The Side Project

The Side Project is a singer/songwriter’s husband & wife team that has delighted Seattle couples since 2004. They offer a mix of classic covers like Dancing Queen by Abba and Brown Eyed Girl by Van Morrison. And original music that will make the perfect musical complement to your ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. You can have a simple duo perform at your ceremony, then the full band to keep you dancing all night long. Browse their website for a list of cover songs they perform and to hear a sample of past performances. Then book your consultation with The Side Project if their musical style fits your wedding vision.

Address: Seattle, WA 98101

Phone: (509) 216-8920

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Suzie

Blue Wave Band

The Blue Wave Band understands how a great band can make a wedding celebration spectacular. They are a customizable 3 – 14 piece band that will provide music for your entire wedding day. Start your ceremony with a classic string trio as you walk down the aisle. For your cocktail hour, they will serenade your guests with a smooth jazz quartet or an easy listening trio, then you and your guests will be dancing all night long to a playlist that you help put together. The Blue Wave Band loves to see people get up and dance and will make the best wedding band for your wedding day celebration.

Address: 3844 1st Ave S, Seattle, WA 98134

Phone: (206) 713-0596

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : David

Windsong Trio

From Mozart to Macklemore, the Windsong Trio is your top choice for a classical and elegant wedding band. They will provide you with unparallel sound as you walk down the aisle to the love of your life. You will work directly with this award-winning trio to perfect your playlist, with additional musicians available, including a trumpet for a truly unique ceremony entrance. You will have delightful music playing while your guests arrive, during your ceremony, and during the cocktail hour. If you have something unique for them to play, they are happy to take on any custom selection that you have in mind. Book Windsong Trio today to add a special musical flair to your wedding day celebration. 

Address: Seattle, WA 98104

Phone: (206) 948-9033

Social: Instagram

Contact : Megan Imrie

Michael Benson Band

The Michael Benson Band is one of Seattle’s most award-winning wedding bands. They provide a full-service musical experience that will be the perfect complement to your wedding celebration. Your wedding package includes a wedding soloist and your choice of piano or solo acoustic guitar. For your cocktail hour, choose from a one, two, or three-piece band, and for the reception, a six-piece band will keep you dancing all night long. Emcee announcements and toasts are included, plus music in between sets. Listen to samples of past performances online and schedule a consultation with the Michael Benson Band if you love their sound and enthusiasm.

Address: Lynnwood, WA, 98046

Phone: (425) 778-3031

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Michael

The Afterparty

The Afterparty is one of Seattle’s best dance party bands that believes that wedded bliss happens on the dance floor. They play all of your favorite music, such as Motown, 70s era funk and disco, 80s rock, 90s dance favorites, and all of the hits you grew up with. You will work directly with the band to create your playlist for the ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and everything in between. They will work with your vendors and take care of all emcee duties to ensure your wedding day is a smooth and musical event. For the best dance band around, choose The Afterparty to perform and your wedding celebration.

Address: 1866 E Shelby St., Seattle, WA 98112

Phone: (206) 261-7834

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Jeff & Tristin

Monica Schley's Harp Escape

Monica Schley’s Harp Escape is one of the most versatile harpists in Seattle. She is a classically trained musician and can add a unique ambiance to your wedding celebration. 

She can perform many of the classic and modern styles that you love, including chamber music, improvisational, avant-garde, jazz, and rock. Have her play solo during your ceremony with the music of your choice. And for your cocktail hour, she can be joined by a bass, cello, flute, or violin to play while your guests mingle. Schedule a consultation with Monica Schley’s Harp Escape today if you dream of having a harp play at your wedding day celebration.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: (206) 720-6486

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Monica

The Nines

The Nines is a super fun five-piece band specializing in making your wedding day a musical success. They perform hits from the 70s, 80s, 90s, and today, plus all of your favorite hits and more. Meet with the band to create a playlist that will keep you and your guests dancing all night long. They will work with your vendors to coordinate the first dance, father-daughter dance, toasts, cake-cutting, and all of the events for the evening. Browse their playlist and watch videos of past performances to get an idea of their sound and energy. The Nines is the perfect dance band for your wedding celebration.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: (206) 395-6463

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Joey Bean

New Age Flamenco

The New Age Flamenco is a 3-piece instrumental band that perfectly complements any wedding celebration. They provide smooth, elegant background music for every part of your special day. You will work one-on-one with the band to go over musical choices for the ceremony, cocktail hour, and reception. They will help coordinate the evening and provide emcee announcements and ensure everything goes smoothly. You will love every sound they create, from walking down the aisle to the last dance, including keeping your guests dancing with a little salsa, rumba, jazz, or Latin beats. Listen to their song list and book an appointment if the New Age Flamenco is the best musical choice for your wedding day celebration. 

Address: Seattle, WA 98052

Phone: (425) 260-8129

Social: Facebook

Contact : Oleg Ruvinov

Puget Sound Strings

Puget Sound Strings is a professional string quartet providing refined live music for your wedding day celebration. They also offer duos, trios, and soloists that are perfect for any wedding style. You will work with the band to pick the type of music that fits your wedding vision. They can play any style, from modern, traditional, or jazzy ensembles. They have multiple wedding packages available that include a string quartet for your ceremony and cocktail hour, with your choice of a live band or DJ for your reception, plus all emcee announcements for the day. Listen to samples of their music and schedule a consultation today if you want the Puget Sound Strings to perform at your wedding celebration.

Address: NE 65th And 31st NE Seattle, WA 98115

Phone: (425) 210-9262

Social: Facebook | Instagram

Contact : Mitchell

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Whether you prefer a classical string quartet to serenade you as you walk down the aisle, a jazzy ensemble, or a rockin’ dance band, you are sure to find the right wedding band for your wedding celebration. This list of the top 9 wedding bands in Seattle, WA, can help narrow your search to the right band for your style and budget. Each band will work with you to create the perfect playlist for all aspects of your wedding, from guest arrival, ceremony, cocktail hour, reception, and everything in between. Don’t hesitate to book a consultation today for the wedding bands that can give your wedding day the soundtrack of the beginning of your new life.

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