Events on 6th is one of the most sought after wedding venues to be found across Tacoma and beyond, providing local couples with an unforgettable locale for their upcoming wedding ceremonies and receptions. Events on 6th can accommodate wedding parties of up to 160 seated guests within a Gothic Revival indoor event space with architectural features and finishes that date back all the way to 1924. This historic event space is a beautiful Tacoma-based option for a wedding venue, with services provided including tables and chairs with full setup and cleanup, preferred caterer access, 10-hour rental windows, and other such features.

Address: 2520 6th Ave, Tacoma, WA 98406

Phone: 253-906-0448

Facebook: Events on 6th

Instagram: Events on 6th

Contact : Lesley

The Historic 1625 Tacoma Place is a storied destination for a wedding ceremony and reception, with lovely features throughout the indoor event space including exposed beam ceilings, slate floors, and exposed brick walls lending the area an industrial charm. The Historic 1625 Tacoma place can accommodate wedding parties of up to 300 seated guests in 6,000 square feet of beautiful event space, featuring access to get-ready rooms on the property. The Historic 1625 Tacoma Place can provide full services for wedding parties held on the premises, including uplighting, tables and chairs, a catering kitchen, 10-hour rental windows, setup and cleanup, and access to preferred local vendors.

Address: 1625 S Tacoma Way, Tacoma, WA 98409

Phone: 253-441-6537

Facebook: Historic 1625 Tacoma Place

Instagram: Historic 1625 Tacoma Place

Contact : Kellie

For wedding ceremonies and receptions of unrivaled elegance and sophistication, check out Court House Square, a Tacoma-based wedding venue. Court House Square can accommodate wedding parties of up to 150 seated guests within its indoor event space, which is flanked by giant soaring ceilings and stunning windows providing vistas of the Port of Tacoma and Mount Rainier. Court House Square is as scenic as it is accessible, with event spaces including the Ballroom and the Gallery. Services provided by Court House Square include in-house event planning, perfect for couples looking for a professional to take the reins.

Address: 1102 A St #438, Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 253-326-1354

Facebook: Court House Square

Instagram: Court House Square

Contact : Jessica Johnston

When it comes to wedding ceremonies and receptions, Elope 253 offers some of the most luxurious setups for wedding parties held on the property. Elope 253 is a Tacoma-based wedding venue that can accommodate wedding parties of up to 70 seated guests or 100 standing guests in an indoor event space with a banquet hall style that will make for a traditional and fun dinner and dancing reception. Elope 253 provides in-house catering and in-house beverage service, in addition to in-house DJ services and in-house coordination of the logistical aspects of the wedding day, adding to the convenience of wedding parties held at this charming Tacoma-based wedding venue.

Address: 700 Court A, Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 253-677-5606

Facebook: Elope 253

Instagram: Elope 253

Contact : Rochelle Bergstrom

Check out the Temple Theatre for a Tacoma-based wedding venue of total charm and sophistication, perfect for local wedding ceremonies and receptions. The Temple Theatre can accommodate wedding parties of up to 1,620 standing guests within the theatre and 580 seated guests within the banquet event space. The Temple Theatre is a unique event space originally built in 1926 in a style described as “Egyptian revival,” making this a distinctive space for a wedding, with 15,000 available square feet of floor area for a dinner and dancing reception. In-house catering service and beverage service can be provided with bookings at the Temple Theatre.

Address: 47 St Helens Ave, Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 253-272-2042

Facebook: Temple Theatre

Instagram: Temple Theatre

Contact : Ken

Hotel Murano is one of the most widely celebrated and locally loved wedding venues to be found across Tacoma and beyond, a boon for local couples planning their upcoming wedding ceremonies and receptions. Hotel Murano is easily accessible with its prime location in the heart of Downtown Tacoma. An in-house team of caterers and bartenders can ensure the seamless flow of the dinner service during a dinner and dancing reception held in the lovely indoor event space on the property. Up to 500 seated guests can be accommodated within the indoor event space on the property, making this venue a great choice for large gatherings of family, friends, and loved ones.

Address: 1320 Broadway, Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 253-238-8000

Facebook: Hotel Murano

Instagram: Hotel Murano

Contact : Hotel Murano Team

Look no further than the W.W. Seymour Conservatory Gazebo for a wedding venue that radiates elegance and sophistication, perfect for a Tacoma-based wedding ceremony and reception. The W.W. Seymour Conservatory Gazebo can accommodate wedding parties of up to 100 seated guests, with setup and cleanup provided with bookings. The W.W. Seymour Conservatory Gazebo can facilitate charming and beautiful wedding ceremonies on the outdoor grounds, with endless outdoor event spaces that can make for the romantic exchange of vows under the setting sun.

Address: 316 South G St. Tacoma, WA 98405

Phone: 253-404-3975

Facebook: W.W. Seymour Conservatory Gazebo

Instagram: W.W. Seymour Conservatory Gazebo

Contact : Tyra

Tin Can Alley Tacoma is a unique and distinctive event space, ideal for a Tacoma-based wedding ceremony and reception of romance and beauty. Tin Can Alley Tacoma can accommodate wedding parties of up to 300 seated guests within the indoor event space, which is flanked by endless natural light flowing in through giant warehouse windows, adding to the industrial magnetism of the event space. Tin Can Alley Tacoma is an artistic space hosting art from PJ Hummel and Company, a local team of artists who add to the bespoke and glamorous nature of the facilities, making for an unforgettable setting for a wedding party. 

Address: 2620 E G St, Tacoma, WA 98421

Phone: 253-272-6605

Facebook: Tin Can Alley Tacoma

Instagram: Tin Can Alley Tacoma

Contact : Tin Can Alley Tacoma Team

Nothing can match the sheer elegance and opulence of the event spaces located within West of the Waterway, a fantastic Tacoma-based wedding venue for local wedding ceremonies and receptions. West of the Waterway can provide in-house culinary and bartending services from a team of chefs who can ensure a bespoke and customized process with excellent menu planning provided for all couples. West of the Waterway highlights its waterfront views as one of the premier features of this venue, making for endless photo opportunities and a stunning reception with dancing that can last late into the night. 

Address: 1901 Dock Street Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 253-222-1421

Facebook: West of the Waterway

Instagram: West of the Waterway

Contact : Keisha Patterson

The Realm Venue is one of the most magnificent wedding venues to be found across Tacoma and beyond, with tons of services and amenities provided for wedding ceremonies and receptions held on the property. The Realm Venue is a lovely indoor event space that includes farm tables and benches with obokings as well as in-house floral design, lending couples a helping hand through the wedding planning process. Featuring an incredible staircase and opulent features and finishes throughout the indoor event areas, The Realm Venue offers in-house catering services and an on-site team of staff members to guarantee that each and every element of the wedding day goes off without a hitch.

Address: 5602 S Washington St, Tacoma, WA 98409

Phone: 253-292-1397

Facebook: The Realm Venue

Instagram: The Realm Venue

Contact : The Realm Venue Team

The Greater Tacoma Convention Center is a sprawling and lovely wedding venue located in Tacoma, a fabulous choice of event space for an upcoming wedding ceremony and reception in the local area. The Greater Tacoma Convention Center can accommodate parties of up to 300 seated guests within the several event areas on site, including a ballroom space for a dinner and dancing reception. In-house event planning services can be contracted from an on-site professional planner who can execute on each and every aspect of the wedding planning process, working with local vendors to ensure the seamless logistical flow of the wedding day from start to finish.

Address: 1500 Commerce Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 253-830-6601

Facebook: Greater Tacoma Convention Center

Instagram: Greater Tacoma Convention Center

Contact : Michael Sundsmo

A unique and distinctive event venue located along the charming waterfront of Tacoma, Foss Waterway Seaport is a fantastic wedding locale. Foss Waterway Seaport can accommodate wedding parties of up to 350 seated guests, with an event space that is flanked by gigantic windows and 55-foot truss-style ceilings, adding to the lofty and spacious atmosphere of the event area on the property. Foss Waterway Seaport can provide convenient services for wedding parties including setup and cleanup, access to get-ready rooms, tables and chairs, and other such items. The preferred vendor list can be provided to clients in order to gain access to Tacoma’s best local service providers.

Address: 705 Dock St Tacoma, WA 98402

Phone: 253-272-2750

Facebook: Foss Waterway Seaport

Instagram: Foss Waterway Seaport

Contact : Amber Fish

Check out the Slavonian Hall for a flexible and versatile event space located in Tacoma that can host a beautiful wedding ceremony and reception. The Slavonian American Benevolent Society offers a ballroom event space of 3,500 square feet, making for a dinner and dancing reception of up to 250 guests. The Slavonian Hall is conveniently located and widely accessible to both locals and out-of-towners, with its placement in the Old Town district of Tacoma and its proximity to the waterfront adding to the charm of the venue. 

Address: 2306 N 30th St Tacoma, WA 98403

Phone: 253-627-6878

Facebook: Slavonian Hall

Contact : Slavonian Hall

The Tacoma Armory is a wide open event space that can accommodate a luxurious and fun wedding ceremony and reception. The Tacoma Armory is a gigantic ballroom originally built in 1908, with a storied reputation and a lovely history that dates back to the early days of the downtown area. The Tacoma Armory was renovated in 1989 as an event space, and today it offers several event areas, full in-house beverage service, personalized menu tastings for a bespoke approach to the dinner service, and complete service including linens, decor items, floral design, photography service, entertainment options, and on-site lodging for out-of-town guests.

Address: 1001 South Yakima Tacoma, WA 98405

Phone: 253-346-1721

Facebook: Tacoma Armory

Contact : Chris Tubig

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Now that you and your partner have gotten the chance to check out our list of the top fourteen wedding venues to be found in the greater metropolitan area of Tacoma, Washington and beyond, we hope that you two feel a little bit better about the remaining aspects of your wedding planning process, especially when it comes to securing the perfect wedding venue. With so many unbelievable local options available to you and your partner for your upcoming nuptials, we hope that you use this list as a launching point from which to reach out to a few favorites and gauge the general availability for your upcoming wedding weekend. With any luck, a few venues will be available to you and you’ll have your pick of the litter. With all of that said, we wish you and your partner the very best of luck with your ongoing wedding planning process! 

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