10 Questions with Kelly Soule

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10 Questions with Kelly Soule

1. Introduction: What's your story?

Hello! I'm Kelly Soule, Founder and Principal Planner of Kelly Elizabeth Events. I found my love for Events over 15 years ago and Weddings naturally became a part of that passion. When I started my degree in Public Relations in at Northeastern University, I discovered what I enjoyed most about the field was planning and executing events. I loved getting to work with different people and the challenge of organizing the logistical puzzle was beyond exciting.

As I started my career post-college, working for various sports and entertainment companies such as the Sundance Film Festival, US Open and the NFL, I only feel in love it with further. After years for working full-time and managing client Weddings as an independent planner on the side, I was able to launch my own business in 2018 and fully dedicate myself to my clients and their celebrations.

2. What's your experience as a wedding planner? How many weddings have you planned?

Before launching my own business in 2018, I had the pleasure of working with a variety of different Wedding Planners before taking on clients of my own. To this date, Kelly Elizabeth Events has planned 50+ Weddings of sizes from 25-300 in locations all throughout the country. Although based in Boston, we go wherever our clients take us, which includes many destination Weddings, and help them wherever they feel they need support going into their celebration.

3. What sorts of services do you offer (month-of coordination, full-service planning, or à la carte planning)?

We customize all of our services to the needs of our clients. Whether they are coming to us at the very beginning looking for full-service planning and design, or just looking for someone to be a resource along the way and with more detailed support through that final month, our main goal is to ensure it is a stress-free process that compliments their lifestyle. Our design services also are curated to help them bring their personalities to life on their Wedding Day and can be included in any package.

4. How do payments work (a percentage of the wedding budget, a flat fee etc.)? What are the different packages that you offer and which one is your most popular package?

All of our packages are set services based on the scope of our client's Weddings. We take into consideration location, size, lead time and where they are in the process then evaluate their needed support from there. Most of our clients come to us with a date, venue and a couple vendors, then we help them put together the look and feel and get them through the final months.

5. Who else is in your team and how many people on your staff will be at the wedding?

I am the Owner and Principal Planner and manage all of our full-service and design clients. I have a wonderful part-time Coordinator who helps me with some of our partial planning clients. On the day-of, we have (2) coordinators on site for all of our full-service clients and evaluate our partial planning clients needs individually.

6. What happens if you're sick or otherwise unable to be there on the day of the wedding?

My coordinator and myself a built in backups for each other, but we also have a wonderful community of fellow Planners and Coordinators who help us if we are in need.

7. How many meetings will you have with the couple and how will they be involved?

This varies from client to client and how they would like to be involved in their day. We generally meet monthly with all of our clients in the year leading up to their day and in between allow them to choose how they'd like to be involved. We like to compare it to driving, do they like to be in the driver seat with us next to them helping them navigate? Or would they like us to get them to where they are going and they get to just enjoy the scenery? We discuss this at the consultation and go from there!

8. Will you handle the invitations, from wording and ordering to the addressing and mailing? What about guest list coordination and RSVPs?

We like to remind our clients that they are NOT expected to know how to plan a Wedding! Wedding Planning is a unique experience that couples are thrown into without any preparation. Invitations and guest lists are a great example of something we can be a resource for for questions and planning. We generally have RSVPs go to our clients because it's part of the fun and we don't want them to miss it! But we help set them up with all the tools so they can easily track and keep it enjoyable.

9. Do you handle rentals? Will you coordinate delivery, arrival and set up times with the photographer, the florist, the musicians and the caterer/banquet manager?

For all of our clients, we create, manage and execute a day-of production schedule. This not only ensures that everything runs smoothly, but it also gives our clients peace of mind going into the day that everything is prepared. To put this together, we work with all the vendors and coordinate their arrival, delivery and departure and pick-up times to ensure it all works logistically and not a moment is missed.

10. Can you create a timeline that tells everyone involved in the planning process (other pros, members of the wedding party, to-be-weds and families) what to do and when to do it? How will you make sure everyone sticks to the schedule?

Our production timeline is the go-to resource for everyone involved in the Wedding Day. This includes all vendors and Wedding Party members. We create a customized version that our clients can share with their families and Wedding Party so they are full prepared on where they need to be and when and are just as in-the-know to as the couple. In advance of the Day, we review the timeline in detail with everyone involved then use it to drive the flow and tasks on the day-of.



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