The Edgewater Hotel is ideal for couples looking for a more traditional space in which to host their big day. It has been named the Best Quintessential Seattle-Area Reception Site by Seattle Bride Magazine, and the team at this boutique wedding is dedicated to helping you create an unforgettable wedding day. 

There are several event spaces for you to choose from at this venue, including the Olympic Ballroom, the Terrace Room, the Cascade Ballroom, and more. Depending on the event space you choose, this venue can accommodate up to 220 guests. Services offered include overnight accommodation for you and your guests, in-house catering and bartending services, and more. 

Address: 2411 Alaskan Way, Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: (206) 971-5799

Profile: The Edgewater Hotel

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Contact : The Edgewater Hotel Team

Melrose Market Studios is located in a renovated historic building that was first opened in 1927. The venue offers over 5000 square feet of event space in which you can host your big day.

Located on the west edge of Capitol Hill, the space is completely customizable, and you can divide it using curtains into smaller spaces if you’re hosting a more intimate wedding celebration. The venue can accommodate up to 200 guests. Services offered include audiovisual equipment, event rentals, a prep area for your caterer to get set up, and more.

Address: 1532 Minor Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: (206) 932-1059

Profile: Melrose Market Studios

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Contact : Hanna Dillard

AXIS Pioneer Square can accommodate up to 500 guests. A modular space, it was designed to allow you to customize your celebration and bring your dream wedding to life. Additionally, it also offers an outdoor space the leads to Nord Alley, which is rich with brick and fire escapes, making it a unique space in which to have your wedding photographs. 

The venue offers over 10000 square feet of event space in which you can host your big day. Services offered include in-house photography services, a photo booth, event rentals, and more.

Address: 308 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 681-9316

Profile: AXIS Pioneer Square

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Contact : Melissa

WithinSodo offers couples four dividable event spaces and was designed as a ‘flex space’ to be able to accommodate any type of event that a person can think of. There is also a 3000 square foot rooftop deck, of which 1000 square feet is covered, for couples that prefer an outdoor celebration. 

Services offered include audiovisual equipment, a caterer’s kitchen, three built-in bars, and more. The venue can accommodate up to 625 guests and was named as the Best Reception Site for 2012 by Seattle Bride Magazine.

Address: 2916 Utah Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 317-4345

Profile: WithinSodo

Instagram: WithinSodo

Contact : Kate Anderson

Ideal for couples looking for a more traditional venue in which to host their big day, Pan Pacific Hotel is located in the heart of downtown Seattle and is only moments away from landmarks like the Space Needle and Pike Place Market. There are several event spaces available to choose from at this venue. 

Spaces on offer include the Lakefront Ballroom and The Terrace. The Lakefront Ballroom can accommodate up to 200 guests and boasts stunning views of the skylines. The Terrace is a more intimate, outdoor garden space that features views of the Space Needles. Services offered include catering and bartending services, overnight accommodation for you and your guests, and more.

Address: 2125 Terry Avenue, Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: (206) 264-8111

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This stunning, luxurious hotel and event venue boasts an authentic Northwest setting and prides itself on its top-notch hospitality. Perfect for couples looking for a warm and welcoming venue to host their big day, this venue offers several event spaces for you to choose from. 

Event spaces on offer include the Evergreen Lawn, Tamarack Hall, and the Reflections Gallery. The venue can accommodate up to 200 guests. Services offered include in-house catering and bartending services, use of the bridal suite, setup and cleanup, audiovisual equipment, and more. You can take advantage of the more than 150 rooms if you are looking for overnight accommodation for you and your guests. The venue also offers a honeymoon room for couples looking to get started on the honeymoon as soon as their ceremony and reception is over!

Address: 18525 36Th Avenue South, Seattle, WA 98188

Phone: (206) 214-4130

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Offering over 4000 square feet of event space, Imperia Lake Union (formerly Lake Union Café) aims to serve as a convenient way in which to host an intimate, elegant wedding day. The venue also offers the use of their Fairview Park Outdoor Ceremony area for couples that prefer an outdoor celebration. 

Services offered include event rental, professional event staff, day-of coordination and pre-planning services, audiovisual equipment, in-house catering, and bartending services, and more.

Address: 3119 Eastlake Ave E, Seattle, WA 98102

Phone: (206) 568-1258

Profile: Imperia Lake Union

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Instagram: Imperia Lake Union

Contact : Tasia

Designed by Graham Baba Architects, 10 degrees offers couples 750 square feet of interior space and 650 square feet of private deck space. The venue also shares a private internal door with OOLA Distillery, so couples looking to host a bigger celebration can rent out both spaces. 

This venue can accommodate up to 60 guests, making it perfect for couples looking to host a truly intimate wedding day. Services offered include event rentals, audiovisual equipment, and more.

Address: 6009 12th Ave S Seattle WA 98108

Profile: 10 degrees

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Instagram: 10 degrees

Contact : Britt Rynearson

Located in Seattle’s Belltown neighborhood, this two-story venue offers couples several event spaces in which to host their big day. The building is full of wood, steel, and concrete details, and the spaces on offer are truly customizable, making it easy to bring your dream wedding day to life. 

Spaces offered include the Bert & Tot Ballroom, which features oak floors, leather-wrapped columns, blackened steel, and more. It is also connected to the outdoor Courtyard, which is a secluded outdoor space that features a graffiti wall, 12-foot tall living wall, and more. The Ewing Theatre is an eclectic space that boasts board-formed concrete walls, polished concrete floors, a retractable wall, and more. Depending on the space you choose, the venue can accommodate up to 400 guests.

Address: 115 Bell St, Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: (206) 347-0541

Profile: Block 41

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Contact : Block 41 Team

Georgetown Ballroom is located in Seattle’s Georgetown neighborhood. The building it is housed in was once a warehouse garage and also served as the location of the historic Mission Theatre. The venue has been renovated to keep the vintage style while also offering guests all the modern amenities they can think of.

This venue can accommodate up to 300 guests and boasts two mezzanines, a stage, a grand staircase, a private courtyard, and more. Services offered include in-house catering and bartending services, event rentals, audiovisual equipment, venue facilitators, and more. 

Address: 5623 Airport Way S, Seattle, WA 98108

Phone: (206) 763-4999

Profile: Georgetown Ballroom

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Contact : Georgetown Ballroom Team

The Rainier Club has been hosting weddings for well over a century. The clubhouse is a truly elegant space and boasts gold-leafed ceilings, grand staircases, crystal chandeliers, and more. 

Couples can choose from any of the club’s 14 event rooms to host their big day. Services offered include in-house catering and bartending services, six overnight guest suites for you and your guests, tailored wedding packages, and more.

Address: 820 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 296-6848

Profile: The Rainier Club

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Contact : Tracy Hinchcliffe

Located in Seattle’s heart, Washington Athletic Club has evolved as one of the best venues across Washington since 1930. Dedicated to enriching couples’ special moments, they offer everything to make your venue look like you have ever envisioned. From crystal ballroom to noble room to johnson lobby lounge to top of the WAC, all these spaces feature spectacular views, committed to turning your wedding day the most beautiful day of your life. Make your reservation today and give your family and guests a perfect wedding experience.

Address: 1325 6th Ave Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: (206) 622-7900

Profile: Washington Athletic Club

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Contact : Washington Athletic Club Team

College Club boasts stunning panoramic views of Seattle, making it a truly astonishing space in which to host your big day. This waterfront venue also offers deck access, so you can host a waterfront venue if you so choose. 

Services offered include audiovisual equipment, a full bar, and more. The river rock fireplace makes for a great backdrop for your wedding photographs, and this space allows couples to truly celebrate their union in style. 

Address: 11 E Allison St, Seattle, WA 98102

Phone: (206) 622-0624

Profile: College Club Seattle

Facebook: College Club Seattle

Instagram: College Club Seattle

Contact : Dave Plumb

Offering over 5500 square feet of event space, Metropolist is located in the historic Ederer Building. Built in 1919, it was renovated to offer visitors modern amenities. 

The venue boasts 25-foot vaulted ceilings, 14-foot walls, hardwood floors, an open kitchen, an easily movable bar, and more. This classically industrial venue offers a wide host of amenities, including event rentals, the use of the bridal suite, setup and cleanup, and more. 

Address: 2931 1st Ave S suite a, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 623-5118

Profile: Metropolist

Facebook: Metropolist

Contact : Andi

Spread over 100,000 square feet, Bell Harbor International Conference Center is a premier waterfront venue with the capacity of hosting up to 5,000 guests. For an outdoor ceremony, the Rooftop Plaza is the best place. This outdoor location offers stunning views of the Mount Rainier, Olympic Mountains, and Seattle skyline and can host up to 300 people for a seated event and 500 for a cocktail-style ceremony. Whereas the Harbor Room is the best spot to host an indoor reception, with the capacity of accommodating between 300 to 450 guests with different arrangements.

Address: 2211 Alaskan Way Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: (206) 441-6666

Profile: Bell Harbor International Conference Center

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Contact : Kimberly Bergsma

With 250 acres of stunning landscape to explore, IslandWood is a beautiful retreat from the modern bustling streets of downtown. Just a short ferry ride from Seattle, this is a truly unique experience that couples will love to share with their guests. The site offers nature trails, canopy treehouses, lodges, and a grand reception area that can accommodate up to 200 guests. By hosting just one wedding per weekend, couples and their guests can enjoy all the area has to offer without having to rush home at night.

Address: 4450 Blakely Ave NE, Bainbridge Island, WA

Phone: (206) 855-4300

Instagram: IslandWood

Contact : IslandWood

Founded in 1977, The Seattle Aquarium offers a distinctive window into ocean conservations by delivering attention to detail and once-in-a-lifetime event experiences. With stunning water windows as a backdrop and outstanding seating arrangements, they will make sure to fulfill your vision of a perfect wedding event by delivering personalized services. Be it lighting, table settings, floral decorations, catering, or entertainment; the team will assist you throughout the ceremony to ensure a flawless experience.

Address: 1483 Alaskan Way, Pier 59 Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: (206) 386-4300

Facebook: Seattle Aquarium

Instagram: Seattle Aquarium

Contact : Seattle Aquarium Team

A warm and cozy wedding venue with some of the most incredible menu options around, FareStart creates an intimate and romantic atmosphere that brings everyone together for good food and wonderful company. Close to the downtown core and designed to cater to parties of up to 225 guests, the beautiful modern style and attention to the last detail are what make this a popular choice for so many brides and grooms on their special day. Combining the beauty of modern industrial design with an open space for comfortable receptions, there is no doubt why this location is always in demand.

Address: 700 Virginia St, Seattle, WA

Phone: (206) 267-7606

Profile: FareStart Catering

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Contact : FareStart Catering


Modern and chic, The 101 is a wonderful combination of rich history and warm industrial style, this wedding venue is unique in the sense that it is essentially the birthplace of Seattle and all of its charm. Designed to be a blank canvass that can be styled and shaped to suit every couple’s desires for their big day, the venue space can also comfortably accommodate up to 200 guests. A versatile spot in a vibrant historic location, it is no wonder why so many people want it for their special day with loved ones.

Address: 101 South Jackson Street, Seattle, WA

Phone: (206) 531-0620

Profile: THE 101

Facebook: THE 101

Contact : THE 101

A historic building that has been around for over a century, Sodo Park is a gorgeous wedding venue with unique features that are sure to make every event memorable and fun. The vaulted ceilings and exposed rustic beams all add to the grandeur of the reception hall that can easily accommodate up to 500 guests. Dressed and styled in any way a couple wants for their wedding day, each room is versatile and impressive down to the very last detail.

Address: 3200 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 932-4717

Profile: Sodo Park

Facebook: Sodo Park

Instagram: Sodo Park

Contact : Sodo Park

An incredible rooftop pavilion with scenic views of the surrounding mountains, Puget Sound, and Ballard waterways, Olympic is a classic luxury wedding venue that the features impressive 20-foot skylights, vaulted ceilings, and all of the modern elegance for hosting parties of up to 150 guests. Giving couples the option of a fully decorated cocktail or seated reception, the whole venue is beautifully designed for those picture-perfect moments that are sure to be cherished in memory.

Address: 5214 Ballard Ave NW, Seattle, WA 98107

Phone: (206) 695-2051

Profile: Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

Facebook: Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

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Contact : Olympic Rooftop Pavilion

Versatile and trendy, Canvas is a unique wedding venue that has over 10,000 square feet of space for ceremonies and memorable receptions for parties that have over 330 guests. There are beautiful indoor and outdoor areas that can be styled to suit every couple on their special day, along with multiple seating arrangements for comfort throughout the day. With plenty of custom options available to make every event truly special, there is no wonder why this is such a popular location for parties.

Address: 3412 4th Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 397-4790

Profile: Canvas Event Space

Instagram: Canvas Event Space

Contact : Canvas Event Space

Blending pristine views with a luxury atmosphere, W Seattle offers the best settings to celebrate the most beautiful events of your life with your favorite people. From luxurious ambiance to top-notch arrangements to eye-catching decors to exceptional services, the team will be there from beginning to end, ensuring everything is going smoothly without a hitch. To ensure a personalized experience, they provide couples with special room block offers and custom wedding packages. Book your wedding date and be ready for a relaxing and stress-free experience on your special day.

Address: 1112 4th Ave Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: (206) 264-6000

Instagram: W Seattle

Contact : W Seattle Team

Just as the name suggests, Nature’s Connection Place is the ideal wedding venue for couples who want to be surrounded by the natural landscape for when they say their vows. With 5 acres of scenic views, manicured gardens, reflective ponds, picture-perfect bridges, and feature waterfalls, everyone will feel perfectly at peace and ready for celebrations after the ceremony. With indoor and outdoor space to host up to 220 guests, everyone will love the simple style and incredible natural surrounds that Washington is known for. Less than an hour from the bustling streets of Seattle, this is a lovely escape for a truly special occasion.

Address: 27225 71st Ave NE, Arlington, WA

Phone: (425) 308-2183

Profile: Nature's Connection Place

Facebook: Nature's Connection Place

Instagram: Nature's Connection Place

Contact : Nature's Connection Place Team

EVENTIDE Lake Union at Tyee serves as an elegant and affordable wedding venue for couples looking to celebrate their big day. Located along Lake Union, the venue offers gorgeous views of Lake Union and boasts a spacious banquet room, a bridal suite for the bridal party to get ready in, an outdoor patio, a fully equipped kitchen, and more. 

Services offered include event rentals, audiovisual equipment, an outdoor gas fireplace, boat docking access, and more.

Address: 3229 Fairview Ave E #100, Seattle, WA 98102

Phone: (206) 735-0208

Facebook: EVENTIDE Lake Union at Tyee

Instagram: EVENTIDE Lake Union at Tyee

Contact : Peter Olson

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Although many couples may not realize it, looking for the perfect wedding venue is often just as fun as celebrating there on their big day. Checking out the diverse locations and considering what each venue has to offer is a wonderful experience that should be cherished. Seattle is known for its beautiful landscape and outstanding service, and couples will quickly realize that choosing the perfect place will be a little tough but also incredibly fun.


Weddings in Seattle

You have imagined your wedding since you were a child, and now your fairytale wedding is just around the corner. All of a sudden, you realize that there is more to planning a wedding than you thought. But you can find comfort in knowing that you are getting married in Seattle, the Emerald City. Known for its lavish evergreen forests and flourishing culinary scene, Seattle is every couple’s dream city for an unforgettable wedding. 

Although it has a reputation for being a wet city, this metropolis also boasts amazing springs and summers perfect for weddings and other special events. The vibrant music scene and lovely cocktail bars, and other outdoor opportunities also make this city the perfect entertainment choice for your wedding guests.


Famous Seattle Wedding Venues

The venue where you will say your “I Dos” will be embedded in your memories forever. That is why choosing a wedding venue is such a big deal. The good news is that before couples even pick a venue, they already have something in mind. You can go for a storybook venue such as The Alexis Royal Sonesta Hotel, with its modern sophistication and deluxe style.

Or, if you are more of the garden-wedding type, the Woodinville Lavender would be the perfect wedding venue for you. This picturesque venue boasts of deep purple lavender flowers that will tickle the fancy of any bride, and your guests will, without a doubt, appreciate its beauty.

When it comes to weddings in Seattle, another popular venue is The College Club. If you have always dreamt of having a waterfront wedding with stunning views and a warm ambiance, this location should be first on your list.


Popular Types of Weddings and Prices

According to’s Annual Couples’ Survey 2020, almost half of the wedding planning budget is usually spent on the venue. Of course, many factors determine how much you are going to spend on the location. For instance, you are likely to pay more money if you choose an extravagant or unique place than if you just go for a simple location. The number of guests at your wedding will also determine how much you will spend. However, your big day can be the best day of your life, even if you have a limited budget. 

The best way to narrow down wedding venues is to decide the type of wedding you want. Have you always dreamt of having a waterfront wedding or farm wedding? Or maybe you prefer a garden wedding instead. For a garden wedding venue in Seattle, expect to pay anywhere between $3,500 and $9,500 or more, depending on the number of guests. If you want a farm wedding, you can expect to pay $4,000 or more for the venue. The average cost of a wedding in Seattle is, according to is $31,706.


Weather and Best Months of the Year to Get Married

As mentioned before, Seattle is known as a rainy city. However, any professional wedding planner will tell you that regardless of which state you choose to get married in, the weather can be unpredictable. But there are certain months of the year which are usually perfect for an outdoor wedding. In the case of a Seattle wedding, the best time to have the wedding is between May and October, when the weather is generally warm and pleasant. Because the weather can just change without notice, make sure that you choose a venue that comes with an indoor option. That way, you will be prepared in case the unexpected happens.


Guests Accommodation Options

You cannot pick a venue without taking into account where your guests will be staying, especially if you are expecting interstate or overseas guests. After all, without the love and support of your loved ones, your big day will not be as special as you had always dreamt to be. Whether your guests are flying in from a different state or they live a few miles away, the ideal venue would be one that can accommodate all your guests so that transportation is not an issue. Even if you choose a venue that does not accommodate all the guests, you will find hotels, Inns, lodges, and resorts near almost all the wedding venues in Seattle. For more affordable accommodation options visit

Although there is a lot that goes into planning a wedding, if you choose the ideal wedding venue, everything else will simply fall into place. Remember to take your time before you make a choice. And, also make certain that you don’t wait until the last minute to book a venue.

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