Abby’s Booth specializes in providing Seattle couples with an open-air photo booth experience that will give you and your guests long-lasting memories and cherished keepsakes of the day. They love creating custom experiences for each couple they work with and offer a high-end photo booth with the latest picture-taking, printing, and sharing technology. Each package is tailored to the couple and their wedding theme, and they have a number of backdrops, like sequins and fabric backdrops, and luxurious and glamorous flower walls to choose from. Check out their booth details and printing templates, and if you like what you see, call Abby’s Booth today to begin planning your wedding photo booth experience.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 800-790-3106

Facebook: Abby’s Booth

Instagram: Abby’s Booth

Contact : Abby’s Booth Team

321 FOTO X Photo Booths is a professional photo booth provider that offers a number of photo and video booths to enhance your wedding reception. They will help you customize your booth experience with over 100 different types of backdrops and custom installations. You can choose their classic or glam black & white photo booth with unlimited prints and digital downloads or their ultra-luxe enclosed photo booth with professional lighting and lab-quality prints. Additional options include a booth attendant, guest books, and custom backdrops that can match your wedding theme. Browse through their booth options and photos to see if 321 FOTO X Photo Booths is the best choice for your wedding theme and budget.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-919-1532

Facebook: 321 FOTO X Photo Booths

Instagram: 321 FOTO X Photo Booths

Contact : Marilee Kimball

Photo Booth Picture Company is a professional photo booth provider with over ten years of experience helping couples celebrate their love with a fun and memorable experience. They have an easy and stress-free planning process where you choose your photo booth and options based on the number of hours you want for your celebration. They have a number of different booths for a unique experience, from their orbital 360 photo booth to their vintage booth for a rustic feel, the social booth for easy sharing of photos, GIFs, videos, and boomerangs, and many other booth types. Reach out to Photo Booth Picture Company today to create a tailored photo booth experience for your wedding day.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 978-396-1842

Facebook: Photo Booth Picture Company

Instagram: Photo Booth Picture Company

Contact : Photo Booth Picture Company Team

Spunky Photo Booths is a professional photo booth provider that offers a number of booth packages to give you and your guests an incredible experience while celebrating your love. April and her team have years of experience helping couples create a one-of-a-kind celebration with their high-end photo booths and service options. Each package is uniquely tailored to the couple and includes unlimited sessions, an on-site booth attendant, custom overlays, backdrops, and props for up to 5 hours of use. They also have a number of add-ons, such as 4×6 prints, custom backdrops, and much more. Check out videos of past events to see if Spunky Photo Booths is the best option to enhance your wedding day celebration.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-356-8695

Facebook: Spunky Photo Booths

Contact : April

Limelight Photo Booth offers happy couples a custom photo booth experience with their high-end photo booths and various props and backdrops that can match their wedding theme. They have a number of custom booth experiences, like their multi-cam 180-degree booth, glam booth, motion graphic booths, 360-degree booths, and many more. Plus, they offer other unique booth experiences, like a mosaic photo wall, augmented realities, wedding party trading cards, custom backdrops, and other accessories. Each package is custom to the couple and will include an on-site attendant and high-end equipment to ensure everyone has a great time. Browse through all of their booth options to see if Limelight Photo Booth is the best solution for your wedding photo booth needs.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 800-342-9631

Facebook: Limelight Photo Booth

Instagram: Limelight Photo Booth

Contact : Limelight Photo Booth Team

CitySoundwave is a professional entertainment company that offers fun photo booths for weddings and other special events. Their booths use DSLR camera, professional lighting, and printers to ensure your images are of the highest quality and captures all of the fun moments of your wedding reception, bridal shower, or other events. You can choose their digital-only booths to share digital images, GIFs, videos, and boomerangs or choose their aero or mirror booth for onsite printing. They have a wide selection of backdrops and custom templates to further enhance your experience. Check out all of their photo booth options, and if you like what you see, book your wedding date with CitySoundwave today.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-737-2767

Facebook: CitySoundwave

Instagram: CitySoundwave

Contact : CitySoundwave Team

Smile Patrol provides the best photo booth services for Seattle-area couples who want to create an exciting, sharable experience that they will cherish forever. They specialize in creating a stress-free planning process where you can choose the booth and options based on your needs and budget. They have multiple booths to choose from, like their classic photo booth with on-site printing, a social booth for sharing the experience with social media accounts, a 360-degree booth, and virtual booths for guests who could not be there in person. They also have a number of backdrops and templates to tailor your booth experience. Reach out to Smile Patrol today to book a photo booth for your upcoming wedding celebration. 

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-355-7024

Facebook: Smile Patrol

Instagram: Smile Patrol

Contact : Carlos Imani

FunShots Booth is a luxury photo booth rental company that offers custom-built wooden photo booths for a one-of-a-kind photo experience during your wedding celebration. Since 2014, they have helped hundreds of couples celebrate their love in a unique way. Their open-air photo booth features professional cameras and lighting, instant printing, and a free sharing station. All packages include custom photo layouts, stick and wearable props, full-resolution downloads, and much more. Their Pro Booth package features unlimited GIFs, filter prints, and an on-site attendant. Browse through all of their booth options, and if you like what you see, book your wedding date with FunShots Booth today.

Address: Seattle, WA

Phone: 425-209-0954

Facebook: FunShots Booth

Instagram: FunShots Booth

Contact : FunShots Booth Team

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Couples that want to create a unique and fun experience at their weddings are booking a photo booth to give their guests a one-of-a-kind experience while celebrating new beginnings. This list of the top wedding photo booth providers in Seattle, WA, contains the best providers in the area.  They know what it takes to create a fun atmosphere and can work with a wide range of wedding styles and budgets. Whether you are planning an intimate gathering or a grand event, a photo booth brings a whole new level of entertainment that your guests will always remember. Reach out to your top favorites today to see which photo booth provider is the right choice to create a memorable experience at your wedding celebration. 

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