Are you planning daylilies for your wedding decoration? They would look great with coneflowers, black-eyed Susans, lavender, and taro. If you pick tulips for a royal look, add iris, asters, and hosta to highlight the tulips’ beauty. Globe thistle, silver sage, and columbine would make a great combination for a mild decoration.

No matter which flower will be the centerpiece, you need to know what to pair it with to add to their beauty. You need a floral artist who knows how to create a contrasting look to highlight the exotic blooms or the beauty of your theme.

Are you in Seattle? Check out the top 10 wedding florists in the city to help you out with your wedding flowers.

Rusted Vase Floral believes in making a statement with flower decorations. Their choices and options vary with the season. They suggest dainty and soft color combinations for a spring wedding. If you are holding summer nuptials, you need a lush and full decoration. Bold and bright colors would do justice to a fall wedding, and you should pick textured blooms for a winter wedding. Rusted Vase offers many more professional suggestions and a long list of local and international seasonal flowers for your choice. Are you planning a destination wedding? Or, do you prefer a partial flower service on a budget? No matter which, Rusted Vase Floral has got you covered.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 425-280-8069

Social: Rusted Vase Floral Co.

Profile: Rusted Vase Floral Co.

Contact : Carlee

Flora Nova Design is a contemporary wedding decorator who assists in table-top designs, lounge furniture rental, general décor, floral arrangements, ceremony flowers, dream bouquets, and many more. If you are looking for the latest wedding decorations, this is the right floral service for you. Flora Nova Design has been recognized and appreciated with several awards for its creativity and fresh look.

Address: 3124 Elliott Ave Ste M125 Seattle, WA 98121

Phone: 206-353-2904

Social: Flora Nova Design

Profile: Flora Nova Design

Contact : Christiane Zweifler

Leigh and Mitchell offer a unique ambiance with flowers for your wedding. It is hard to find such an end-to-end full-service florist team in Seattle. They offer three packages to suit your wedding requirements and budget. Pick the one that fits you, and you can alter the elements to tailor-fit your dream wedding. The full-service package offers an exclusive venue floral decor and other elemental designs. Their packages also include an a la carte floral package that is a pre-designed model fit for each type of venue and season. Leigh and Mitchell offers garden-breed, organic, and romantic floral blooms for your wedding.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-588-6684

Social: Leigh and Mitchell

Profile: Leigh and Mitchell

Contact : Erica

Juniper Flowers offers various floral elements for your wedding décor like an arch, tropical backdrop, greenery ambiance, a soft carpet of flowers, and more. The team is ready to cater to both simple and extravagant desires. Beyond backdrops, they also specialize in floral linings, table centerpieces, floral artworks, and more. The team prefers to use seasonal blooms for a picture-perfect setting. Or, do you have a personal choice of flower or theme? Juniper Flowers’ team would enhance your preference with the right boutonnieres, hair flowers, floral collars for pets, flower baskets, flower pillow for rings, and more.

Address: 459 N. 36th St, Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: 206-285-2700

Social: Juniper Flowers

Profile: Juniper Flowers

Contact : Jean Louise Paquin Allen

Love Blooms has the competitive advantage of having many vendors in its circle. Thus, it will be your one-destination solution for custom floral designs, décor rentals, installations, and other décor elements. Love Blooms specializes in unique, trendy themes like chalkboard art, classic wedding, geometric themes, rustic look, and more. The team has a long list of design packages suitable for specific venues, seasons, and themes. If you do not like those, you can custom design the complete décor as you prefer.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-475-5133

Social: Love Blooms

Profile: Love Blooms

Contact : Katrina Allen

Fiori Floral Design is a pioneer studio florist in Seattle. Since 1995, the brand has become recognized for its signature French-style floral decorations. In this style, the team hand-picks blooms to arrange them closely to create a jewel box look. They take pride in using the best blooms and no fillers. You can also have a unique texture collection to go with all types of blooms. You can pick any bloom from their catalog, they have reputed suppliers to offer fresh produce for your wedding day. You can cherry-pick your décor elements based on your preferences or leave it to the professionals if you wish to stick to your budget.

Address: Seattle, WA 98103

Phone: 206-329-3944

Social: Fiori Floral Design

Profile: Fiori Floral Design

Contact : Miles Johnson

Sal Floral Design has been in business for more than 15 years. Sal’s priority is bringing a unique look to the décor with fashion elements, artwork, color combinations, and floral designs. To highlight the blooms’ natural beauty, he has a wide collection of rental props like tables, columns, chandeliers, vases, fabrics, candelabras, arches, and more. Sit with him and explain your preferences. It could be a detailed outlook of everything you want in your wedding or a simple requirement like colors or a specific species. Sal will curate a complete model out of your dreams and wishes.

Address: 1219 1st Ave, Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: 206-467-5549

Social: Sal Floral Design

Profile: Sal Floral Design

Contact : Sal M Amezquita

Folk Art Flowers takes pride in creating lush wedding floral decorations with organic and sustainable materials. They home-grow a large assortment of heirloom species of distinct colors and textures. They harvest the flowers at the right season, and thus, if you wish to have indigenous seasonal blooms of the highest quality, Folk Art Flowers is the best choice. Moreover, they have a strong collaboration with local farming communities to bring a wide variety of options. Once you have chosen the flower of your choice, they will offer a multitude of props and rentals to recreate your dream wedding.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-455-4594

Social: Folk Art Flowers

Profile: Folk Art Flowers

Contact : Carolyn Kulb

Do you have a color, theme, texture, or trendy style in mind? Bond in Bloom will take your idea and create a complete décor model to suit your mood and budget. Bond in Bloom also specializes in artisan pottery making. Thus, they can combine the fresh blooms and unique vases to create a complete décor. The team also takes pride in using sustainable materials in their décor for a green wedding.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-402-6580

Social: Bond in Bloom

Profile: Bond in Bloom

Contact : Shelby Bond

Iris & Fig specializes in seasonal decoration with inspiration from the natural ambiance of your wedding venue. Sit with the team for a free consultation to share your passion and requirements. The team procures local seasonal flowers from small-time farmers to offer the freshest and rich blooms. Are you out of ideas? You can share your budget, and they will custom-design floral art for your budget, venue-style, and dress pattern.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 405-420-9001

Social: Iris & Fig

Profile: Iris & Fig

Contact : Courtney Kneifl

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Snowberry, daffodils, pansies, tulips, Indian plum, vine maple, blue elderberry, and Pacific dogwood are some of the beautiful flowers ingenious to Seattle. You can also find a variety of perennial flowering plants in this area. Or, you could procure international blooms from around the world. Regardless of which you prefer, having the right florist is key to ensuring a beautiful wedding. Any of the florists on our list would be a good choice – you just have to choose the one you work best with!

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