 5855 Maple Ave, Dallas, TX 75235

Phone: (214) 301-3124

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Contact : Jonathan

Beyond the Box Catering is another well-known catering company specializing in innovative culinary creations for weddings and other special events. They offer several menus, dishes, and other services to fulfill all your desires. Their trained and talented caterers and chefs can work their magic in inspiring and diverse ways. The team works in collaboration with all couples to produce flavorful dishes that please palates and taste buds. Go through their wedding menu to see what they have to offer. 

Address: 2544 W Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75212

Phone: (214) 828-2228

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Contact : Douglas

Founded in 1992, Wendy Krispin Caterer is another award-winning, popular wedding catering service. They have been providing excellent food and staff services for weddings and other special events for years. With years of experience in the catering industry, they strive to create perfect menus for every wedding. Their focus is to make your big day as unique as your love story with their unmatched catering services. You can trust the professionals of Wendy Krispin Caterer for a delicious and full-sensory celebration.

Address: 528 South Hall Street, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: (214) 748-5559

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Contact : Gwendolyn

Cohost Catering is an end to end catering business that sources its menus for special events by partnering with reputed restaurants in Dallas. They collaborate with you and your guests to craft a delicious wedding day menu, regardless of your vision. The team will deliver all the necessary service equipment and transport the food to help you plan a perfect event. They provide couples with all style foods, including plated and family-style meals, to match everyone’s vision. Hire Cohost Catering to make your big day relaxing, enjoyable, and tasteful.

Address: 4320 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: (214) 775-0822

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Contact : Jewel

Based in Dallas, Texas, Vestals Catering is a leading catering business devoted to the beauty of bountiful tables. The team believes that tables are a chance to slow down, connect with people, and share delectable dishes. They strive to use the best locally and seasonally available products to prepare wedding food and stand behind what they serve. Their professionals feel honored to be part of weddings and love to do what they do. No matter what, they will always be there to offer tasty meals to all your loved ones. 

Address: Dallas, TX 75202

Phone: (972) 803-3806

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Contact : Jordan

Two Sisters Catering is a licensed and respected catering service that prides itself on offering soul-food cuisines and desserts. The team provides exceptional services to tantalize you and your relatives with captivating & memorable catering experiences. Their goal is to impress all clients with exceptionally fresh and personalized menus presented with style and grace. They approach your big day not as a one-time occasion but as the beginning of a lifelong relationship. For a customized experience, consider talking to the team to discuss your creative food ideas in detail.

Address: 2633 Gaston Ave, Dallas, TX 75226

Phone: (214) 823-3075

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Contact : Connie

Petaluma Catering is a full-service, Dallas-based catering business specializing in mouthwatering food, artful presentation, and impeccable services. They specialize in serving all events, including weddings, and have tried their hands on different types of foods. Regardless of your taste and desires, the innovative chefs and caterers are ready to offer delicious foods made of fresh ingredients sourced from local suppliers or producers. Book Petaluma Catering and let their professionals enchant your close ones with delectable dishes and outstanding ambiance.

Address: Stichter St, Dallas, TX 75230

Phone: (214) 749-0299

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Contact : Deanna

If you’re searching for caterers who can provide the perfect balance of service and quality in Dallas, look no further than Texas Catering. The team gives their best to make your wedding a memorable experience for everyone with their delicious catering services. They consider themselves part of your hospitality picture and can assist you in each way to make your big day a hit. They take all your needs seriously and are committed to being the best catering business you have ever experienced.

Address: 6211 Owens Street Ste 130, Dallas, TX 75235

Phone: (214) 351-6000

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Contact : Jenni Williams-Kimmel

Heart to Heart Pure Creative Cuisine is a full-service catering business in Texas. They bring creativity that can turn an ordinary arrangement into an elegant and sumptuous soiree. No matter your wedding size, they can help you serve all your guests with an unparalleled level of quality. Their chefs are proud to honor all their clients with moments that will last for life. They offer an artistic experience packed with visual appeals, flavorful bites, and customized touches.

Address: 4252 Spring Valley Road, Dallas, TX 75244

Phone: (972) 266-6226

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Contact : Tom

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A wedding catering company can make your ceremony unforgettable by offering fine dining experiences to you and your guests. If you’re searching for a professional wedding catering service for your big day in Dallas, you can consider hiring any of these vendors. Consider choosing a suitable wedding caterer from our list to enjoy and celebrate your big day to the fullest.

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